Deathmatch: An escort vs. a one-night stand

A lot of people scoff at the idea of calling an escort to fulfill any of their communicative, sexual or romantic needs. They argue that they don’t have a problem finding a suitable partner to engage in intimacy with. But, in reality, a warm body to just have sex with is much different than hiring the services of an escort. Prospective clients claim that it’s cheaper to go out and look for a one-night stand, forgetting that you get what you pay for.

All in all, there are several reasons that hiring an escort makes more sense than seeking out a random partner for a night of awkward embraces that can’t be forgotten quickly enough. Consider these points about the advantages of hiring an escort:

  1. Your good judgment in the selection process is not impaired by alcohol. Typically, a one-night stand is fueled by liquid courage in the form of liquor and is enhanced by a dynamic environment that creates a sense of urgency to hook up. Commonly, people talk about going home with a “10″ and waking up with a “2″ as a way to describe their disappointment with their choice of partners. Hiring an escort isn’t like that. Escorts won’t usually see clients who arrive in a drunken stupor, nor do they accept bookings from clients they suspect are drunk during the scheduling process. This ensures that you’re making a sober, worthy decision uninfluenced by loud music or dissolved inhibitions. Your view of an escort is not occluded by hazy lights and cigarette smoke; you have a clear example of what she looks like through her online photo gallery and in person without the light from a disco ball. Additionally, because your encounter is not affected by alcohol-induced black outs or sketchy memories, you can remember all of the details from your rendezvous.
  2. You leave disease free. When you pick up a partner for a one-night stand, you know nothing of his or her history, habits or behavior. Despite their statements of being healthy and STD-free, you have no way of knowing that they are telling you the truth. And, while you can’t guarantee that an escort doesn’t unknowingly have an STD, you can rely on the fact that this individual makes it a policy to engage in safe sex practices and gets check-ups to protect his or her sexual health. (An escort’s sexual health is the ticket to being able to work. Most escorts won’t risk their reputations for a few bucks.) However, a random stranger you go home with may have all kinds of health issues that you take back with you as souvenirs of your tryst. Quality escorts always require condom use and don’t engage in intimacy with clients they suspect may have an STD.
  3. You are sure to have a no-strings-attached adventure. When you engage in a one-night stand with a cutie from the party you attended, you risk sticky situations where he or she calls the next day (and the next) or shows up at your work or house. Predicaments where your girlfriend for the night assumes that the experience was more than just a sweaty romp in the hay may realistically occur. Conversation may ensue about relationship possibilities; and, he or she may become angry and attempt retaliation for being taken advantage of. Worries about these potential disasters are non-existent when you hire the services of an escort. Booking an encounter is just business, and escorts don’t plan to pursue relationships with clients. In fact, they desire little personal interaction at all, aside from scheduling and meeting. Other worries about one-night stand incidents include pregnancy scares and future late-night booty call attempts. You have no concern about these issues with escorts.
  4. You can be more selective when you hire an escort. As it gets closer to last call, you may start looking around desperately seeking a vulnerable-looking soul to take home for the night. Or, as the night progresses and rejections are high, you may lower your standards as you choose a one-night stand partner. As a result, she or he may not personify the ideal body type, personality or general appearance of your preferred partner. In fact, he or she may not be attractive at all. This is the unfortunate chance you take when you settle for your chances at a hook up. However, when you hire an escort, you get to be much pickier about the type of person you schedule time with. You may be able to sort your preferences by hair color, body type, age, niche and any other characteristic you find essential in a partner. This is a huge benefit when physical appearance matters. (And, face it: regardless of how deep you think you are, a partner’s physical attractiveness does matter.)
  5. You get to be selfish without feeling guilty about it. Even if you do take home a partner for a one-night stand, it’s improbable to dominate the entire experience and have the activities focused solely on you and your pleasure. Ordering a random partner around in the bedroom won’t bode especially well, and you may find yourself left alone for the night. The alternative is an escort, who you can ask for the kind of attention you yearn for. Whether it’s oral intercourse, tickling your feet or water sports, your escort is there to please you. (Keep in mind that not all escorts engage in fetish activities. If that’s your thing, be sure to ask ahead of time if those are included in his or her “likes.”) And, when your escort spends the entire encounter focused on you, feeling guilty afterward that you didn’t reciprocate isn’t an issue. You won’t need to feel even the slightest bit of remorse for not trying harder to please your partner, because the encounter was for you.
  6. You will receive better service with an escort. Hooking up with a one-night stand partner may be thrilling and exciting, but you don’t know what kind of an experience you’re going to have. If you have your heart set on a good blow job, your “friend” may not know the slightest thing about giving great oral sex. And, depending on your desires, your hook-up mate may not have the same desires for intimacy that you do. Her or his abilities may lack and you may wind up disappointed from the whole affair. Calling up an escort to fulfill your pleasure desires is just like calling an attorney when you need legal advice or a doctor when you require medical attention. An escort is an expert in companionship and intimacy. He or she will respond to your needs and wishes, giving you pleasure and fulfillment. Escorts are skilled at the art of intimacy and know how to create an experience you will have fond recollections from, not feelings of regret.
