How to give gifts to your escort?

Unlike holidays, the season for giving never ends for those considerate enough to notice and appreciate services from doormen, hair stylists, dog walkers, baby sitters, masseurs — and escorts.

It’s difficult to know what is appropriate in different scenarios. What do you give your babysitter or post man? You can tip a babysitter or give her a gift card, but your post man is legally not able to accept anything valued at over $20. Some service providers are much easier to give to than others. Your barber or masseuse can be tipped a flat rate of 20%. But what about your escort?

Clients who see an escort sporadically, with weeks or months between visits have no moral obligation to to give any gifts, though this is always appreciated. However, if you have a fairly regular schedule with your escort, and you enjoy her company, it is a generous gesture to express your feelings in a material way.

Here are some guidelines to consider when thinking of giving a gift to your escort:

  • Tip your escort. Tips, while never required, should never be expected and make no sense, are a serious issue with some escorts. They pretty much extort tips on top of their own rates and wouldn’t be happy to see you again if you are reasonable. If you want to see her again and get even that lukewarm show of clock-watching, cough it up. A typical tip may range anywhere between 20% of the rate to the amount of the encounter. For instance, if an escort charges you $250 for an encounter, your tip should be no less than $50. (The old-fashioned 10- to 15-percent tip is out of date, according to U.S. News and World Report.) Or, if you’re feeling extra generous or your escort is tremendous at going out of her way to make sure you have a great time, you might want to tip as much as another $250. Some escorts simply go through the motions with their clients; others, however, go the extra mile providing special props, arranging for special meeting times or giving an ultimately intimate encounter.
  • Serving suggestionDazzle her with diamonds or other jewelry. Most escorts love jewelry, which is, regardless, one of the most coveted gifts to this day. It’s romantic and functional and nearly always fits! When giving jewelry there are many things to keep in mind. First, don’t fall for the standard ploy of a salesperson who says, “Diamond studs never go out of style.” While this is true, the question is “How many pairs of diamond studs can a girl actually wear?” Odds are that your escort already has a pair or three of them. So, the first key to buying jewelry is to make sure that it’s unique, or at least not too standard. Secondly, before the gem hunt, you should have paid attention to the jewelry your escort wears: even diamond stud earrings may make a great gift if you’re certain your escort doesn’t already have them. A diamond solitaire necklace is a wonderful item, but make sure your escort doesn’t wear one. Additionally, many women have preferences in the type of jewelry they wear. Some women prefer sparkly, flashy jewelry, while others like more understated, elegant pieces. Observe the type of jewelry you see your escort wearing so you know the type of jewelry she might like. Thirdly, never give her a used piece of jewelry, especially if it’s from your wife’s jewelry box. Fourthly, ensure the jewelry you are buying is real. Nothing is worse than buying jewelry for someone, only for the giftee to discover later that her knock-out diamond tennis bracelet is a fake! Purchase jewelry from reputable, established jewelry stores. Always ask about the size, quality and clarity of stones; the weight and quality of gold or platinum you are purchasing. If you are considering gifting a piece of jewelry you’ve acquired somewhere other than a jewelry store, take it to a jeweler for appraisal before giving it to your escort. Finally, make it returnable, if necessary. If it’s the wrong size, not her taste or a duplicate of something she already has, it’s nice for her to be able to exchange it for something else.
  • Let her choose her own gift by giving her a gift card. Gift cards are wonderful items to give to your escort. Make sure that your gift card says “thoughtful” instead of “lazy”: go the extra mile to get her a gift card from somewhere special. Don’t just pick up a gift card without knowing that she does a lot of shopping in this specific store. Select a retailer that your escort regularly patronizes. Some escorts are BIG coffee drinkers, so a gift card to a coffee shop would both make sense and be appreciated. Some escorts frequent high-end boutiques, expensive make-up companies, luxury spas, salons or pricey fitness clubs. Gift cards they can apply to their favorite locations will make your escort very happy, and if the memory of you is associated with her happiness, she’ll try to make you happy, too.
  • Shower her with flowers. An elaborate bouquet or extravagant arrangement is usually welcomed heartily by an escort. Buying flowers for your escort is a great way to let her know you care. But be careful! If she suspects that you arbitrarily called the florist and asked for “something” to be delivered instead of picking out something yourself, the gesture will self-destruct.
