How to convince an escort to take you on as a customer?

Depending on where you are in life, you may run into situations where an escort is hesitant to take you on as a client. If you’re trying to get on the client list with an elite escort, you have to prove yourself in a variety of ways. She’s an elite escort for a reason. She is extremely selective about the clients she accepts, due to the level of service she provides and her reputation for excellence in the industry. If she didn’t maintain an exclusive VIP client list, demand for her time might not be nearly as sought after. Realize that you may have to jump through some hoops and prove yourself before she schedules that first booking with you.

There are some ways that you may be able to expedite an escort’s acceptance of your addition to her client list. Try these tips:

  1. Stress your elite status. Unless you’re a celebrity with instant name recognition, you may need to inform your escort that you are in the elite club, too, so to speak. Drop hints about having a yacht, vacation home in a VIP location, or other things that will make you stand out as a fellow upscale citizen. Name dropping is pretty gauche, so stay away from that. And, don’t talk about your belongings or status in such a way that you’re bragging. Allude to your status in normal conversation. For instance, you can mention that your family just flew to the Alps in your private jet for a vacation, so you have time free for an encounter. If hinting around about your status doesn’t work for you, simply lay it out on the line for her. Give her a rundown — much like a resume — about why you think you qualify under her criteria to be a client.
  2. Be open about your finances. An upscale, elite escort only associates with the wealthiest of clients who can pay her fees, repeatedly. She isn’t looking for a client who has to save up cash each time he makes a booking. She may ask you direct questions about your income, assets, etc. that other escorts do not. She is not trying to be nosey or invasive. She simply needs to get down to the nitty gritty about whether you can afford her services. Elite escorts don’t mess around with poor clients or those who are on the brink of financial ruin or disaster. She wants to make sure that you are a good addition to her client list and will continue to be in the future, as long as the two of you hit it off. She makes decisions based on long-term effects. If she foresees that your abilities to be a regular client are limited, she will likely insist that you find an escort more within your financial means.
  3. Maintain a good reputation. While many upscale escorts are consumed with the financial end of their business as they select clients, others are deeply concerned about the integrity and personal character of those they spend time with. Not only are they seeking clients who are professionally successful, but they want the individuals they are companions to to be kind, generous and upstanding individuals. Even if you don’t go out of your way to help old ladies cross the street, it’s essential to keep an overall positive reputation that indicates you are a good person. Volunteer with worthy organizations, donate to charities close to your heart and do your best to be an ethical business person. Word gets around when a leader is unkind, ungiving or just plain ruthless in his actions. Don’t give an escort reason to refuse you due to being a jerk in your real life.
  4. Exhibit transparency about your celebrity status. Many famous (or infamous) individuals believe that they must keep their popular status a secret until meeting up in person. Dropping suggestions about who you are or giving an escort a riddle to solve to determine your true identity is useless. She will become frustrated and drop communication with you immediately. Be upfront and honest about who are, how much security you bring along with you and any other requests you have as you travel to see her, if she’s hosting at an incall. If you expect her to come for an outcall, give her the down low about the security she will observe at the entrance to your property, any paparazzi concerns as she arrives and anything else she should know about a meeting with you. Hiding your celebrity status puts both of you at a disadvantage to have a good time. And, it may deter an escort from accepting your addition to her client list.
  5. Propose fun dates. An elite escort is accustomed to doing fascinating things with clients. Luxury vacations, resort visits and VIP events are standard fare for escorts who have exclusive client lists of wealthy CEOs. Before attempting to schedule an encounter with an elite escort, find out the kinds of things she considers for bookings. Staying within her parameters, brainstorm ideas that might intrigue her enough that she will want to include you in her upcoming schedule for the sheer delight of your proposed activity. If you’re on the brink of being cut, your creativity may pull you through as a contender for a permanent client list spot. Keep in mind that your creativity may cost you. Fun activities often have a price tag attached to them, but your time with your escort will be worth it. Once you’ve established yourself with your escort, every booking in the future won’t have to be exceptionally unique. But, you should still have a few tricks up your sleeve for another adventure later.
  6. Make her feel special for something other than her elite status. Of course, your escort is used to being told that she’s beautiful or the subject of a man’s fantasies. She’s a gorgeous, upscale escort who is coveted by many and held by only a few. Her elite status, alone, makes her special to many potential suitors. Find other things about her that make you want to spend time with her. Focus on her interests. Or, her background. Or, her attitude. There must be something other than her appearance and elite status that drew you to her in the first place. Identify those factors and use them to woo her. Emphasize that you’re attracted to her for so much more than just her exclusivity. Clients who want to grab on to her for a trophy are not flattering and are a dime a dozen. She wants to know that there is more to your attraction than that.