  7. You are sure to get full attention from an escort. One-night stands often include over indulgence in alcohol, which can result in passing out or getting sick. If your partner begins to feel woozy just as things get hot and steamy, she or he will leave you high and dry on the way to the bathroom. After heaving into the porcelain throne for awhile, your partner is unlikely in the mood to continue your activities. (And, you probably don’t want to chance it, either.) Additionally, passing out or just being unable to continue with activities due to a drunken or high state is a common problem during one-night stands. (After all, alcohol gave you both the liquid courage to hook up….it may also play a role in how your adventure ends.) But, when you hire an escort, you are sure that you’re going to get the “fun” you expect. Worrying about your escort putting the stops on a good blow job to go get sick aren’t an issue. She won’t pass out just as it gets good, and she’s fully in control and able to give you a toe-curling experience. The performance you receive with an escort is much better than that of a typical one-night stand.
  8. You don’t have to worry about an escort wanting to sleep over. As you wind up a perfectly good one-night affair, you may be disappointed when your partner falls asleep in your bed and isn’t gone by morning. Or, he or she may want you to stay “just a few more minutes” if you go to his or her place. Either way, it’s an inconvenience and awkward situation to be in. Escorts don’t want to sleep over. They arrive at the scheduled time and leave when the booking is over. (Or, they expect you to go if you’re at their incall.) The issue of staying the night isn’t a problem, which is worth a lot when you’re after casual intimacy.
  9. You get to hook up at the ideal location with an escort. Many people don’t have a good place to bring a one-night stand partner home to. They are married or living with a partner already, so it’s not an option to arrive home with a “friend.” In those cases, you are forced to go to your new partner’s place. You don’t get to be choosey. You never know the living situation of your one-night stand. He or she could live alone, or the living arrangement could be with a spouse, roommates, parents or children. You may have to sneak in or get it on in an unlikely location, such as the laundry room or basement. If your partner doesn’t have a bad living arrangement, he or she may live in unsatisfactory conditions or a bad neighborhood. Either way, you don’t want to be there, even if you’re horny. An escort has a great location for an encounter. Her place is private, discreet and a welcoming. Clean and ready for an encounter, her or his incall is the perfect place for intimacy. It is staged with appropriate music, soft bedding and shower supplies to suds up with afterward so you can go home.
  10. You can come back for more with an escort without giving the wrong impression. After a one-night stand, you want to distance yourself as much as possible so that you don’t lead your partner on to think you want a relationship. However, if the intimacy was really good, you may be tempted to initiate contact for another hook-up. This could seriously damage the “no strings attached” agreement you made initially. With an escort, though, you don’t have to worry about leading him or her on. Escorts know that relationships with clients are just business. They expect their clients to contact them for repeat encounters and are willing to pursue future adventures without any anticipation of something more meaningful. You’re not obligated to go on a dinner date for extended privileges, and you don’t have to face that awkward booty call arrangement. The way the escort/client relationship is established allows for repeat communications.
  11. You can complain if you don’t get what you wanted. During a one-night stand, you get what you get. There are no repercussions if your partner didn’t deliver as promised or expected. If she or he was lousy in bed, it’s just tough. However, if you’re with an escort and feel cheated in some fashion, you can express to her that you’re disappointed. Much of the time, an escort wants you to be happy with an encounter and will attempt to make it up to you. (But, don’t wait until the last few minutes of the encounter to tell her that her efforts aren’t working. Give her ample opportunity to make it right during the scheduled booking.) Escorts expect feedback (both good and bad) from clients, so feel free to ask her to do things differently or to touch you in an alternate way. Keep in mind that if you go giving strict instructions to your one-night stand partner, he or she may walk out the door.
  12. Your time with an escort may be cheaper in the long run than a night out to find a one-night stand. Of course, when you visit with an escort, you will incur her booking rate. But, you don’t have to pay for drinks or anything else, unless you want to reserve a hotel room or other intimate location away from her incall. But, when you venture out to hook up with a one-night partner, odds are that your costs will be quite extensive. You will have parking costs associated with the part of town you visit to go clubbing. (If parking is not an issue, you may have taxi fare costs to get there unless you employ a driver.) Cover charges can become cumbersome if you like to go bar hopping, and your drinks are expensive. If you are chatting up several prospects, you will be buying them lots of drinks, too. Before long, a night out to find a one-night stand costs more than simply hiring an escort of choice. And, you may not be happy with the results of your one-night stand, even after all of your effort and expense.