Escorts are a bargain

Clients of escorts usually fit into a variety of categories, but most of the time, they have one thing in common: they have money. They may not all be wealthy; but, they all have some disposable income they can spend in order to have a good time. However, less wealthy men usually believe that high-end escorts are out of their league, because they don’t have the discretionary income to cover a basic encounter — but when you really look at it, an evening with an escort is a much better investment than playing the conventional dating game.

The dilemma for many men is: Why should I pay for it, when I can get it for free? Many men find themselves taking home a woman for a one-night stand after a night of drinking at the bar or club. After several pitchers of suds with the guys, the “10” they thought they took home ends up being a “3” or “2” who is fantasizing about a long-term romance. Additionally, women who are willing to hook up indiscriminately in a bar are rarely the caliber of woman who works as high-end escorts.

So, men resort to dating women they hope they can convince to have sex with them. They pay to have their cars detailed prior to the date ($75), fill their vehicle up with fuel ($60 — if they don’t own an SUV), buy some flowers to make a good impression ($30) and pay for dinner and drinks ($100). After dinner, the guy may even pop for a movie, going to a club or another fun activity ($75 at least). All in all, a guy may spend up to $330 for a date with a decent woman of discerning taste.

And at the end of the date, the man may receive a hug, a goodnight kiss and the promise of at least two more dates before any action happens. After all, there is that “3-Date Rule” where a guy can’t expect to get lucky with a respectable woman until at least the third date. At this rate, a man may spend nearly $1,000 to just get into a woman’s pants once. (And then they may find out the sex wasn’t what they expected.)

Booking a date with an escort may cost considerably less than what it takes to go on three dates with a “nice” civilian girl.

This same man can have an amazing encounter with an escort where anything goes for way, way under $1,000. (Some escorts charge more than others, so it’s always best to find an escort who fits into your financial range.) Beyond booking the encounter, the only effort a client must make is to bathe, wear clean clothes and show up. He doesn’t have to gussy up his ride, worry about wearing his best suit or buying flowers. (Although escorts do appreciate such gestures, they do not count on them.) He doesn’t have to worry about when to make the first move (or whether he should make it at all). He knows exactly how the date is going to end: with him satisfied and happy.

Any man who says he can’t afford an escort, really hasn’t examined the economics of dating.

Men should do the math and determine what they want. If they are looking for a long-term relationship, the dating aspect may be the way to go. However, if a man is simply wanting some action, an escort may be easier on his pocketbook than playing the dating game.

It is said for a reason that escorts are paid not for doing what they do, but for leaving when you want them to.