Escorts: what not to do

There is more on a list of ‘do not’s then there are a list of ‘do’s when it comes to how to behave when seeing an escort. You’re less likely to see these rules framed and hanging to the side of your escort’s boudoir as you should simply be aware of them when entering a home or the hotel room where your encounter is taking place.

Even if your escort is ‘out-call’ (coming to your location) there is still etiquette to follow when engaging a person who you are paying for sex. Surely if you are seeing an escort at a legal brothel in the outskirts of Nevada rules of content will be listed and reiterated by the Madame of the house, still availing yourself of a legal business or a private escort you should know how to behave.

Rest assured the lady (or man) that is servicing you will have cleared prices, activities and duration of their stay before you meet; an escort wants less surprises then you do. All possible hiccups will have been addressed when you make your appointment, still there are few things to remember NOT TO DO that will make what you MIGHT DO all the more better TO DO when you DO DO them:

Do Not Haggle Price: Any escort worth his or her price will have determined that price with you before you even meet. Feel free to discuss the various prices when you first call, ask about special rates (many escorts actually have them for during-the-day rendezvous) but the amount you’re paying should be determined before you walk through a hotel door. It is impolite to begin to ask for discounts or try and haggle when facing your escort.

Do Not Haggle Services: If you have set a price it’s safe to assume you have set a service. Sure there might be a cornucopia of activities you can expect for what you’re paying and your escort will be sure to list them when you determine your ‘date’, but don’t show up for a Half and Half (oral sex and full service) and suddenly demand to be dominated. Or see a dominatrix and suddenly demand sex when you know full well intercourse is not on the menu.

Do Not Forget To Shower: You might get all horny after working-out but nothing stops an escort’s will to please faster than meeting a client who smells bad. You want your escort to be freshly quaffed, sufficiently shaved and adhering to the basic tenets of civilized hygiene, so should you.

Do Not Pull A ‘No Show’: Though they are every much a part of the business as raids, the customer who makes and appointment then doesn’t show just drives another nail in the coffin of escort/client relationships. This is why most escorts seem to be brief when they are talking to you over the phone or over email, for them the money is in you coming to them, not coming over the phone when chatting (unless she is a phone-sex escort) or not showing at all.

Do Not Call Your Escort Names: Yes, we all know you are seeing a whore. Your escort knows they are performing a sex act for money, but there is no reason to be impolite. Yes, you are paying for this person’s time but unless you are specifically seeing someone who takes money to be abused, keep your nasty comments to yourself.

And lastly but most importantly, Do Not Refuse Protection: No matter what you have paid for, unless your escort advertises ‘bare back’ (and you will want to be suspicious of anyone in this day and age who would) you have absolutely no right to refuse to wear a condom or demand your male escort not wear his. In fact, your escort could be well within their rights to send you packing, even after you have surrendered your money, if you get to the point when a condom needs to be worn and you refuse or demand one not be.

The above are certainly brief pointers to get you on your way to a good escort experience where both you and your sex provider leave satisfied from the encounter.