★ DO NOT let hackers control your account ★

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Who are these hackers and why you should care?

There are bad people out there who will steal your username and password, then log in to your account, and post lots of scam ads using your account.

Some will use your photos and your name, but will show their own email and phone number.

Some will keep your phone number, thus having you answer calls from all over the world and possibly getting your phone number blacklisted.

They are smart, but you are smarter


  1. We never call and never send text messages
  2. We never write from Gmail, Hotmail, Live, etc – any free email service
  3. We have only two domain names: skipthegames.com and skipthegames.eu

Keep reading to find out what to watch out for

We NEVER send out text messages. Did you get a text message to your phone number, saying that it’s from skipthegames? The text is a fake one.

These scammers will try to get you to go to a fake site that looks like our site, and have you login there, and then steal your email address and password.

Scammers are also sending emails to people, in some cases imitating the names of our staff, and the text of our emails.

Scammers will use email addresses like [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] (look at the q in that name instead of the g).

Our emails only come from skipthegames.com or skipthegames.eu

Please pay attention to the website you are on. Our site domain is skipthegames.eu or skipthegames.com. NO OTHER NAME.

Here are some examples of fake text messages:

Unfortunately, these scammers are always constantly changing their phone numbers. We also cannot stop them, since their communication goes directly between themselves and you, and you need to have your number available on our website for potential clients to contact you.

Examples of fake skipthegames domains:

  • skiptheqames.com ✖ FAKE ← Note the q instead of the g, this one is very tricky
  • skipthegames.top ✖ FAKE
  • skipthegames.us ✖ FAKE
  • skipthegames.info ✖ FAKE
  • skipthegames.club ✖ FAKE
  • skip-the-games.com ✖ FAKE
  • skiptheigames.us ✖ FAKE
  • skipthaigames.com ✖ FAKE
  • skip-thegames.com ✖ FAKE

WE ONLY USE 2 domains: skipthegames.COM and skipthegames.EU.

This is what you want to see in your browser’s address bar:

The latest scam variety

  1. Someone will call you and tell you that your photos have been used without your permission
  2. If you ask for a screenshot, they will say they cannot send you a screenshot and that you must log in
  3. You log in to a phishing site
  4. You lose control of your account

Can you name all the red flags here?

I can hear you naming them, just let me write them down after you:

  1. Skipthegames.com never calls or messages you
  2. Skipthegames.com never sends you a link to login
  3. Skipthegames.com may ask to verify your photo, which you will then send in an email. Again, no logging in required
  4. The bad guys refuse to send you a screenshot, even though they are, allegedly, looking at the webpage they are telling you about. The reason they cannot send you the screenshot is because they are NOT looking at any webpage – they are busy trying to scam you
  5. Skipthegames.com and Skipthegames.eu are the only domains names we use. Check domain names carefully!

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