Dear Ms Jay: Escort Q&A #5

Q: I’ve been escorting for about six months on a sort of part time basis. I am very selective and only do three or four dates a week. I love the cash and I like most of my clients. Here’s the thing. I seem to be stuck in a bit of a rut as far as dates go. I do pretty much the same thing, the same way, every time. I’m bored and I am afraid it is beginning to show. Any suggestions?

by Hannah Jay

A: Well, a rut can befall even the best of us. The first step in getting out of one, is recognizing you’re in one. And you have. So let’s look at what you can do to add some sparkle to your eyes.

Actually, start with your lips. March yourself to the cosmetics counter and buy a fabulous tube of red lipstick. There is a shade that suits every complexion and it is an instant pick-me-up. The sales clerk can help if you aren’t sure what to choose, and will allow you to try it on from a (cleaned) tester. On the way out of the department, spritz on some expensive fragrance. Feeling better already? I knew you would.

Then off to the thrift store for a swoon-worthy vintage dress. Doesn’t need to look like what you typically wear; in fact, it’s better if it doesn’t. Take your time, have some fun, try on lots and only buy if you are madly, truly in love with the garment. If your budget allows, complete the look with shoes, pretty retro lingerie, and accessories like great earrings or an eye-catching cocktail ring (a perfect choice for an escort, actually, because it will really accentuate your every movement). Now you will be looking forward to your next appointment. Tada.

But before you model the new you, consider a new routine. Shake up your usual date scenario by adding something special or unexpected. It doesn’t have to be champagne and caviar (although it could be!), it might be as simple as a bubble bath for two, or giving or asking for a spanking. If you are usually submissive, explore a more dominant side of you, and vise versa. Use your imagination to come up with something that interests you because your new-found enthusiasm will surely excite him.


Q: A rather nice, and very generous, regular client of mine has asked if I would be willing to do a “toy show”. I’m game(I think), but I don’t have a clue what is involved. How long should it last? One toy? Many toys? And, I’m wondering why he asked for this. I mean, what’s in it for my client?

A: Well, I surely can’t speak for your client, but you should certainly ask what he wants to get out of it so you can be sure to tailor the experience to meet his expectations. At a guess, a bit of intrigue and exhilaration is probably at play. Unless you have a tickle trunk of toys, I would suggest that the gentleman called bring (and pay for) the booty. Alternatively, he could reimburse you and you could do the shopping. Look for vibrators, dildos, cock rings, nipple clips, and the one you will want to keep for yourself:

Padded bras have foam padding in the cups to make small breasts look fuller. No lift or realignment, though. Those padded with gel or air, although a bit more expensive, give a more noticeable effect.

Stuffing your bra with socks or wearing two bras makes you look lumpy, fake, and silly (especially since you are very likely taking it off in company). Leave such juvenile measures for young school girls.

A corset is a wonderful and beautiful addition to an escorts wardrobe and its figure flattering capabilities are unparalleled. Buy the real deal (try Ebay for true vintage).

Other retro lingerie with serious affect are waist cinchers, girdles, and bullet bras. Paired with stockings, you will feel absolutely sexy and seductive. At this point, the focus on the size of your breasts will likely of little import because you look so fabulous in every way.

Wardrobe Choices

A few tricks to fool the eye:

Neckline details such as gathers, pleats, tucks, twists, ruffles and lace all add dimension to the bust-line. Opt for crew, gathered, asymmetrical. Mid-rather than low-cuts also make the breasts look larger.

Colours and patterns can also alter the visual proportions of your body. Light/bright/ colours or pattern on top; darker on the bottom is a good rule. Small horizontal stripes can work wonders, too.


Yes, bigger looking breasts can be obtained through the artful application of make-up. Hollywood is on to this trick in a big way. See how Kiera Knightly goes from flat-chested to buxom in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies with a lot of help from the make-up department. Copy the techniques to get the benefits:

All right, there are a few tips for you. Enhance what you have, by all means, but also realize that small breasts are beautiful, too.



Q: I’ve been reading that escorts with long hair can charge more than escorts who have short hair. I have a rather cute little bob which I want to keep. But, could I wear a wig? Or maybe extensions?

A: Yes, you could! And it might be fun to try out a new look, and see if indeed long-haired escorts make more money. Let me know you findings, I’m curious, too!

