Escorts love summer lovin’

The film Grease made “Summer Lovin'” popular, and science proves over and over again that summertime revs up people’s sex drives, which is great for the escort industry. Escorts report each year that their business always increases when the sun starts to come out regularly and the temperatures heat up.

Escorts’ schedules ramp up during the summer, and they see more clients during the summer months than any other time of the year, according to many escorts. While their pocketbooks get fat, they sometimes have to burn the midnight oil to get all of their clients in.

Why is summer the most popular time for escort dating?

Sunlight increases the body’s production of Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH). The hormone helps in the production of skin pigment. As people are exposed to sunlight, tanning takes place, which is a direct result of MSH. What MSH has also been linked to is an increased sex drive: whether people know it or not, their sex drives are directly affected by the Sun.

Additionally, clients’ sex drives are directly affected by increased serotonin levels experienced during the spring and summer. Serotonin production spikes when sun exposure is increased. As summer sets in, people are out and about more and get more exposure to the sun. Serotonin, known as the “feel-good” neurotransmitter, elevates people’s moods, makes them feel better about themselves, causes them to be more positive about things and, ultimately, increases their sex drives.

Another reason that escorts’ appointments get booked up quickly during the summertime is that people naturally have sex on their minds during hotter weather. As they go about their days, they see people responding to the heat by trading in their winter parkas and heavy sweaters for tank tops, halter tops and shorty shorts. Exposing more and more skin as a result of the hot temperatures, bare skin is a natural accelerator for, you guessed it, the sex drive. An executive may be cooped up in his office all day, but when he heads out for lunch, he may see women dressed in short dresses, cropped shorts and strappy tops. These visual cues alone may be enough to encourage him to call his favorite escort.

Clients take their cues from their escorts. We have been conditioned to think of warm weather as the time for casual affairs, carefree romances and “spring flings”. Escorts instinctively market themselves more aggressively during the summertime. They flaunt their sexiness with summer attire, don their bathing suits and sport sexy tans. Escorts feel good about themselves during this time of year, and they give off that vibe to their clients. It’s impossible to resist a woman who exudes sexiness because she, herself, is in a terrific mood.

Finally, summer is the season of abandon, wantonness and carefree activity. Although business goes on, it’s somehow more acceptable to slip away from the office, be it for a round of golf, pool time, or a session with a hot escort.