How Silicon Valley escorts infuse their craft with hi-tech

In business, one of the secrets of success is to immerse yourself into the world of your customers or clients. When you become one of them, so to speak, you can think like them and predict their wants, needs and preferences. You know best how to reach them and what types of marketing attempts they will respond to.

Escorts should heed this same advice. And many have. Especially those who have relocated to the Silicon Valley area.

According to CNN and other establishment mouthpieces, Silicon Valley is a hotbed of young technology entrepreneurs. They’ve hit it big with new social networking apps, websites and other tech developments. Many of the young men in this demographic have money to burn, but they don’t have partners to help them spend it.

Escorts have flocked to the area in hopes of encouraging these men to become clients. However, it’s not the most beautiful, traditional escorts who are finding the highest levels of success in Silicon Valley. The escorts who tend to lean toward the “geeky” side are excelling and bringing in the big money.

Many report that after a couple of years working with clients in the tech industry in San Francisco and San Jose, they have raked in at least a million dollars in fees for encounters with this affection-hungry demographic. The men have the money to spend on things they feel they need, and time with escorts fits that bill.

But these escorts are successful for more reasons than simply the good sense to move to an area where they are in high demand with desirable clientele. They are a new breed of escort who has evolved their offerings beyond simply sex and attention.

The escorts who are finding great success in Silicon Valley have several things in common, including:

  1. They consider themselves entrepreneurs, too. Just like the clients they work with, escorts in the Silicon Valley think of their escorting careers as small businesses that require planning, promotion, strategy and marketing. They use social media to promote their efforts and services (from webcamming to encounters) just as they would if they were selling refrigerators or stereo systems. They implement “geek speak” in order to attract clients in a way that their demographic responds to. They establish humor based on math, computer formulas and programming data. They fully research their clients and work hard to create an experience that caters to their needs. Techie escorts also appeal to their clients’ needs for companionship after working long, hard days (or even weeks) on tedious projects. Because they work hard at their own businesses, they can appeal well to other entrepreneurs and start-up originators, because they are one of them.
  2. Escorts appreciate the powerful client base that technology entrepreneurs can become. Because they are absorbed into the tech world themselves, they know the impacts and the value of the work these clients perform. They stay up-to-date about current tech events, activities and recent advancements. Breakthroughs and emerging technology are not news to these escorts, because they’ve been following these activities for awhile and can talk intelligently about them and the work that has led to the accomplishment of such projects. Because they are familiar with the tech world, they also know which clients have recently come into excess money through successes, which ones work incessantly and the clients who seem to lack social finesse, except online. They can pinpoint typical traits owned by techie clients and are happy to respond in ways that will open up their clients to exciting encounters.
  3. Silicon Valley escorts utilize the same technology and devices as clients. Because they are aware of current technology events, they also take advantage of the most advanced methods of communication and modern tools. They may drive hybrid vehicles, use solar energy in their homes (along with other implementing other green efforts through technology) and be avid posters/lurkers on every new social media platform available. They are online gamers, belong to geek chat rooms and are installing leap motion on their laptops. Their latest computer has Windows 8 on it (and they got it the first day it was available), and they will be the first in line to get a phone using the developing 5G network. Their clients know that these escorts are savvy and understand their worlds…which puts these escorts into great positions for big business from this targeted demographic.
  4. The escorts focus on a niche. Unlike many escorts who attempt to service clients with general demographics (rich, professional and middle-aged), these women carefully target their clients by looking for those who fit their niches. Due to living in diverse areas, many escorts aren’t able to specify the types of clients they attempt to market to so closely. However, the Silicon Valley escorts have this luxury. They can limit themselves to the young, techie entrepreneurs, because there are so many of them. As a result, they become specialists in working with them by learning their language, knowing what makes them tick, immersing themselves in the geek lifestyle and doing research about their clients’ hobbies, careers and educations, along with accomplishments (both failed and successful). Just like a dominatrix looks for clients who want to be submissive partners to her domination, these techie escorts seek clients who fit a particular mold.
  5. Techie escorts use their own skills and traits to their advantage. An escort who has no interest in technology, the Internet or modern breakthroughs cannot succeed with this clientele. She wouldn’t have the knowledge or interest to be able to learn enough to communicate effectively with this demographic. However, there are many escorts out there who are “geeks” at heart. They like to play games online and may have grown up covertly playing Dungeons & Dragons with the boys down the street. They are excited by a new tech gadget like many women are thrilled with jewelry. Many of these escorts are quirky, with unique appearances that may range from steampunk attire to nerdy t-shirts or other expressions of individuality. (Think of Abby Sciuoto on NCIS.) As traditional escorts, they often have to hide this side of themselves. But, when they come to Silicon Valley, they are able to be true to themselves and attract worthy clients for a successful career. Their inner-nerdiness is actually a turn-on for clients and makes them more successful than other escorts in the industry. They capitalize on their own traits and get to be themselves…which is what all escorts should strive to do.
  6. These escorts are smart. In the escort industry, most successful women have a head for business, common sense and a degree of intelligence. However, the most successful escorts in Silicon Valley are VERY smart. And, they continue to learn. They are intent on obtaining more knowledge about things they already know, exploring new concepts and applying different methods to common applications. They experiment and analyze. They may have professional day jobs in the tech world. All of these smarts are also applied to how they market themselves to clients and methods they use to manage their businesses. They evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and schedule their working hours based on data they’ve collected, instead of what simply sounds good to them. They are detail-oriented, which makes them great communicators and managers of their client lists. They think through every action they take and make note of outcomes, both good and bad with clients, for future use. These escorts don’t rest on their laurels; they are constantly trying to improve and learn more about how they can better their businesses.
  7. They love what they do. It’s a scientifically proven fact that entrepreneurs who love what they do are much more successful in their careers. These escorts are engaged in the “geek” community that they love. They meet up with the brightest minds in technology everyday and get to discuss their favorite topics. Techie escorts can let their inner quirkiness out, display their nerdy tattoos and feel free to open up about their love of Google+ or any other platform that trips their triggers. They enjoy their clients for their minds and the appreciation showed in return to them. It’s a win-win deal for these escorts.
  8. Money is ultimately what it’s about. Despite the fact that many of these techie escorts are having the times of their lives, the bottom line remains that money is the driving factor. If these tech clients didn’t have the means to pay the fees that the escorts are asking, they would adapt their target audience to one that did. Even though they embrace being able to live in this unique subculture, when the money runs out, the escorts will move on. They are smart enough to adapt and realize that while the money is good now, it may not last forever. While they love their current clients, the encounters they have are business arrangements and must continue in order to support their standards of living. If that means developing a more mainstream client list, these escorts will do what it takes to continue succeeding. (But their inner geeks will live on…perhaps, silently.)

The Silicon Valley escorts who succeed at high levels may become millionaires over time. But, it’s doubtful that they are the ones you will read about in the news. But, that’s okay. These escorts aren’t looking for glory. They just want to meet their next client…and, he will be the one you hear about in the news who just sold his new social app for millions. (And he may be pictured with an escort on his arm.)