Beyond wine and roses: What gifts do clients offer their escorts?

While many clients abide by the one simple rule of paying an escort up front, others go above and beyond by bringing an extra treat for her. Most escorts are excited to get gifts from clients—as long as those are well thought out and suit their personalities and tastes. However, many clients arrive with presents that don’t quite hit the “mark”, leaving an escort wondering why she was blessed with such a random item.

Regardless of what your client comes toting for you (unless it’s offensive or dangerous), it’s your job to act pleased with his thoughtfulness and consideration. Clients don’t have to do anything besides pay your rates and treat you with courtesy and respect; if they come bearing presents, you should make an effort to seem grateful for their efforts.

A lot of clients are unsure about what to bring an escort, so they attempt to make guesses at what she might like. As a result, you may have to work hard to “fake it” when presented with items you’d rather not receive. Consider these gifts and tips about presents when your clients come with tokens of their affection:

  1. Typically romantic gifts are easy for clients to bring. They know that most women appreciate flowers (especially roses), wine/champagne and chocolates. Trained to bring along an obligatory gift on a first-date, many men raised to be gentlemen will present an escort with a stereotypical romance starter as a way to break the ice and warm you up. Men have been coached by society that women respond to things of this nature, so they naturally assume this gets them brownie points. Additionally, very little thought is required to come up with these gifts. They are the standard for romance and can be picked up conveniently at nearly any convenience store or corner market. Little preparation is necessary, and the gifts can be purchased fairly cheaply. (However, near Valentine’s Days, roses are extremely expensive. They are also much more costly when purchased from a florist, instead of a gas station.) Some clients will actually put considerable thought into these romantic gifts by carefully selecting a quality wine or expensive chocolates. Even if flowers, wine or candy aren’t your thing, you should still let your client know you appreciate his gesture. You can always regift the wine when you attend a dinner party or give the candy away to a sweet-toothed neighbor or niece or nephew.
  2. Personal, intimate gifts are popular with clients, too. Because your clients feel like they are getting to know you, they may assume they can pick out gifts that you would personally love. Perfume is something most escorts use, and clients think they can select a fragrance that you will love. (Some can!) But, unfortunately, many aren’t clued into the scent you normally wear and fail miserably when choosing something so personal. It’s a shame, too, because some fragrances are quite expensive, and when he selects a wrong perfume, he has spent a significant amount of money. Along with perfume, bath products are common purchases, too. Clients want you to use their bubble bath or bath salts when you luxuriously soak in the tub…and think of them. However, their choices are often far from your own preferences, unless they’ve asked about your likes/dislikes ahead of time. And, the most intimate of personal gifts is lingerie. And, of course, your clients are eager to purchase skivvies they’d like to see you model. Some clients have excellent taste and pay attention to the brands you wear. Others, though, don’t have a clue and purchase any garment they find that revs their motors. The best way to accept these overly personal gifts is with a smile and a gracious “thank you!” Try to have these items handy and use them the next time you see your client, so that he feels you’ve enjoyed his gifts. After the obligatory use for a couple of encounters, discard them as you see best.
  3. Practical gifts top the list for many clients. When they give gifts of any sort, they are not frivolous or fun. Many men consider practical and functional presents to be smart purchases that anyone would appreciate receiving, escorts included. Regardless of the region, escorts have received pots and pans, bakeware and kitchen utensils. Sometimes, a client may have heard you mention that you need something serviced or repaired, and he will act on that statement. If you mentioned you have to get the oil changed in your car, he might hand over a gift card for that service. If you’ve had trouble with your thermostat, he may arrive with a new one in hand for you. Other functional, practical gifts that escorts have reported receiving include personal alarms, new showerheads, calendars and carpet cleaning services. Often, these types of gifts catch escorts off guard and it’s difficult to act without surprise. You should go with it and express your gratitude for his consideration for you. Most of the time, when clients give these gifts, they are attempting to demonstrate that they are fond of you and want to make your life easier or better, albeit in an awkward manner. If you can utilize the items, put them in use. If not, regift them or donate them to charity at a later date.
  4. Men love gadgets, so electronic gifts are popular items for escorts to receive. When a client notices that you are using an old laptop or phone, he may arrive to your next encounter with a replacement for you. Knowing that you take your own photos for your profiles, a client may think he’s being extremely helpful by buying you a new, top-of-the-line camera, complete with accessories. It’s fairly common for clients to give iPods or other MP3 players, along with tablets. Other items becoming more popular are satellite radio receivers and streaming media boxes. Many escorts have received televisions and music downloads from clients, in addition to helpful apps for their phones. Techie clients love to give escorts modern devices and teach them how to use them. Anytime that a client gives you a new electronic device, show your appreciation to him and thank him for thinking of you, even if you don’t need the item. These devices have high resale values, so you can always sell them if you don’t have a use for them.
