How to maintain a good relationship with your escort: 5 tips

While every experience with an escort should be a good one, there are some things you can do to help make all your escort dates still more pleasurable and better overall. There is no particular equation for how to create the perfect escort experience: treating an escort with respect, abiding by his or her limits and clearly stating what you want are some simple ways that you can help maintain a good relationship with your escort. Use these tips to ensure a good experience:

  1. Respect your escort. Escorts are not only professionals, but human beings, too. Treat them as such. However, remember that, for an escort, your encounter is less of a personal relationship than a part of their job. They are experts at what they do and, therefore, have fees that pay for their services. Don’t be surprised or upset when the money part of the transaction occurs. Additionally, don’t disrespect your escort by asking for a discount or a freebie. He or she is a specialist at what he or she does, just like your doctor or mechanic. You wouldn’t expect a freebie from one of them, so don’t suggest it to your escort.
  2. Respect your escort’s limits. Most escorts have certain services that are off the table when it comes time for your encounter. Some refuse anal sex, others avoid kissing, and many resist fetish sex. If your escort has limits, don’t ask for services you know are off limits. By pushing your escort’s limits, you are destroying the trust between the two of you. If trust is shattered, the escort may refuse to service you any longer.
  3. Be clear and honest. Don’t make your escort ask lots of questions to finally figure out what you want during your appointment. Be upfront and open about what you’re expecting. Your escort wants you to be a return customer, so she or he wants you to be happy. Explain clearly what it is that will make you happy during your appointment, and you’re likely to get it. Don’t think of yourself as being selfish by telling your escort what you want. However, don’t demand it: being too forceful when it comes to your wants is an immediate turn-off for escorts. Additionally, don’t be too literal about what you want, especially over the phone and if it’s the first time or two you’ve met with your escort. Discretion is deeply appreciated.
  4. Date regularly. By creating a regular schedule with your escort, you help him or her to trust you a little more. If you keep your word and neither skip nor re-schedule your appointments, you both become more and more comfortable with each other, which causes your experiences to become more and more fulfilling. Your escort doesn’t have to start from scratch each time in order to figure out what you want and what works to make your appointment a success.
  5. Be clean. It’s just that simple. Bathe before your appointment with your escort. An escort’s might come in physical contact with you, so it’s only common courtesy to be clean and smell good. (This does not mean covering up B.O. with cologne, either—shower first!) Escorts don’t care about your appearance, whether you’re thin or fat, old or young or about your race, but you must be clean. They don’t do smelly.