  • Help her get her sexy on with lingerie. Sneak a peek at her lingerie as it’s on the floor or as she removes it to get her size information. In addition to knowing her size, find out where her favorite place to shop for lingerie is. Lingerie from just any store will likely not trip her trigger. However, if you’ve gone to enough trouble to get her size and to buy lingerie from her favorite store, you will score huge brownie points. Additionally, keep in mind that she wears slinky undies all the time. Consider something classy, elegant and luxurious that isn’t lingerie: silk pajamas or a nightgown may be up your escort’s alley, especially if you’re looking for a gift that is thoughtful, instead of self-serving. If you were thoughtful enough and paid attention, you might one day get to see her taking your gift off.
  • Amp up her world with electronics and their accessories. Pay attention to any electronic devices you see lying around your favorite escort’s incall. (There may be few – you may have to ask about the devices she uses regularly.) Sometimes, an escort will make a comment in passing about needing a new laptop or iPod. Maybe you know she’s an avid reader and would like a Kindle or Nook. Perhaps, she’s told you she’s yearning for an iPad, but she just doesn’t want to chunk out the change for one. Consider purchasing your escort some new form of electronics. A Bose stereo with speakers might be useful additions to your escort’s incall. If your escort has mentioned anything electronic she’s been wanting, this could be a good time to surprise her.
  • Romance her with a gift of a book. Pick up a book of romantic poetry or a classic romance novel, such as “Gone With the Wind”, “Wuthering Heights” or “Pride and Prejudice”. If your escort likes things a bit more racy, give her some erotic literature to enjoy. The classic “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”, “The Kama Sutra: The Art of Love and Sex” or “Little Birds” are great choices and should warm her soul (and body).
  • Get down with your escort by buying her some downloads. If your escort isn’t hiding under a rock, it’s quite certain she has a media player on her phone or a tablet which she uses to listen to music, watches movies on her laptop or tablet or enjoys books on her e-reader. Purchase some downloads for her or give her a gift card for movies, iTunes or Kindle books. Downloadable options are always welcome addition to her collection of items on her electronic devices. These are great alternatives to hard-copy books, CDs or DVDs or Blue Ray discs.
  • Treat her sweet with chocolates. Chocolates are a luxury that most women enjoy to some extent during the holiday season. Consider picking up a gourmet box of chocolates, chocolate-covered strawberries or other sweet delectable treats. Godiva is a great brand of chocolates to consider. However, stay away from chocolates you can get at your local big box store. She will spot cheap chocolates from a mile away!
  • Appeal to her sense of smell: purchase high-end perfume for your escort. Most designer labels feature scents that may appeal to your escort. Before it’s gift-giving time, ask your escort what her favorite scent is or ask her which one she is wearing. If you don’t want to duplicate what she already has (which is usually fine with most women because extras are always welcome), inform the salesperson what your escort likes or currently wears. They will be happy to recommend a similar scent that should please your escort.
  • Encourage her hobby with a gift. She may have told you about her hobbies or interests. If you find out she has a passion for skydiving or scuba diving, but she has never had the chance to learn, buy her experiences for either one. Maybe she is excited about photography. Buy her way to classes offered through the local community center or purchase her a new camera. Get her tickets to an upcoming concert or play she’s dying to see. By learning about her interests, hobbies or passions, you may have the key to finding a perfect gift for your escort.

To give a perfect gift, always have your eyes peeled and ears open – a good observer knows what people around him need or want

Once you’ve picked out your gift, it may be awkward deciding how and when to give your present to your escort. You should never make her feel like she should be exchanging gifts with you. So, it’s best to present the gift at the same time and in the same fashion you use to give her the fee for the encounter. Even though it may feel like she’s your girlfriend for an hour or two, she isn’t. Don’t wait until after sex to grandly present her with your gift.

Now, keep in mind that if you’ve just started seeing your escort, you shouldn’t even think about giving a gift. (A tip might be a nice gesture and that would already be extremely generous.) If you’ve only seen your escort a handful of times, you don’t really have a friendship that might suggest the giving of gifts.

Finally, some escorts prefer not to exchange gifts with their clients. They feel that it takes the business relationship to an uncomfortable level. If your escort has specifically requested no gift exchanges, abide by her wishes – otherwise, your encounters may quickly become awkward and stop.