Here’s why no decent escort will respond to your blunt correspondence

Maybe you’re busy. Sometimes you just don’t feel like talking. Other occasions catch you at a loss for words. Regardless of your reasons for leaving a blunt, overly direct message for an escort, it may have impacts that you don’t anticipate. Experienced escorts use your correspondence with them as a way to get a feel for you prior to even scheduling an encounter. If you fail to use some common courtesy and don’t even attempt to use friendly communication skills, you may find yourself on the receiving end of rejection quite a lot. Consumerist, egotistic attitudes are a huge turn-off and are usually revealed by curt messages during the initial contact.

To be fair, it can be very difficult to craft that first email or text message to send to the escort you picked out from the directory, especially when you’ve never done this before. But, if your message comes across as too brief and impersonal, here are the results you may experience:

  1. Explicit or obscene emails make escorts legally vulnerable. When you send a message that blatantly lays out the sexual activities you want performed during an encounter, an escort is put into a very precarious situation. It’s a huge risk for an escort to openly discuss sexual activities online or on the phone. Law enforcement officials who could be investigating her activities might get the wrong impression from communications that include extensive conversations about sex. Many escorts mention that they do not accept crude or explicit emails/messages from clients. By sending one, you are just demonstrating your disrespect and unfamiliarity with the subtle nuances of the booking process. Odds are that your message will be deleted upon sight and you will never hear from your escort. When and if you need to discuss explicit sexual details with your escort, it’s best to reserve those conversations until an in-person meeting.
  2. Escorts will think you are dull. Just like you want an escort with some personality, she, too, wants to enjoy the encounter with a client. When you draft an email message that lacks any kind of insight into who you are, an escort may think that you are stiff, overly formal and too uptight to enjoy a good time. As she selects her clients, an escort pays attention to the ones that seem to have a sense of humor, are passionate about a topic or come off as very intriguing. However, if your attempt at communication is devoid of anything resembling your character, she has nothing to base her assumptions on. In order to gain favorable attention from an escort, it’s always best to put yourself out there and show some of your personality.
  3. Your brief message tells an escort that you’re too busy to exert the effort to be nice. Many executives get in the habit of barking out orders to subordinates or sending curt emails to associates, due to time constraints and a tense business atmosphere. If this is your excuse, you need to ditch it. When an escort sees an email she assumes comes from an executive who doesn’t take a moment to consider being more than business-like in a first connection, she may automatically put him in her discard list. No escort wants to be treated like an employee. Just like you want an element of seduction and courtesy in your interaction with an escort, she also wants to be treated as well as someone you would try to pick up in a bar. If you have a bad habit of treating service personnel (wait staff, taxi drivers, retails sales people, etc.) with only a second thought, you should probably take a little more time than usual with your attempt to contact an escort. Make an effort to exercise a degree of friendly conversation, instead of simply getting down to business.
  4. Messages that are simply rude indicate to an escort that a prospective client lacks basic social skills or doesn’t value them at all. Insinuating that an escort is desperate for your attention or assuming that she has nothing else to do other than to rearrange her schedule for you are just a couple of ways that rude emails tick off escorts. Other rude emails don’t include even a general “hello” or “have a nice day” greeting. Before you send a message to an escort, review it to make sure that it couldn’t be misinterpreted as impolite or demeaning. Some clients don’t intend to be critical in their communications, but their words may reveal their true opinions. Keep your email short, sweet and to the point, but be nice. Don’t expect an escort to jump, simply because you said you were ready to get it on. She won’t hesitate to delete your message without replying. Escorts have no time or desire to hook up with clients who can’t set up a booking in a friendly fashion.
  5. If your message is extremely brief, it may indicate to an escort that you are only looking for easy sex. Escorts don’t simply provide a roll in the hay or oral intercourse. They provide companionship, affection, admiration and intimacy. Activities don’t always include sexual acts; if an encounter becomes sexual it is because it’s a mutual decision between consenting adults. It’s not services rendered upon payment. When an escort is accustomed to giving the Girlfriend Experience (GFE), she looks for clients who appreciate the whole package that she offers: the intimacy, affection, physical closeness, conversation, and, possibly, sexual intercourse or other acts. When a client messages something so brief like: “Let’s meet tomorrow at 5 p.m. 601 Park Place” it may leave an escort feeling like her services aren’t fully understood.
  6. Short, impersonal messages will require her to ask you more questions. Because escorts use communications with clients as a way to get a feel for them, she will have to do more research if you’re unwilling to reveal much about yourself through your emails or text messages. Expect several questions if you only email a short blurb to her. Escorts have to verify who their clients are in order to ensure their own safety. They do background checks that include criminal history research and web searches on your employment. Property records may be included to determine that you actually live where you say you do. Escorts put their lives into their clients hands each time they go for an encounter alone. Clients who are hard to get to know before the first meeting make escorts more suspicious and cautious. By taking the extra time to communicate a bit more, your escort may not put you through your paces as severely as she checks out your details.
  7. Escorts will choose the nicer client if she has to pick between two or more. There are occasions where multiple clients want to book the same time period. Because an escort won’t implement a bidding war among her clients (or most don’t), she will have to make a choice about who gets the preferred booking slot. Obviously, when she has to make a selection, she will opt for the client who seems nicest or with the best personality. If all she has to go on is your correspondence up to this point, a curt email message won’t help you get that encounter. Of course, she may offer you a booking at a different time or on another date, but you will lose out for the time you wanted. It’s in your best interest to put your best foot forward with a friendly, upbeat first connection.
  8. A short, impersonal message prevents establishing an intimate connection prior to meeting in person. While it doesn’t always happen, there are incidents where escorts and clients feel like they already know the other person or share similar interests before they even lay eyes on one another. They create a bond before meeting through interchanging a few emails or having conversations on the phone that reveal bits about their personalities or interests. When this occurs, an escort can better prepare herself for your encounter, which means an even more pleasant experience for you. Some escorts may do their research about a client’s favorite sports team or hobby; others can acquire a role-play outfit perfect for a client’s fantasy. Through personal exchanges, your escort can create an even better booking for you. But, if you resist interacting with her openly, she has no way to connect with you more than as a stranger.
  9. Escorts form first impressions of you through your first correspondences with them. If you want your escort to know that you are a fun guy with a passion for life, sending a boring email with no enthusiasm is not the way to do it. Even if you think that a short, business-like message will get you positive attention for not wasting her time, it sure doesn’t provide any insight to the type of person you are. Escorts like to observe bits of their clients’ personalities through their communications. If you send a short email or text, your escort may get entirely the wrong impression of you if you’re actually a very outgoing person. It’s frequent that an escort judges a client as extroverted, introverted, angry, busy, horny and lonely through those first few exchanges. You risk being misjudged by sending a short note.

