Escorting: A dynamic duo

I have been thinking of writing about threesomes for a while. Escorting is usually a private matter between an escort and her client. However, men have many a fantasy and one of the more common, is to have two girls.

by Hannah Jay

A browse through the escort ads suggests that there are plenty of escorts in major cities who offer this as an option. And a check back to The Economist article on escorting indicates that this is one service which can command premium rates.

But, realistically, that does not tell me much about the dynamic involved in threesomes or, frankly, how such encounters work best. So I began to chat on a few of the escort forums. An interesting conversation ensued with Sara and Trish and, with their permission, here are some of the highlights.

“I’m twenty-four,” said Sara, “And Trish is 27. We met camming. I had a guy who wanted to pay me a lot of money for a video session with another girl (which I was fine with) but I really didn’t have another girl to ask. I love Craigslist, so I advertised: Camgirl needs girlfriend for short show. You can show me what to do.” Right to the point because Sara admitted she had never actually been with a girl…not even a kiss.” And Trish had never cammed before,” said Sara, “so we went for coffee.”

“Instant attraction,”said Trish, “We both loved the same things, alt-jazz, vintage clothes, Portlandia, modern burlesque. And the really weird part was that neither of us had any tattoos!”

“We talked a little bit about the cam session. Trish said she could really use the money and as long as it was not going to be public, she was cool with being filmed. But then she said it, “Filmed making love to you,” and that suddenly made it all very real,” said Sara. “I said maybe we should practice a bit first and Trish said we’d be more comfortable at her apartment, so that is where we went with a bottle of wine. As Katy Perry puts it, “I kissed a girl and I liked it.” We’ve been together ever since and that was two years ago.”

“I knew I was a lesbian.” said Trish, “Which, up until I met Sara, really meant I liked my encounters with women more than my encounters with men. But I have a really straight job and I don’t want to be “out.” But that first evening with Sara reminded me of all the reasons why I love women.”

Sara jumped in, “I was totally straight (I thought) but, well, Trish was really wonderful and gentle and hot in bed, and there it is. But that is not the whole story. While we were figuring out what to do about our attraction, we realized that we also had to figure out what to do in the cam show.”

“I didn’t have a clue about camming, but I was finding out lots about how to make love to Sara…so we went with that.” said Trish.

“In the end it was a great show and we did a few more together later on.” And then?

“Well, one of our camming clients was coming to town and offered us an enormous amount of money to perform “live” as it were. Plus, he wanted a happy ending.” said Trish. “Sara was into it; I was a bit reluctant. More than anything, I was worried about someone finding out.”

“In our relationship, Trish worries and I get busy.” said Sara. “It really was a lot of money, or at the time we thought so. Now we know better.”

“The date itself was easy.” said Trish. “He was staying at a nice hotel right downtown and we made sure he was buying us dinner first. We’re both clothes horses and we love getting dressed up. Nothing tarty. It’s fun because we are about the same size. Sara’s a little bigger on top.”

“And you have longer legs.” interjected Sara.

“But we were able to find a couple of vintage dresses which suited the occasion. It was great because our client turned out to be in his late thirties. We’d been expecting someone older for some reason.”

“Probably because you like older men if you like men at all.” said Sara.

“We had a couple of cocktails,” continued Trish, a wonderful dinner and retired to his suite for a nightcap.”

“Because there are always two of us and we are dress well, we never have any trouble at hotels.” said Sara, “Of course, if they saw what we wear under our little black dresses I suspect they would faint.”

“Dita von Teese is our idol. We actually buy her stockings from Secrets in Lace and her lingerie is on the top of our website wish lists. We like our clients to be more than a little delighted when it comes time to move to the finale.” said Trish.

“Usually Trish takes the lead in the sense that she tells me to take off my dress and begin to entertain our client. It is a really nice dynamic because, from our client’s perspective, Trish is in charge. Sometimes she’ll tell me to go and bathe our client and off I go in my little lacy slip to get him ready for the main event.” said Sara.

“The thing is,” explains Trish, “what most men think they want with two girls is for both girls to be paying attention to them. We get to that eventually, but before we do we have fun together.”

“A lot of fun.” said Sara laughing.

“It’s funny, Sara and I certainly do escorting work, but neither of us really see it that way. It is more something we do a few times a month if we want to have a night out and make some money. We still cam a bit but the money you make escorting as a duo makes camming look like a lot of work for very little return.” said Trish.

“We do try to be serious about escorting. I mean we have a website and we put up the occasional escort ad. But the fact is that we both have decent day jobs so the money is lovely but not vital. So we are really picky.” said Sara.

“For one thing, we only see clients together. You can’t book us separately. We don’t always do the girl on girl thing but most of our clients want that as their appetizer. We only do dates three nights a week and our minimum booking is two hours.” explained Sara.

“Sara’s the web wizard. She takes care of all our ads and our website. The website is actually where we make most of our appointments. Plus there is a membership section where our regulars and people who like to see our pictures and download our books or videos can go.” said Trish.

“We actually have a lot of fun doing vintage dress up shoots. I know this slightly pervy photographer who loves to come over for a Saturday afternoon and shoot hundreds of pictures. We take the best ones and make Kindle ebooks and sell those at Amazon. But what is tons of fun is to take all but the pictures where our eyes are wonky, and put them up for our members. Then we send out an email – very discreetly – announcing that the site has been updated.” said Sara, “And we usually do a couple of videos when we are all dressed up and sell those, too.”

“I bet we’d be doing a lot of this even if we weren’t escorting.” said Trish, “We’re both major exhibitionists. But there is a huge thing about being paid to be naughty. The money is sort of a tribute our fans pay.”

