How to get an escort to do what you want

When you’re dating an escort, you definitely want to work the encounter to your advantage so you get what you want from the experience. Believe it or not, your escort wants it that way, too.

However, in order to get what you want from your escort, YOU should make an effort during the encounter to make it possible:

  1. Communicate with your escort

    Escorts, while they may be experts at reading body language and non-verbal cues, are not mind readers. When they first meet you, they have no idea what you expect and want from the experience. In order to have the type of encounter you desire, it’s essential that you attempt to communicate to your escort what you want from her. Here are some tips:

    • Talk to them directly about what you want. (This tip is for in-person communication only.) If you want a girlfriend experience, let her know that. Maybe you desire to fulfill some role-playing fantasy where you play cop/robber, cowboy/Indian, teacher/student, doctor/nurse or some other enactment. She won’t know this unless you discuss it with her. It may be difficult to get the conversation started, but rest assured; she wants to know what’s on your mind.
    • Ask for what you want. If the encounter has progressed and things aren’t going exactly as you wish it would, ask for what you want. Your escort won’t be opposed to switch gears in order to make you happy (unless you’re asking her to cross personal limitations she has set for herself). Your escort will also appreciate you verbalizing what you hope will happen next.
    • Explain yourself. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what a client wants or needs. Be prepared to tell your escort, in detail, what you hope will happen during your encounter. Feel free to explain your wants and how you wish them to occur. Explaining what you want clearly involves you knowing what you want to happen. Imagine the perfect experience in your head, and explain the encounter (as you see it happening) to your escort, so she can have a clear vision, too.
    • Share your fantasy. Escorts appreciate it when you tell the how you want your fantasy to occur. Simply sharing the basics of it may not bring it to life for you if she doesn’t know the dirtiest, kinkiest or most off-the-wall part of it. If how she removes your tie or unzips your belt is part of the fantasy, don’t leave that part out. Explain how your fantasy makes you feel, too, because that will help her set the tone for the experience.
  2. Respect your escort

    Your escort is obligated to spend time with you because you pay her. However, when you give her respect, consideration, courtesy and empathy she may try harder to make your encounter extra special.

    • Treat them as a friend. Giving your escort respect for the person she is, because of her intelligence, personality, wit and other admirable qualities (in addition to the fact she may be beautiful) gives your escort even more reasons to ensure your experience with her is a top-notch one. Demonstrate it by treating her as an equal or peer.
    • Empathize with your escort. Their life may not be coming up all roses. Realize this and treat her with empathy.
    • Act with consideration. Even though your time with an escort is supposed to be about you, it’s nice to be considerate. Making sure your hotel room is warm enough, asking her if she’s comfortable and offering to play the kind of music she prefers are ways that you may be considerate of her wishes without sacrificing the elements of the encounter you want and need.
    • Be courteous. If you are entering a restaurant with your escort, hold the door open for her and allow her to enter ahead of you. Open the car door for her. Say “good-bye” when talking to her on the telephone instead of simply hanging up at the end of the phone call. It doesn’t take anything to be courteous, and it can mean the world to an escort (who sometimes isn’t treated as nicely as she should be by her clients). Simply being courteous may earn you brownie points that will make your encounter extra special.
  3. Do what you want to be done to you

    Treat your escort in a similar manner so they know throughout the date what you’re expecting. Show them what you want through doing it. For instance, if you want a deep massage, massage her in the same manner you wish to be massaged. Touch or stroke her in the way in which you desire to be touched during your encounter. Talk to her in the manner you want to hear; for instance, if you want dirty talk, talk dirty yourself.

  4. Tip well

    As you’d expect in any situation where something is sold for money, escorts love your wallet, not you. To be appreciated, you are encouraged to ignore the rates they themselves come up with and pay as much as possible. Conversely, clients who pay the escort’s own rate shouldn’t expect a lot of enthusiasm.

    • Give generously. You can leave an extra $20 or $100 bill in the envelope each time you meet with your escort. The “extra” always comes in handy and shows her that you appreciate her and what she has to offer you. It also demonstrates that you feel she is worth it.
    • Grant her a gift certificate to one of her favorite boutiques or spas. Even though cash is king in the escort industry, the gift certificate will tell her that you pay enough attention to her to know where she shops and lets her know you appreciate what she does for you.
  5. Behave

    Avoid detrimental behavior when you’re visiting with an escort. Acting in a negative manner will work against you getting what you want from an escort, and it may even end the encounter altogether.

    • Speak and converse. Clients who are silent or extra quiet are often creepy to escorts. Being too quiet or reserved can work against your favor when with an escort. She feels extra pressure to hold up the conversation and may feel threatened by your eerie silence.
    • Be cool. Acting anxiously or nervously may make an escort think you are wired or representing law enforcement. While it may seem normal to be nervous the first time you meet with an escort, it’s sometimes very upsetting to an escort if you are extremely nervous or anxious.
    • Be sober for your encounter with your escort. Being drunk or high is an automatic reason for an escort to call off the appointment. Getting intoxicated or being high can cause a client to act out of the ordinary, sometimes violently. A client who is drunk or high can be a danger to an escort, which will certainly not aid you in getting what you want from your time with an escort.
    • Act nicely. Overbearing, demanding or pushy clients make escorts uncomfortable. They can feel threatened or insulted. Pushing an escort to cross her personal boundaries or demanding she act a certain way are sure-fire methods to make your encounter with your escort less than stellar.