How to become a sugar daddy: 11 quick lessons

Escorts often find themselves developing relationships with sugar daddies, which is a definite diversion away from their industry profession. However, the services they provide as sugar babies are often quite similar: they provide companionship, encouragement, lightheartedness and affection for their sugar daddies.

Often, an escort who finds herself fostering such a relationship will become the exclusive sugar baby of her benefactor, ending contact with her other eligible clients. But when a client finds himself offering a mutually beneficial relationship to a potential sugar baby, he may be unsure what his role really becomes.

In essence, his role doesn’t change significantly. However, some guidelines ought to be followed, such as:

  1. You should meet the basic requirements for being a sugar daddy. In short, the relationship between a sugar daddy and his baby includes the regular, consistent exchange of money for ongoing access to companionship, dates, conversation and, often, intimacy. Most sugar daddies are wealthy with large incomes, often serving as CEOs, entrepreneurs or top executives in their industries. They are the alpha males, so to speak, and have reached social, financial and business success. They own significant assets, luxurious homes and prestigious automobiles. Even though they have extremely successful careers, they have reached the point in their professions that they do have ample time available for fun. (Which is where the sugar baby comes in.)
  2. Sugar daddies treat their sugar babies with respect. It’s been said that chivalry is dead, but it should be alive and thriving in a sugar daddy/baby relationship. A proper sugar daddy looks out for his companion, financially, in order to make sure she is happy and well cared for. To a sugar daddy, his woman deserves the highest level of esteem. He appreciates her beauty and intelligence, demonstrating it through his comments and actions. When meeting for dates, a sugar daddy sends a car for her or provides her with proper transportation equivalent to her level of importance to him. He ensures she has proper clothing and accessories to go with them. Her living conditions are top-notch and paid for without worry. In addition to tending to her physical needs, a good sugar daddy encourages, supports and lets his sugar baby know that she is special. If he’s going to be late, he calls. If plans change, he lets her know as far in advance as he can. Essentially, he treats her with a high level of consideration and courtesy.
  3. Generosity is essential in a sugar daddy relationship. Even though your sugar baby is enticed with the incentive of the weekly (or monthly) payment arrangement you have worked out with her, your generosity of additional gifts or experiences may foster the relationship, providing it with a foundation for healthy growth. A sugar daddy should expect to show his appreciation for his sugar baby through inexpensive gestures (flowers, nice dinner out or tickets to an exciting concert or event) and more elaborate actions (bonus rewards such as a luxury vacation or a new car). Depending on the length of the relationship and other terms, some sugar daddies can afford to be more generous than others. However, all sugar babies should feel that their sugar daddies are there to provide them with assistance when they really need it, in exchange for their relationship. Being stingy or providing “rewards” only based on good behavior or special services should be avoided. Your kindness will be repaid ten-fold with the loyalty of your sugar baby, if you treat her well.
  4. Ensure that the relationship is mutually beneficial (to both of you). Every so often, it’s wise to step back and analyze your agreement and the conditions you settled upon. If the relationship is holding up to your expectations based on the “contract” you and your baby reached, everything is probably working well. However, some relationships are taken advantage of by one party or the other. Carefully examine what you’re giving in exchange for what you are getting. Make certain that it seems fair and reciprocal. If you are happy with the amount of time and attention you get from your partner, then your side of the equation is satisfactory. However, if you feel that your sugar baby isn’t living up to her promises, it might be time to renegotiate or discuss the agreement with her. Additionally, as you examine your relationship, try to determine if your sugar baby is being compensated adequately for the level of attention she provides you with. If you feel she is going above and beyond your expectations, rework the agreement or simply begin offering her more for her time.
