How is NFL like the escort industry?

Insiders know how the escort industry is a business, just like any other, and many of the same rules that go for traditional brick-and-mortar establishments may also be applied to escorting. And, the escort industry often sees some odd pairings: wild dominatrix with traditional, old, white guy client; nerdy, techie client with hot tomboy escort; country boy client with urban sophisticate escort; etc.

But one odd pairing that most wouldn’t see coming is how the escort industry and the National Football League (NFL) are very similar industries. Even though they deal with very different constituencies and services, many parallels exist between the two industries.

If football is (or isn’t) your passion, consider for a moment how one of America’s favorite pastimes has a lot in common with escorting:

  1. Both industries are focused on money. Even though purists in either industry would like to pretend that football players, coaches and others involved in the NFL are passionate about the sport and quality playing, the real reason the industry is a nationwide phenomenon is because of the revenue it brings in. Players negotiate to get the strongest (and best paying) contracts, sponsors weld heavy influence for maximum market exposure and team managers look closely at their bottom lines to determine what to do with the team (instead of focusing on player records, etc.). The escort industry is also ruled by money. Even though clients like to fool themselves into thinking that their escorts would be happy seeing them for free, the truth of the matter is that they wouldn’t. Escorts enter the industry in hopes of many things, including financial freedom. They realize the potential for high incomes and pursue the career in hopes of bettering their bank account balances. They set their schedules based on quotas they must make in order to pay bills, and set monthly income goals in order to save up for major purchases. Their workloads are dictated by how much money they want to make, not by how much they enjoy their clients.
  2. Skill and reputation will get you far. In the NFL, players and coaches with long lists of accolades and great stats earn more than unknown players who just want their chance to play. In addition to being able to earn more, these types of players are in higher demand when it comes to trading and draft picks. Additionally, NFL players with better agents get better deals when it comes to contract renewal times. The escort industry is very similar. For escorts, the real draw is marketing. If an escort has great marketing and is able to create an impressive profile/website/etc. for clients, she has a much better chance at attracting big-name, high-wealth clients. Her experience, rankings, overall skills, service willingness and good looks will determine how generally successful she is. An escort who gains a positive reputation through providing stellar encounters for her regular clients may earn enough great ratings or discreet referrals that she may be able to increase her status to a more elite level. Additionally, an escort who is in high demand or attracts uber-wealthy clients may also command higher rates for her time.
  3. Both industries operate in a man’s world. Although proponents for the escort industry passionately contend that escorts are taking control of their own lives and experiencing liberty separate from being controlled by men, the fact that they must make men happy in order to obtain their income signifies that they are still operating based on men’s rules. Escorts must play up to male desires and fantasies in order to attract clients and book encounters. They have to ensure their male clients are satisfied with the time they spend with them and work to ensure their performances meet up with expectations. Escorts have to know how men think in order to attract and please them. Similarly, the NFL appeals to a largely male fan base. They must know how to market to and fulfill the entertainment requirements of their male viewers. Both industries are male-dominated worlds, dependent on meeting the desires of the men who are passionate about the activities.
  4. It’s all about the score. Success in the NFL is dictated by (firstly) money, which is determined by scores. Players must produce “wins” and winning scores in order to bring in the “Benjamin’s.” And, fans like nothing better than to scream, “Touchdown!” when their favorite teams cross the goal lines. Statistics about scoring run non-stop during NFL games. From how many yards it took to run and pass the ball, to the number of attempts it took to get the touchdown, the entire focus of the game is about scoring…and how to make it happen. Of course, the escort industry is exactly the same. Clients analyze their experiences based on how easy it was to book an encounter, how welcoming and encouraging an escort is and whether or not they got an opportunity to “score.” Often, it’s also important to them to get several opportunities to “score.” Fulfilling their need to complete their overall mission and put another notch in their belts is the goal of an encounter with an escort. While some clients are different and do care considerably about how the encounter goes beyond the “scoring” part, many are more interested in the activities that surround scoring… they couldn’t care much less about the mood or ambience of the encounter unless that was going to hinder their abilities to engage in sex.
  5. It’s an adrenaline rush. Football fans love when their team wins. They get excited when a big play occurs. Going to a game is thrilling and enjoyable… just to hang out with other fans and enjoy the day. During playoff season, the adrenaline rush gets even more intense as teams vie for top slots and chances to go to the Super Bowl. Fans enjoy getting excited about their sport. Much like getting excited about football, clients also get an adrenaline rush for an encounter with an escort. Not only do they anticipate the thrill of getting lucky with a beautiful woman, but the encounter, itself, is so taboo and risqué that it creates an endorphin rush like no other. The thrill of meeting up with a stranger is uplifting in a way that can’t be created through other experiences. Also, there’s the threat of getting caught… either by a spouse or partner; friends, family members or colleagues; the hotel security; law enforcement; or anyone else that shouldn’t know you are meeting up covertly with an escort. It’s just an exciting event, even when you don’t factor in the sexual excitement typically associated with encounters.
