How not to creep out your escort: 13 keys

Escorts of all tints of the adult entertainment industry are forever on the lookout for customers who are safety threats. Despite their attempts to screen clients, some truly scary characters slip through the gaps and create problems for providers. Because there are so many questionable types who call upon them for their services, providers are usually pretty defensive and vigilant about identifying threatening types. Knowing this, you should be on your very best behavior and avoid behaviors that would cause your provider to be creeped out by your presence. Here are some behaviors you shouldn’t engage in:

  1. Don’t ask questions about a what the escort is doing or wearing when booking an appointment. Firstly, you will be misjudged as a timewaster. These are typical questions made by timewasters who intend to keep a provider entangled in conversation, only to never show up for a scheduled booking. Secondly, if you do make it past being labeled as a timewaster, the provider is going to think you’re a perv and trying to get some entertainment for free. Many creeps will call up a provider and attempt to get a mental picture of what she’s wearing (hoping for sexy lingerie) or catching her doing something intimate (like taking a bath). This helps them build up their fantasies. From here, the caller will usually try to engage the provider in some sort of phone sex or a variation of it. Either way, a provider is not going to go along with this kind of questioning. So, it’s best to just not do it and avoid being judged as a creeper from the very beginning.
  2. Don’t inquire about how busy she’s been today. It’s really none of your business. Many providers indicate that customers who want to know about how many other clients she’s been with or other shows she’s provided for customers only want the info for arousal purposes. Very rarely is the question raised in simple small talk. Usually, the creepy clients who start with questions like these tend to follow up with wanting to hear details about how other bookings went. It’s really none of your business, and she’d be breaking other clients’ discretion by sharing information with you. But, furthermore, she doesn’t want to give you this information so that you can later use it to amuse yourself with. Some customers, however, do have issues with following a series of others before them. If this describes your concerns, express this to your provider early on during the booking period and she will be sure to schedule you earlier in her work day.
  3. Don’t ask to take pictures or videos of your time together. Sure, the request could just be a newbie mistake, but your provider may read more into it than that. Providers in the adult entertainment industry go to great lengths to keep both yours and her own privacy protected. By allowing you to take photos or videos of your lap dance or other intimate moments with a provider, she is giving you the power to reveal her identity and career choice to the world via the internet. In addition to discretion issues, allowing you to take photos of her would be giving away services/entertainment for free, which is not something she will be up for. Lastly, many customers who ask for this privilege already have it planned out how to accomplish their desires secretly. Providers are extra careful with guys who request this option, as they know there may be a hidden camera somewhere they don’t know about.
  4. Don’t masturbate when communicating with her ahead of time. While this may seem like a no brainer, it isn’t. Providers have repeatedly cut off communications with a client who is getting cheap thrills for nothing. Even though you may think it’s a high compliment to let your provider know that she makes you want to touch yourself, she really doesn’t want to be told that. She expects the communication period prior to meeting up to be business-like, pleasant and quick. She is fully creeped out to discover that a would-be customer is jacking off to her voice and an image he is looking at of her on his tablet screen. Even if you think you’re being quiet about your “fun,” she will know. Just don’t do it. If you do, feel sure that her comfort level around you just went down about a thousand percent.
  5. Warn her about any concealed weapons you may be carrying with you. Many places throughout the United States allow citizens to carry concealed weapons as they travel about. It’s your right. But, unless you’re a cop or security guard, it’s not very common that your provider will run into a customer who carries a weapon, unless there’s foul play in the future. It’s usually a sign that the client is a security risk. However, if you’re just a common, ordinary guy who exercises his right to carry, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re a threat. Explain to her, ahead of time, that you carry a weapon… whether it’s a gun, knife or brass knuckles. That way she won’t become frightened when you’re undressing and your weapons falls out. Additionally, if your provider expresses that she’s uncomfortable with the fact that you carry a weapon, consider leaving it at home that day. If she’s unfamiliar with weapons, it could be very threatening to her.
  6. Don’t do just whatever you want. It’s pretty tempting to go about the business of hiring a provider in a method that pleases you. However, there is a certain form of protocol that you should follow to ensure that the process works properly. AND — your provider has likely outlined a best-practices policy that you should attempt to follow. Additionally, once you’ve passed through the booking process, she will likely give you some precise instructions about how she wants to meet up with you. These instructions may be for a number of reasons, but they specifically address discretion and privacy issues. If you fail to follow her directions, your provider may wonder if you’re up to no good. Or, she may suspect that you’re trying to lurk around and find out more about her than she wants you to know. Just be a good customer and follow her directions.
