Escorts who are “better than all this”

What escort hasn’t heard from some client with a heart of gold that he or she is “better than all of this?” Too good to be selling themselves this way. They don’t belong doing this. Most escorts have heard these statements at some point in their careers, but when they examine their lives, it looks like they really do have it pretty good.

Escorts lead the lives they choose, which are often better than when they held “normal” jobs and lived a life that walked the straight and narrow.

  • Escorts often make more money escorting than they did in previous careers. Whether they were middle managers in a large corporation or waiting a local diner, successful escorts make incomes into the six-figures category, which was never possible in other more typical jobs. In previous careers, they often had to work several hours to make what they make in one date. For instance, one booking may earn them $300 to $500 or more. Most jobs they may have worked before would not have exceeded $20 per hour. Escorts would have had to work over 15 hours to make the minimum of what they would in one 2- to 3-hour booking.
  • Escorts get great opportunities. Through their appointments and dates with clients, many escorts get to see the best of what the world has to offer. Fine dining, luxury hotels, expensive cars and designer clothing are typical parts of a high-end escort’s everyday world. They attend galas and extravagant fundraisers with clients and visit art show openings and other cultural events. Often, escorts get in clubs, events and activities that other “normal” girls never get to see. They get special seats, reserved backstage passes and other privileges usually reserved for the elite.
  • Escorts meet interesting people. They meet highly powerful executives, celebrities, sports stars and the extremely wealthy. Their clients are cultured, educated, influential and worldly. They discuss current events, science, politics and other subjects with ease, conviction and knowledge. Escorts can always tell their clients that they would have never met, except for their client/escort relationship. That’s proof, alone, that escorts meet worthwhile people.
  • Escorts lead adventurous lives. They have an opportunity to explore their sexuality through their encounters with clients. They can exercise their sexual appetites unabashedly and enthusiastically. Also, it’s exciting to meet new people and to partake in new encounters and opportunities. Many escorts find that their clients like to share exciting experiences with them, too, such as yachting, sailing, sporting events, adrenaline-junkie activities (such as skydiving or parasailing), traveling and the arts.
  • Escorts get to be their own bosses. There are few things better than being able to set your own schedule and answer to yourself as your own boss. Independent escorts must often adhere to the schedules of their clients, however they can pick and choose when they work if it suits them. They don’t have a boss breathing down their necks, like they may have had at an old job. They don’t have a boss that steals their ideas, blames them for problems in the office or gossips about them behind their backs. An escort must please herself and meet her own goals, which is also very empowering.

Not every escort leads a luxurious life full of adventure, opportunity and economic independence. However, most escorts feel their career provides them with more choices and more freedom than what civilians imagine.