  6. It’s all about entertainment. Many football fans not only love the sport, but they also want to be entertained. (Hello, halftime shows!) They enjoy the hoopla that surrounds the big game each weekend. From the sponsors putting on cheesy advertising to observing the cheerleaders rev up the crowd, fans enjoy all aspects of the sport, in addition to the plays occurring on field. They want to be entertained and occupied, and they expect various forms of distraction all at the same time. The escort industry also provides entertainment to its clients. It’s much, much different form of distraction from the mundane, but it’s certainly a way to rescue a client from boredom. Many clients call up escorts and book encounters because they are bored. Clients, especially those who have travelled out of town for business, find themselves alone and with nothing to do. Instead of simply heading to the pub for a brew and some pretzels, they call up a pretty girl to come spend time with them and help them pass a few hours. They expect an escort to focus them elsewhere other than on their life troubles, boredom or other issues that may be causing them to be unhappy. An escort’s role is to create a fantasy world for a client to live in temporarily, which is the highest form of entertainment available.
  7. Endurance matters. Players in the NFL must be able to play for long periods in order to make their contracts worthwhile. Being able to give 100-percent during the entire game is a real necessity for high-earners. And, fans want their favorite players to be on the field and playing well. Plus, in order to score (repeatedly) players have to be in the best physical shape possible in order to exceed beyond their opponents’ abilities. Athleticism, endurance and strength are all important elements to consider when discussing the escort industry, too. Escorts have to be in shape in order to conform to the many sexual positions requested of them by clients. They must be able to endure lengthy sessions of passion and have flexibility and strength to stay in uncomfortable, taxing spots for as long as it takes to make a client happy. Similarly, clients must be able to “keep up” if they want their encounter to be as fulfilling as they expect and hope it to be. The better a client’s endurance, the more enjoyment he may be able to receive from his escort.
  8. Big names don’t always follow through. In the NFL, big names may get fans in the stadium seats, but they don’t always make the touchdowns. Often, a team franchise will extend a contract to a player they hope will be the key to their success. Many times, their plans work out well. Other times, though, reveal that a player really wasn’t worth the expensive contract extended to him, because his level of play doesn’t match up to the stats he had coming in. Players aren’t always consistent, they go into funks and they have off days. So, it’s important that there’s a long list of players in the NFL who make up the teams. Everyone working together is what creates the success of the franchise; not just one or two players. Escorts, too, despite their great ratings and impeccable reputations may have an off day or not live up to expectations. Because clients have differing preferences, various abilities to pay rates and desire different services, it’s essential that the escort industry has many different escorts available for clients. If it only had big name escorts, numerous clients would be left unsatisfied all of the time. Because there are escorts of many talents, all clients can be taken care of.
  9. Expectations can cause an experience to seem lackluster. Fans go to the stadium all of the time, hoping for a great day of tailgating, good football and stellar stories to bring home to tell. Often, they get a less-than-remarkable game, hot beer, stale peanuts, crappy hot dogs, burnt wings and frosty weather. Even though they were excited about the experience about going to watch their favorite team play, the entire outing seemed to pale in comparison to their hopes about it. They may even regret having gone to the game in person, because they could’ve sat at home and seen the action just as well (if not better) on television. The same thing happens, sometimes, to clients of escorts. When they book an encounter, they build up the experience to be near nirvana-like in their minds. They anticipate finding the woman who can demonstrate to them what they’ve been missing all of their lives. But, when it comes right down to it, an escort can only provide certain services to a client. If he’s got too high of expectations going in, he may be easily disappointed, despite her efforts to provide a great experience. It is what it is, and an escort can’t recreate sex or orgasms for a client. Sex is sex. Just because a client engages in intercourse with a beautiful woman doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best he’s ever had in his life. Too many clients expect escorts to work some sort of magic, when it’s simply not possible to live up to those expectations.
  10. Trades are common. In the NFL, players are traded all of the time. Pre-, mid- and post-season trades happen regularly and it’s really not too big of a deal. To the players, it’s a job and they get to go work for a new company. Fans may become a bit upset (or sometimes, even, outraged), but trading around for the best players for a team is a pretty common activity. It’s pretty similar in the escort industry. Even though some clients stick strictly to one escort, others trade around and experience the best of what the industry has to offer them. Escorts enjoy getting new clients, because variety is good and keeps them on their toes and from getting bored and complacent.
  11. There are a lot of rules. The NFL has many guidelines for athlete behavior both on and off the field. Players can be fined and fired for certain activities, and teams can lose points and yardage if they don’t follow the rules. Escorts, also, have a lot of rules that their clients are requested to follow. From standards about discretion to rules about boundaries and prohibited services, clients must follow the instructions left by an escort if he wants to continue to be a client.
  12. It’s all about how you handle the ball. All in all, both industries guarantee success to people with great “ball-handling” skills. Good hands are necessities in both fields.