  7. Don’t EVER arrive without an appointment. If your provider is the type to establish bookings for her services, do not just show up whenever you please. Any customer who takes it upon himself to “just drop by” or shows up unexpectedly may be banned from future bookings. Don’t arrive crazy early. And, don’t pop in to say hi on days when you don’t have an appointment. Now, of course, if your provider doesn’t have a set schedule and doesn’t require you to set up time with her in advance, it’s perfectly acceptable to show up at her club for some attention. But, if you’re hoping for some personalized service, it’s still a good idea to give her some fair warning that you’re coming. That way she can work with a few other clients first, saving more time for you when you get there. Anyone who just shows up for services, even for providers who don’t take appointments, has to expect that they may not get the service they are expecting. And — they have to realize that providers may assume that they are a little creepy, when they just show up out of nowhere and expect something special.
  8. Don’t get too mushy. All providers get a little turned off and overly suspicious of clients who repeatedly get too personal with their compliments. It’s fine to tell a provider she is gorgeous or one in a million. But, when you start referring to her as your girlfriend or suggesting that you have a future together, it starts to get a little awkward. Some customers get attached to their providers very easily and imagine that their relationship is more personal and serious than it actually is. If you tell your provider that you’re in love with her and want her to have your babies, be prepared for her to bail on you. You will easily creep her out with that kind of talk. Also, if you persistently ask her on dates or to go places with you, she’s going to turn you down. And, eventually, if you continue, she will cut off communication with you. Your relationship with your provider is a business one. But, when you start getting personal with it, she may be scared off and creeped out.
  9. Don’t ever push her boundaries. Once you become really familiar with a provider, it’s easy to expect a few extra little privileges. It’s common to receive them, too. But, if you’re pushing her boundaries as a result of these privileges, it may result in negative consequences for you. For instance, if your escort is pretty lax on the time you and she spend together, it’s never okay for you to act like you don’t have to pay attention to the clock. Staying an extra hour or two may not seem like a big deal to you, but it may appear like a clear disdain for her policies. Asking for services that you know she doesn’t provide. Or, expecting her to allow you to do things that other clients don’t get to, just because she “knows” you is a way to make her feel very uncomfortable. Actually, it’s taking advantage of your relationship with her. For instance, if an exotic dancer favors you as a regular at her club, giving you an extra free dance from time to time, it’s easy to take that for granted. It’s also easy to get a little handsier than you’re supposed to. Or, try to engage in more than just a lap dance with her, especially if you think she enjoys it. Don’t do it. When she trusts you, pushing her boundaries is one of the easiest ways to freak her out.
  10. Don’t ask personal questions. Sure. You’re curious about your provider’s husband, children and background. She leads a pretty mysterious lifestyle, and it’s normal to wonder what she’s like behind the make-up and stilettos. But, you need to know that trying to pry into her personal life will make her feel violated. If she wants to tell you about her toddler twins, ailing mother or degree in zoology, she will. But, when you ask questions, it forces her to wonder if you’re asking out of simple curiosity or something more. She is left suspecting you of becoming a stalker, if she shares too much. The last thing in the world that she needs is you following her home or talking to her kids at the playground. Once you start being nosey about her personal life, she will shut you down and run for the hills.
  11. Don’t over communicate with her. Sure, she’s fun to talk to. And, talking to her helps pass the boring day. But, she’s not looking for a phone pal. If you need to change your plans, call her. If you have a burning question about your appointment, call her. But, if you just want to say “hi” or to check in, don’t contact her. Providers who have clients who try to communicate with them socially usually end up cutting them off. They don’t have the time or energy to deal with them. And, after a little bit, it gets a little creepy when a client calls the next day…and, the next day… and, the next day. Repetitive check ins will cause her to suspect you of being a stalker and not understanding the terms of your relationship with her. This may cause her to cut all ties with you. She doesn’t want to invite trouble, so she will block your future communications if you become a pest.
  12. Avoid doing things that just seem weird. If you’re not used to booking appointments with an adult entertainment services provider, the entire process seems a bit daunting. You may find yourself babbling or being nervous, much like you were the first time you asked a girl to go out with you. But, that’s normal. However, if you find yourself doing some really odd stuff or behaving in a way that is completely unnatural, stop it! Providers are always on the lookout for actions that seem out of the ordinary and may tip them off that someone is a risk… either as a security threat or a problem-in-the-making. When you act possessive, overly jealous, quick to anger or a variety of other ways, she will feel threatened, even if everything else about you seems “normal.” Don’t be acting suspicious of everyone in the neighborhood. (Seriously, nobody suspects you of anything deviant, until you start acting that way.) And, don’t’ be constantly looking over your shoulder. Just act like you would if you were meeting a friend for coffee.
  13. Don’t lack manners. General courtesy (saying thank you and please) will get you a long ways with a provider. Just like those phrases will earn you brownie points, displaying an utter lack of manners will get you blacklisted. Providers don’t want to be around customers who don’t seem to understand what general courtesy and concern are. Anyone who behaves rudely, crudely and without any kind of empathy or compassion will be called a creep, straight out. Display your best manners and you should be fine.

Many of the customers that providers run across are very kind and nice. However, some are complete jerks and perverts. They are always on the lookout for these types and are ready to categorize a client into this group, if his behavior fits. Don’t give her a reason to group you into that category. Behave well and you’ll be just fine.