A wig is an easy way to instantly, temporarily change your look without altering or damaging your existing hair. Today, many women wear wigs as fashion statements rather than for hair loss or medical issues. The better ones are well made and aren’t noticeably artificial. They come many styles and shades, in either synthetic fibers or natural, human hair. If cared for properly, wigs can last a very long time.

Those made of human hair can be straightened, curled, and dyed just like your own hair. Although more expensive than synthetic, if you are planning to wear a wig regularly, it is worth the investment for the luxurious look and feel.

Synthetic allows you to have an entire wardrobe of wigs! They are cheap and easy to care for.

Hair pieces can be used for complicated hair styles such as intricate updos that are difficult to achieve with your own hair. They are versatile for special occasions or for when you don’t have the time, or inclination, to attend to your hair. You just pop it in for instant volume, length, chignons, even temporary bangs. These hair pieces are also a great solution for thinning hair.

Wigs and hair pieces can be easily found online in all price points. Department stores and some salons also carry them and will consult with you and allow you to try them on until you find something that suits you.


Hair extensions are a great way to add length or volume to your existing hair. Extensions can be clipped in and blend seamlessly with your own hair. Clip on extensions are quick, easy, and simple. They are temporary and don’t damage your own hair. They come in synthetic or human hair, and many colours, lengths, and weights. They can be purchased online or in retail stores. There are many online video tutorials to teach you how to put them in properly.

Hair extensions can also be done in a salon for a longer-lasting solution (from six weeks to eight months). There are many options here, but you for this option, you are looking at a high cost. This is popular with Hollywood stars, like Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, and Victoria Beckham who want to change their hairstyle overnight.

Extensions can be braided in, glued in, woven in, attached using a micro ring, as well as other methods exclusive to certain salons. You may also have your stylist put in the clip-on type if you can’t do it yourself. The attached ones must be applied by a technician trained specifically in hair extensions.

After an initial consultation, the hair is special ordered for you once the stylist determines how many strands or bundles of extensions can be applied, as well as the desired length and colour. All these factors affect the cost. The more extensions added, the more time it takes, and the higher the price. A lengthy appointment – of four to six hours — is required to apply them. After care is crucial if they are to be comfortable and last as long as possible. An hours appointment every six weeks is recommended. And once your hair has grown to the maximum point, you have to go back to get the hair extensions removed. Some types may be reapplied, or you may choose go back to your natural hair.

Hair extensions require a commitment of time, money, and maintenance. They may also damage your own hair.

Think carefully when deciding how best to accomplish the mission of longer hair, and hence higher prices. My bottom line advice, start with the cheapest option, see how it works, and how you like it. Move on, or stay with what works and reap the rewards.


Q: I am a fairly successful escort in a middle sized town in the South. I have what you might call an “average” body. Not over weight but a bit less than firm. Can you give me some suggestions as to how to move from average to hot – or at least warm? As well, do foundation garments work? I’ve looked at Spanx but I don’t want to make the investment if they are all show and no go.

A: Incorporate a daily exercise routine into your life to tone your body. This can be walking, cycling, weight training, Pilates, or whatever you will enjoy, do, and stick to.

As regular readers will already know, I am a big fan of retro lingerie in general, and foundation garments in particular. These include corsets; girdles; control panties, slips, camisoles; bodysuits; waist cinchers; leg-shapers; bras; and garter belts. Also called “shapewear”, foundation garments are lovely AND effective. They provide a smooth, sleek look. Designed to reduce, flatten, shape, and control, these contour garments are categorized according to level of shaping power —light, medium, or firm. Girdles have the most Lycra spandex and are the most effective way to alter your shape.

Spanx is an inspiring success story (okay, let’s just say it upfront; the founder, Sarah Blakely, is a billionaire). Founded in 2000, in Atlanta, Georgia (I kid you not), the company is the Queen of modern shapewear and hosiery. Spanx specializes in foundation garments and is the darling of the Hollywood red-carpet set.

To quote the “Daily News”,

She invested just $5,000 to start Spanx at age 29 and has grown the shapewear company into a global megabrand with annual revenues of over $250 million and celebrity fans like Kim Kardashian, Kristin Chenoweth and Lily Allen.

Forbes pegs her individual net worth at $1.1 billion.

So vintage, or inspired by vintage, add foundation garments to your wardrobe to make your body, and your clothes, look better.