“Because we never really set out to be “escorts” we have mainly avoided the whole hustling for clients thing. We have a lot of regulars who can afford to see us a few times a month. We got reviewed once – which was hysterical because the guy who wrote it totally did not get what we were doing. He said we took way to long to get to the erotic encounter – which might be true – but we don’t care. The guys who do get it, are really happy to have found us.” said Sara.

We asked the girls how they felt as a committed lesbian couple about heterosexual escorting.

“Key thing; we’re lesbians who like men. There are a lot of us out there. And we love clothes and make-up and the whole “lipstick lesbian” thing. But, and this is a critical point, escorting is a business. Straight girls who escort don’t fall in love with their clients. Once in a while they have a great time in bed with a particular guy and that is a huge plus. Once in a while one of us will really enjoy an encounter and that is also great. But first, last and always, this is business and any girl who does not understand that should stay far away from escorting.” said Trish.

“I agree with Trish, but from my own perspective, a lot of what we are selling is a performance, a bit of fantasy come to life; but we are also giving our clients pleasure as well. It’s a business, sure; but for us, especially with regulars, it can also be a lot of good, dirty, fun.” said Sara.

“Here’s the thing. There is a terrific honesty about the sort of escorting we do. We’re not there to grab the money and run. We’re usually wined and dined and we like to give our clients much more than their money’s worth. Which they notice and which keeps them coming back. Poor Sara does about ninety percent of the email and texting, she carries our business smart phone, and at any given moment she’ll be in conversation with half a dozen clients. They want to know what we’re up to, if we’ve updated the site, if we are free next week. It is a ton of work, but totally worth it because those are the guys who keep coming back.” said Trish.

“Sure, it’s work,” agrees Sara, “but those text conversations and the emails are usually from guys who we had entertained, who are members of our website, who send us birthday presents off our wish list, buy every e-book we make, and ask us to do custom videos at $20 a minute. Some of our regulars spend thousands of dollars a year and don’t even see us for a date.”

I asked what the hardest part of the business was for them.

“No question: being original. If you do 150 dates a year, a couple dozen photo shoots and assorted videos, you have to keep coming up with a new take. Now the vintage clothing and lingerie thing helps a lot because at least we are always wearing something different when we see a client the third of fourth time.” said Trish.

“We have come up with a few really delicious high-roller dates. But those are set pieces like the “decadent dinner”, the “girls together surprise in your bed” – that sort of thing. The one thing which does work, even after a number of years of doing this, is for Trish to be in charge and me to do what I am told. Which is a bit like our relationship, but on a date we can really play with that.” said Sara.

“And we do. Within a whole bunch of boundaries which really are hard limits. We have no problem with sensual domination and I have been known to tie Sara to a bed; but we are very careful that that is between us girls. Our client is watching but that’s all.” said Trish.

“Most of the time, our clients want the attention to shift to them later on in the date which makes total sense. Trish and I have a lot of fun coming up with ways to let our clients enjoy themselves without crossing any hard lines.” said Sara.

We asked if they were planning on staying in the escorting business.

“Absolutely!” said Sara. “We’ve built up a great clientele both in real life and on the web. Escorting lets us live very well, take vacations, buy pretty clothes. And the money is good enough that we have a fair bit squirreled away.”

“I expect we’ll keep escorting for at least another couple of years.” said Trish, “We prune our client list by raising our rates pretty much every six months. We lose a few but interestingly, we actually have more clients at our higher rates than we did when we charged less. Having two girls on a date is a huge luxury and a big fantasy for a lot of men.”

“It’s funny really. We are not even slightly competitive with the other escorts in our city. We don’t do what they do and they can’t offer what we can. It’s a small, very selective market and in our city, we pretty much own it. Better still, through the website, we are being discovered by men who like this particular sort of two girl date and they will actually travel to see us.”

“There’s another thing as well”, said Sara, “Trish and I have a lot of fun doing our dates and our photo shoots. It is really sexy to get into gorgeous retro lingerie and a form-fitting dress and then go off for a wonderful dinner with your girlfriend and a man you know is going to pay you very well to entertain him. It is something we do together as a couple, and we are getting really good at it. We have our own little business which we both work really hard at making the best it can be. It’s a shared goal. It’s not all we do, but it is a huge part of our lives.”

“I started as a cam girl and, honestly, it wasn’t all that much fun. You were constantly trying to get guys to spend twenty dollars and you’d only see ten. Plus, you really never had any idea of who was watching you. Which some girls like, but it is really isolating. Escorting with Trish has meant we’ve met some great guys, had fabulous dinners, had the opportunity to wear beautiful things and never had to worry about the money. For most our clients, the money is the least of their worries.

“If you’d told me three years ago that I would be doing duo escort dates three nights a week, I probably would have hit you.” said Trish, “But that was because I really had never thought of how escorting could be done in a sexy, sensual way. And because it never would have occurred to me that my partner would be on all my dates.”

“A lot of our clients, usually when we’re done, will ask us if we’re a couple. We don’t hide it, and they know that what we’re doing we’re doing for them, but they can sense the erotic frisson which a couple naturally brings to an encounter.”

“So, yes, we’ll keep escorting for now; but we are also really enjoying creating e-books with our photo shoots and making videos. More and more of our actual income is coming from our non-escorting activities so we want to keep a balance.” said Sara.

“We joke about being the dynamic duo; but the reality is that if you stop moving, you end up in a rut. Neither of us like ruts, so we keep moving.”