  7. Exhibit gallantry. Even though the vast majority of society appears to feel that being a gentleman is outdated, your escort will probably find it charming. Demonstrate courtesy, politeness and gentleness in your demeanor as you communicate with her. It’s difficult to deny a true gentleman’s appeal when he’s slathering on the compliments. Do your best to show patience, not pushing your escort to make a hasty decision. Respect her choices. When you communicate with her, be smooth and eloquent. Use a well-rounded vocabulary and avoid profanity at all costs. By being the exception to the norm, your escort will find you to be a refreshing alternative to many of her crasser clients. You will also stand out among her other suitors, which will give you a better chance of being chosen for an open client list spot.
  8. Always follow her rules. Many elite escorts indicate how, when and in what manner they like to be addressed and contacted. Do not, under any circumstances, try to sneak past these preferences and get a message to her in another way. An elite escort establishes simple guidelines like these to ensure that potential clients can follow directions. Her parameters may provide discretion for both you and her and are important to be followed to a “T.” It also helps her weed out prospective clients who aren’t willing to take her lead in the very beginning. She will know that if they can’t follow directions in the beginning, they will be boundary pushers throughout the rest of the relationship. Pay attention to her rules and fight off the urge to do things your way.
  9. Provide good references. It’s unlikely that this is the first time you’ve ever been with an escort. Most individuals who end up being members of an elite escort’s client list are avid fans of the industry. Many high-end providers are familiar with one another in an area or major geographical region. If you’ve been a loyal client of another escort or two, ask if they would be willing to be a positive reference for you. Being able to prove that you’ve been a reliable, discreet and worthy client in the past may speak volumes for you as a potential suitor to an elite escort. Be sure, though, that your references will say nice things about you. If you’re leaving them to move on to a new escort, they may harbor animosity. Or, if you’re leaving the relationship on bad terms, their praise for you may be extremely limited. Know ahead of time what your references will say about you before you list them as people who can speak to your quality as a client.
  10. Be reliable. There is no room in the escort industry for unreliable clients. Providers depend on their clients to follow through with what they say, the rates they promise and the times/dates they schedule. If you have a habit of being a no-show or not living up to expectations, don’t think that you’re going to even get an elite escort to bat an eyelash at you. As you build up to your eventual attempt to get on an exclusive escort’s client list, do your best to follow through on what you say you will with other escorts. Demonstrate that you are punctual, consistent and always carry through on agreements. Escorts have to be able to depend on their clients, especially when their client lists are so limited. An elite escort can’t make an income if her clients aren’t going to follow through on their appointments.
  11. Know that you must be discreet. In fact, you must make stronger efforts at discretion than you’ve ever made with past escorts. An elite provider does not allow for slip-ups or clients who can’t arrive to her incall in a quiet manner. She can’t accept a client who brags to his co-workers or golf buddies about his escapades with her. She maintains an exclusive business based on secrecy. She doesn’t want her services to be the small talk at the bar or on poker night. What she provides is worth so much more than that, and if you cannot keep the secret about your relationship with her, you won’t be on her client list very long. As you attempt to gain your escort’s trust, be cautious about name-dropping (which demonstrates your lack of discretion), avoid having conversations with her in obviously public places and allow her to know that you’re taking efforts to hide your communications with her on your laptop, phone, tablet, etc.
  12. Live an elite lifestyle. While, it’s certainly ok for you to tell your escort about your lifestyle, it’s even better if it’s visible to her by the way in which you live. If you’re a local community leader, it’s possible that your standard way of living is common knowledge. Everyone may know that you drive a luxury sports car or that you live in a mansion. Doing the things you normally do, in such a way that a middle-class citizen couldn’t fathom how you spend money, may earn you a golden ticket with an escort. She will realize that you are accustomed to laying down some serious cash for the best things in life. She also knows that you only settle for the top quality in your life. You and she will make a great fit, simply by the way in which you go about your life and interests.
  13. Let her know you are interested in becoming a regular. Many elite escorts are pestered by clients who want that “once in a lifetime” experience of being with a luxury provider. They don’t really want to be bothered by clients who don’t plan on becoming a regular on their schedule. It’s a lot of work for something that doesn’t promise future rewards. An escort isn’t in the business to grant wishes or make dreams come true. (Even though she does, in many ways.) She’s attempting to run a business and earn an income that is far superior to other jobs she might acquire in another lifestyle. She doesn’t have time for clients who aren’t serious about pursuing a long-term escort/client relationship that includes future bookings.