  5. Setting boundaries is an integral part of the sugar relationship. Sugar daddies have lives outside of their relationships with their babies. Often married with families, sugar daddies don’t want to intertwine their relationships with their real lives. You must make clear to your baby that communication with you must be made in pre-approved methods and that she should never involve your wife or family. Boundaries about seeing each other and discretion should be fully discussed, with both you and your baby in agreement. It is essential to ensure that she is fully aware of what you have at stake and that your agreement with her will dissolve if she breaches boundaries that could hurt you both.
  6. Adhering to her rules is also important. In addition to making your own boundaries for the relationship, your sugar baby is apt to establish some guidelines, too. She may set up a schedule of contact for you or prohibit you from just showing up at her place unannounced. You must realize that even though you fund her way of life, she is not obligated to be your toy anytime that you call, day or night. Don’t make a practice of initiating contact more often than you and she settled on, nor should you expect any favors or services that she has indicated discomfort with. Both of you are entitled to boundaries within the relationship; good sugar daddies don’t try to take advantage of their sugar babies by purposefully ignoring her rules.
  7. Payment as promised is important. Your sugar baby has come to rely upon your consistent payments, and withholding or forgetting support is unfair to her. Once you and she have agreed upon a schedule of income, it’s essential that you follow through with it. Maybe it’s easiest if you set up an automatic payment or bank draft that will go into her account every week/month. Or, you want to pay her each week when you see her. Regardless of your method, you should never avoid paying her what you’ve said you would. As long as she is following through with her end of the contract, she deserves the fee/assistance that you have told her you would provide. If you don’t pay her as you’ve promised, she is left trying to find alternative ways to fund her bills. This means less time and exclusivity for you and significant harm to your relationship with her.
  8. Be a mentor for your sugar baby, if asked. Often, sugar babies are younger and less experienced than their sugar daddy counterparts. If they have high aspirations for a professional career, it is not unusual for them ask for help in building a network or obtaining guidance toward a profession. Freely and openly discuss your industry and any knowledge you have of subjects your sugar baby inquires about. If you feel it’s appropriate, provide a reference for her or introduce her to colleagues who may be able to help her professionally. Teach her about the stock market, entrepreneurship or other skills that could lead her to success. Not only will she be an eager student, but she will reward you for your kindness and help.
  9. Keeping up your appearance will help endear you to your sugar baby. Although you have a relationship with your sugar baby based on financial conditions, she will be pleased that you want to look good for her, too. It’s much easier to maintain a relationship with a man whom you are attracted to, so you are benefitted immensely by maintaining your health and fitness. Exercise regularly (with your sugar baby, if possible), get your hair trimmed consistently, dress fashionably and carry yourself in such a way that your sugar baby is proud to be around you. It’s important to you that she maintains her appearance and looks good for you; attempt to do the same for her.
  10. Avoid deep emotional attachments. Realize that your relationship with your sugar baby is much like that between an escort and her client. You have a business relationship with her that includes companionship and fun…in addition to some cash. When you start to fall for your sugar baby, the relationship lines get blurry and things can go disastrously wrong. Many sugar daddies find themselves pushing boundaries, getting jealous and causing them and their babies problems that interfere with the success of the relationship. While it’s normal to start to care for your sugar baby due to the time you spend together, remind yourself that your connection with her is based on money and is artificial, despite what you think you may feel. The two of you have a mutually beneficial relationship that doesn’t involve strings or other attachments.
  11. Have fun! A sugar daddy should take full advantage of his relationship with a sugar baby. Unlike seeing an escort for an encounter here or there, you have a long-standing relationship with your sugar baby that can build on lots of fun experiences. Many of the limitations of the escort industry are not present when you’re in sugar relationship, so take your time with the excitement of your sugar baby. Role play, learn about each other, play games, go places, eat out and enjoy each other. Soak in her youth and exuberance for life, allowing it to influence your attitude on life. Enjoying your time with a sugar baby is what it is all about. Learn to separate yourself from the rest of the world when you are with her and live in a fantasy existence. If you aren’t having fun in your sugar relationship, it’s not working the way it’s supposed to.