  5. Some men go shopping in their wives’ closets or jewelry boxes. Unfortunately, a scorned client may rifle through the gifts he has given his wife in past years or gather up items he paid for and give them to you. Escorts have received the wife’s furs, designer duds or accessories, jewelry and other valuable items, especially when a client is upset or angry with his spouse. The worst part of it is, you may not even know that you’re getting a hand-me-down gift. Many times, escorts have gotten expensive pieces of jewelry from relatively new clients, only to discover later that the items originally belonged to the wife. If you suspect that the items belong to your client’s spouse, attempt to casually ask where he found such treasures. Insinuate that you want to begin shopping in this new jewelry store or boutique. If your client hesitates to tell you, suspect the worst. Still, graciously accept the gifts and thank your client for his generosity. You should keep these items stored away so that you still have possession of them if he needs to retrieve them later. (Many clients discover during a divorce or reconciliation that they want the gifts back. Others get guilty consciences. However, several don’t think anything more about them.)
  6. Vouchers or gift cards are easy gifts for clients to deliver to escorts. Often, a client wants to give you something nice or provide you with an opportunity for an adventure, so he will buy you a gift card to your favorite store or a voucher for an experience. This type of client is great to have, because he knows his limitations on being able to pick out the “perfect” gift for you, but he still wants to surprise you with something. Accept the card or voucher appreciatively and be sure to let him now you are excited about using it. However, don’t go overboard with your affection for him until you verify the cards are actually worth something. Many escorts have been duped into accepting gift cards or vouchers (in exchange for payment) only to discover the items had no value or had already been used up. Before you begin awarding brownie points, special favors or privileges to a gift card-bearing client, make sure that he’s actually giving you something worth your praise and affection. Most clients won’t try to fool you, but there are some dirty scoundrels out there who will.
  7. Sex toys are gifts given by many clients. Because you share dirty little secrets with him, he gets to act on his perverted urges and buy you sex-related goodies he hasn’t felt comfortable purchasing for others. From dildos and vibrators to latex or silk, your client may run the gamut on the toys he selects. Of course, this is great for you, because you can add the toys to your selection for use in your career. Plus, it gives you something to do with your client during the encounter. Happily accept the items, unless they cross your personal boundaries, and suggest that you and he try them out. Most clients are much more excited about these types of gifts than you are. Indulge his fantasy by mirroring his enthusiasm.
  8. Cheapskate clients may try to pawn off freebies on you, pretending they are true gifts. Often, when you make cosmetics or fragrance purchases, free samples or gifts will accompany the main items. Some clients may attempt to pass off these freebies as expensive gifts. During holiday seasons, many companies will bundle gadgets or other items together for a special price. Many clients keep a horde of these items handy for gift-giving purposes. If you get make-up samples, a random cosmetic item (like a designer lipstick or eye shadow) or a scarf or other small accessory that seems out of character for your client, it might be safe to suspect that he obtained the gift for free or as part of a bundle/package/set. Just the same, express your appreciation to your client for thinking of you. After all, even if the gift was free, he still thought enough of you to give it to you. However, don’t rush to give him extra privileges or special treatment as a result of the gift.
  9. Random gifts are fairly common from clients. When you least expect it, clients will arrive with some oddball gift in hand, such as a lamp or throw pillows that don’t match your decor. Items like these could be regifters or items your client found on the cheap. He could be trying to insert some of his own tastes into your decor, or just picked up the first things that were handy. Often, clients get the urge to give their escorts gifts, but they have no idea what to buy. Because it was a last minute plan, they don’t have any time to select an appropriate gift, but opt, instead, for anything that is convenient. While these gifts may leave you wondering what in the world you will do with them, don’t insult your client by acting like you don’t want them. Show your surprise, but explain it so that he thinks you are shocked because you didn’t expect anything from him, not because the gift is hideous or odd.
  10. Extravagant gifts are common from extremely wealthy clients or those who want to establish a new arrangement. If your client is one of the richest men in the nation, gifts of generous tips, furniture, jewelry or automobiles might be par for the course. Lucky you for landing such a successful, considerate client for a regular! However, some clients expect your business arrangement to change when they start administering more luxurious gifts such as vacations, apartments/condos, cars or pricey jewels. They could be hoping to transition your relationship into a Sugar Daddy/Baby transaction, where they exert more control over the situation. Use caution when entering into any such change and ensure that your needs are fully covered before consenting to a new business relationship. If you are uncomfortable with the new arrangement, you must return or refuse to accept the gifts.
  11. Clients who want more from you often start giving you gifts regularly. If a client gives you a gift on your birthday or on a holiday, you probably don’t have anything to be concerned about. But, if a regular begins bringing a present with him each time he books an encounter, you should tread lightly. Often, clients will also give you verbal clues that they are interested in something more than just business with you. They may tell you they are falling in love with you, want to book you as often as possible and are jealous of your other clients. Their attachment level may increase and fantasize about the “what ifs” of your relationship, asking questions about how things would be if you had met under different circumstances. If this starts to occur, you have to nip this in the bud! Allowing a client to carry on with hopes of you becoming his girlfriend or something more will only result in drama for everyone and hurt feelings. Either clearly reinforce your boundaries between your client and yourself or inform the client you can’t see him anymore.