With all of that being said, you may be wondering exactly what kind of a connection you should make with an escort prior to meeting her. Here are some tips for that first communication with an escort:

  1. Be courteous in your greeting and dismissal: Within your phone call, email or text message, provide a friendly greeting. Say hello or be cheery in another courteous manner. An email that doesn’t even say “Hi” can be offsetting to an escort. Additionally, as you close your email or finish the phone call, always leave with a good send off. Simply saying, “Bye” on the phone is much preferable to hanging up quickly. An email should have some closure with your name included. When a client takes the time to include these two elements in communications, the rest of the message may be somewhat curt and to the point. But, it still resembles a more personal approach that demonstrates basic respect and politeness.
  2. Share bits of your personality. If you’ve had a rough day, say so, without going into minute detail. Crack a joke. (No racial or touchy issues, please.) Mention something that excited you recently, such as a hobby or an interesting bit in the news. Escorts appreciate that insight and you are benefitted by giving it to them. Revealing these traits about yourself don’t give away anything that your escort can use against you. In fact, they enhance the relationship you can build with her.
  3. Take a few minutes as you draft your message. Do not write or call her when you are hurried or pressed for time. (Communicating when you are afraid you may get caught by a spouse or others is not a good idea, either.) As you complete your message, read it back over for typos and bad grammar. Escorts like a client who seems smart. And, review your message for anything that might seem condescending, judgmental, rude or assuming. After perusing it several times, feel free to send it. The point is that it should require a bit more thought than a quick, “Hey, Baby! Let’s get together.” Any monkey can write that. You want to stand out as a positive option with your chosen escort, not as one of the goons.

Don’t take for granted that an escort is a person. Some would-be clients fail to remember that an escort is not just an adult-industry provider; she is a human being who has feelings and emotions, too. Take that into consideration as you invite her to spend time with you. Compassion, sensitivity and basic common courtesy will earn you many brownie points with an escort, especially compared to the clients who never seem to comprehend this. Even though she is hired by you to provide you with companionship, she desires to be treated with respect and integrity. Remember the Golden Rule and implement it always with your escorts. Use this standard as you attempt to contact escorts and book encounters.