Fact and fiction about female ejaculation

Escorts who can perform the phenomenon of female ejaculation are highly-sought after providers. The ever elusive ability to “squirt” is a trick that any escort to can learn to do, as every woman is born with the necessary equipment, so to speak. However, female ejaculation is one of the most hotly debated subjects in modern sexology, and medical experts can’t determine the exact reason why or how it occurs.

While the act, itself, is quite messy, men are extremely enthusiastic about it and find the concept thrillingly sexy. Nearly every man is intrigued enough by the concept that he is eager to attempt to help an escort accomplish the feat.

But, because the task is such a hot topic of contention among experts, some fact and fiction must be examined in order to be able to pursue the endeavor of female ejaculation:

  1. Female ejaculate is simply urine. This is just not true. Many “sexperts” have decreed that the fluid released when a woman ejaculates is only urine. They suggest that a woman has wet the bed during an especially intense sexual activity. However, true experts have examined the ejaculate fluid to determine its chemical composition, and, upon analysis, have found that is comprised of glucose and an enzyme frequently found in male semen. According to an article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, female ejaculate demonstrated all of the characteristics of prostate plasma, not urine. According to the article, the Paraurethral/Skene’s Glad functions as the female prostate gland and aids in the production of the liquid excreted during a g-spot orgasm. Dr. David Delvin was quoted in Men’s Health magazine as saying that the fluid in question does not contain urea or creatnine, usual urine components.
  2. Every woman can do it. True! Indeed, every woman who is born without reproductive system complications has the necessary equipment to produce an orgasm that expels liquid from the body. However, the placement of the Skene’s gland in the body may differ slightly, making the method of female ejaculation vary from person to person. Additionally, physicians report that the ability to produce fluid may vary, as well. Keep in mind that all men ejaculate and climax in various ways; women function similarly in differing degrees, too. Just as it takes escorts varying methods to reach their climaxes, it may require different stimulation for an escort to obtain a g-sport orgasm that features ejaculation. Although research varies, many reports indicate that between 6 and 60 percent of women have experienced the phenomenon successfully. Most numbers, though, range in the 10 to 20 percent rate for success. Some women are unable to reach this particular type of climax due to psychological hang-ups and not physical challenges.
  3. Squirting and gushing are not exactly the same thing. Maybe. According to many experts, porn actresses who are seen on video doing their “squirting” thing are faking it. If a woman can expel fluid in such a way that it streams out in projectile fashion, it may be coming through the urethra from the bladder. When women squirt fluid out, it is usually clear and watery in consistency. Researchers have determined that female ejaculate is often whitish and thicker in consistency, not clear and watery. The fluid comes from the female prostate glands and is much more mucous-like, just like the moisture produced when a women produces self lubrication. However, while experts contend that women who “squirt” are not experiencing a true female ejaculation, it may still be possible to expel fluid with force during such a productive orgasm. During female ejaculation, an escort may be pushing with her pelvic muscles to the point that the fluid does appear to squirt or expel from the body quickly. And, if an escort produces a significant quantity of fluid, any expulsion may seem like it’s squirting. According to Men’s Health magazine, women capable of the elusive female ejaculation can produce, on average, one-half cup of fluid.
  4. Female ejaculation is due to stimulation of the g-spot. Not really, but kind of. Most people, escorts and clients included, assume that a woman squirts as a result of experiencing a g-spot orgasm. While stimulation of the g-spot may be part of the process, it is not the reason for ejaculation. A lot of confusion surrounds the g-spot, also known as the Grafenburg Spot located toward the front of the inner wall of the vagina. It is located near the Skene’s gland, which many experts actually credit with producing female prostate fluid similar to semen produced by men. It is possible to stimulate the Skene’s gland through g-spot arousal methods, as they are closely situated in the vaginal area. Some medical researchers contend that the g-spot and the Skene’s gland are closely connected, and that when one is stimulated, the other benefits from arousal efforts, too. Regardless of the actual truth, it is clear that both of these areas contribute significantly to the g-spot orgasm and female ejaculation.
  5. Escorts who ejaculate experience more pleasurable orgasms. Not true. There is no universal standard of pleasure to measure orgasms against in order to know which ones are most powerful, enjoyable and exciting. While heart and pulse rates can be measured during arousal, these vital stats aren’t enough to determine which form of climax is more pleasurable. No comparison research currently exists that determines that a woman who ejaculates is deriving more pleasure from her partner than one who doesn’t. It simply cannot be determined. While many women who have experienced both form of orgasms may suggest that female ejaculation is euphoric, others will still swear the standby-by clitoral-based climaxes. It’s completely up to an individual’s preference, especially due to comfort level with the consequences of female ejaculation.
