How to be an escort’s best client

Successful, experienced escorts have many, many clients with whom they visit regularly. And, while your escort treats all clients well and makes sure they are pleased with their experiences, everyone secretly wants to be their escort’s favorite or best client. You can’t be guaranteed to be your escort’s best client, but you can do some things that will definitely make you one of the more favored clients. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Possess integrity. Integrity can be interpreted in a variety of ways: it can mean that you are a whole, complete person; it implies you are a moral and honest person; and, it suggests that you are genuine in your person. To an escort, a client who has integrity is very difficult to find. Being true to oneself and in touch with one’s inner core and values is one of the best ways to demonstrate to an escort that you “have it together.” Be true to yourself and demonstrate that through your actions and statements.
  2. Be generous. Escorts particularly love it when their clients are generous with material items (think: money, jewelry, clothing, trips, gourmet food, cars, etc.). However, escorts find their time with clients even more fulfilling when a client shares a bit of who they are with them. Giving of oneself is worth more than the contents of someone’s bank account, despite the fact that money does pay the bills. Don’t be afraid to share your interest in hobbies, pastimes or other things that mean something to you. Escorts are willing to participate in your hobbies with you, and your time spent together may even become more meaningful, as a result.
  3. Remain open-minded. No escort wants to date someone who is judgmental or biased. Don’t close off your life to experiences or people who differ from you. Let your escort see how open you are to adventure, the unknown or differing circumstances. Accept life and people for what and who they are. Nothing is a bigger turn-off to an escort than judging a book by its cover.
  4. Show consideration. Even though your appointment with an escort is supposed to be about you, it’s always nice to show consideration for your escort. Make sure he or she is comfortable. If you’re dining out, ask if his or her meal is good. Buy gifts such as gift cards at an escort’s favorite store. Even simply asking how an escort’s day is going can make a so-so appointment become a great one, just by showing you care.
  5. Express passion and enthusiasm. An escort wants to meet with a client who is excited about something. Whether you are a technology nut or a Yankees fan, let your escort know you are passionate about something. Tell him or her about your children, your job, your boat, your last vacation and anything else that demonstrates you are enthusiastic and passionate. When dining out, eat your meal with gusto. If at the symphony, applaud with fervor. Be enthusiastic about whatever activity you participate in during your appointment with your escort.