How hedonism sets the stage for the escort industry

Based on the premise that pleasure is the only intrinsic good, the theory of hedonism helps to set the stage and provide a demand for the escort industry of today. Escorts serve to provide pleasure to their clients, which fits right into hedonistic lifestyles and mindsets.

Hedonism was practiced as early as the ancient Egyptians, evidenced by the riches and luxuries left behind in their tombs. Unsure of what the afterlife held in store for them, Egyptians valued gold, fine art, jewelry and adornments, music and other riches, both in their living and non-living hours. Ancient Egyptian art depicts music, feasts and much frivolity in their everyday lives. Not uncommon in their depictions are images of sexual activity, performed by prostitutes or what would be considered escorts in modern-day definitions. Their focus was on enjoyment of today and hope of pleasure for tomorrow.

The word hedonism has its roots in the Greek word for delight. Several philosophies about hedonism have evolved throughout the years, but they all are based on the premise that ethical values are determined by amount of pleasure derived from activities and the absence of pain in consequences.

Around 600 BC, Carvaka in India developed the attitude that pleasure is the aim of living. It was declared that there was nothing wrong with sensual indulgence and it was to be sought out as a way to experience the riches that life had to offer. Many people still adhere to these thoughts when it comes to sex and intimate encounters.

Epicureanism appeared in 307 BC, with the concept that the greatest good was acquired through seeking modest pleasures. This was a much more conservative view of hedonism where temperance in both sex and appetite was preached. A conservative amount of pleasure was sought in order to attain a state of tranquility. Sex was encouraged, but only in moderation. Epicureanism taught that too much pleasure resulted in displeasure when it went away, which did not create tranquility.

Utilitarianism is another philosophy that followed the hedonism vibe and taught that the proper course of action maximized the overall good of society and that an outcome is the judge of one’s actions. In other words, if one’s actions create pleasure, one’s actions must be acceptable and good.

Regardless of which form of hedonism you follow, it is easy to see that pleasure is the ultimate goal and that one’s actions must be acceptable if they lead to pleasure. Humans are ruled by their appetites for sex and the pleasure it produces for them. If their actions produce a pleasant experience, it’s o.k. The escort industry thrives on this school of thought.

Clients are constantly seeking that “high” they get by being with a beautiful woman. They search for the perfect orgasm or the best blow job. They pride themselves in the number of women they can give orgasms to and the encounters they engage in. Clients of escorts perceive that pleasure is worth any price, often paying thousands of dollars for an appointment with a high-end escort.

Man’s appetite for pleasure drives the success of many escorts, making it possible for the industry to exist. Hedonism proves there will always be clients for escorts, and they will do whatever is required in order to obtain the pleasure they seek.

Taking hedonism one step further to support the escort industry, the founders of the Hedonism II resort in Jamaica created an oasis for pleasure seekers to go for decadence and debauchery. The owner, John Issa, has said,

When it’s good, it’s ‘Oh… so good!’ When it’s bad, it’s better!

The resort caters to swingers conventions, nudists gatherings and others who are less conservative in their sexual views. Beaches for “nudes” and “prudes” provide excellent opportunities for resort goers to enjoy the “scenery.” Hot tub parties are said to get quite lively at night on the property. While Issa insists that prostitutes do not work at the resort, many escorts in the area are invited back to the property for after-hours fun. Additionally, many wealthy guests bring their own companions (who regularly work as escorts) to the resort for some fun in the sun and late-night romps on the beach.