  6. What you see on porn is not real. TRUE! Even though there may be a scene or two, rarely, that actually do depict a true example of female ejaculation, most portrayals are false. In order to accomplish an orgasm that creates the squirting effect, a woman must be completely relaxed, which is not easily accomplished in front of cameras, under the lights on a movie set. Additionally, the feat is not usually demonstrated on command. It takes appropriate stimulation and the right mood of the woman. Often, producers resort to special effects to create a squirting effect. They encourage a woman to act out a scene with an extremely full bladder and release it at “just the right time”. Or, they squirt water from another source and make it appear to be coming from the actress. Viewers who presume that the acts demonstrated on screen are completely real are being deceived. Female ejaculation is not as common or as easy as many porn producers would have viewers to think.
  7. Men see female ejaculation as an illustration of a job well done. True, very true. Because men don’t always know when a woman experiences an orgasm, clients take it as a demonstration of orgasm when a woman ejaculates or squirts during a moment of pleasure with them. Escorts can validate a client’s efforts if she is able to produce an episode of squirting. Escorts are notorious for faking their orgasms. While many men acknowledge this regularly, others don’t like to admit to this fact. However, they may always wonder when a woman gasps in fake or real ecstasy during a moment of passion. Escorts can set their curious clients at ease by providing a full-fledged, all-out ejaculatory g-spot orgasm that leaves no room for doubt that they enjoyed themselves.
  8. Female ejaculation is different for every woman. True. While every female is physically capable of producing a female ejaculation, their likelihood of experiencing one may vary greatly. Some research suggests that only 10 percent of the worldwide female population have actually experienced a gushing experience, but no research indicates how many have tried successfully or unsuccessfully. And, many women may not realize that they’ve fully accomplished the feat. Men’s Health magazine reports that some women may only have a teaspoon or two of fluid or as much as a cup. And, it’s fairly common for women to have a retrograde ejaculation where liquid is retracted back into the body through the vagina. If the prostate fluid never actually leaves the body, it is impossible for a woman to know whether she’s successfully accomplished the feat or not.
  9. You may need to have towels handy for clean up. True. While some women do not ejaculate large amounts of fluid, others expel quite a noticeable bit. From appearing like you’ve wet the bed to soaking your partner sufficiently, the equivalent to female semen can cause quite a sticky mess. Towels and wet wipes are just as appropriate for use in cleaning up the mess left behind from an especially passionate session where you squirted for a client as they are for cleaning up a client you allowed to obtain unprotected services. Keep in mind, though, that if your fluid is allowed to dry on towels, sheets or other fabrics, it will dry colorless and odorlessly with a crusty appearance, just as male semen will.
  10. The feat of female ejaculation, while doubted by many, is well documented throughout history. The ancient civilizations depicted the accomplishment of female ejaculation through carvings, sculpture and other artwork and writings, indicating that women have been enjoying the pleasure for many, many generations. The Kama Sutra calls it the female prostate fluid “female semen”. And, a XVII century Dutch physician referred to the fluid as “the liquid that usually comes from the pudenda in one gush”. Additionally g-spot researchers indicate that they regularly need large towels to clean up effects of strong g-spot stimulation. While modern-day experts passionately debate its existence, previous researchers and medical professionals, along with other cultural writers, indicate that it has been a very normal part of the sexual health of women.
  11. Escorts will require g-spot and clitoral stimulation to accomplish female ejaculation. Somewhat true. While a g-spot climax may be reached by only vaginal stimulation, increased arousal through clitoral attention helps to expedite and intensify the results. Escorts can encourage clients to help them achieve this phenomenon by a few simple actions. Firstly, clients should use two fingers placed on the front wall of the vagina to create a “come here” motion to stimulate the g-spot. (It is usually a rougher-feeling part of the vagina.) As stimulation increases, and an escort should voice her increasing pleasure, light rubbing of the clitoris should be attempted. An escort should begin to push out hard with her pelvic floor muscles (instead of clenching them inward) as her climax comes near. A client should be encouraged to apply slight pressure to her lower abdomen between her belly button and pubic area, which can increase the pleasure an escort feels. If a client can’t seem to produce the right stimulation, an escort can use a sex toy with attachments that can provide dual pleasures. Difficulties to ejaculate may be blamed on weak pelvic muscles, inability to relax or lack of practice.
  12. The female ejaculation experience is not accepted as a reality in a male-dominated world. This is debatable, based on your personal viewpoints. Many feminists contend that the g-spot orgasm accompanied by squirting is a phenomenon frowned upon by a male-dominated society that fails to give women the nod of being sexual equals. It’s hard to admit that, with proper stimulation and sufficient attention, women can create equal and similar sexual responses as men. It’s been ingrained in women (and men, for that matter), that women quietly enjoy sex with few visible symptoms of pleasure, excitement or arousal. While men obtain erections, women are much more humble and less demonstrative about their passions. As long as society is able to shroud the secrets of the female ejaculation response, people can continue to pretend that only men react so physically to sex and other similar activities. However, science (and history) proves that the female ejaculatory reaction is a genuine one that physically makes men and women sexual equals.