Impact of “Fifty Shades of Grey” on the escort industry

“Mommy porn” is how the best-selling paperback book Fifty Shades of Grey is being labeled by the media. With its erotic scenes, dom/sub references and details about BDSM, some argue that it’s hardly fodder for most moms, but it is a steamy read that may raise temperatures enough to impact and influence the escort industry.

Most escorts refuse to acknowledge that the book may have any effect on their business or the services that clients ask for when they book encounters with them. But, anytime that such explicit content enters into the main-stream media, there is a chance that the ripple effect will reach the industry and cause them to adjust their services.

Taking a look at the plot of the book, British author E. L. James creates the attracted characters of 27-year-old entrepreneur Christian Grey and 22-year-old college grad Anastasia Steele. Polar opposites, Grey is sexually experienced and damaged, while Steele is innocent and virginal. Their relationship begins through mutual attraction and proceeds into the realm of no-holds-barred no-strings-attached sex, with a binding BDSM contract tying them to one another sexually, but not romantically. However, a sense of romance is included in the storyline, despite Grey’s attempts to keep Steele at arm’s length.

The book has been the fastest selling paperback of all time, exceeding the sales rate of the Harry Potter series. Originally published online as Twilight fan fiction, the plot and names were adjusted slightly to survive on its own as a novel in its own right. Written to appeal to married women over the age of 30 years old, the book’s author intended to write a book, along with characters, that readers would fall in love with. The book’s movie rights were sold to Universal Pictures in 2012, so a movie will be appearing in theaters in the near future.

Many in the sex industry comment that the book’s scenes are silly and quite vanilla in intensity. But, this is coming from professionals who can swing from the chandeliers and perform porn star feats if asked to by their clients. For the less experienced reader, the scenes may be quite steamy.

Some escorts admit they have had requests from clients to be their Christian Grey

This may lead to the question as to whether this book will influence the services requested of escorts or if the escort industry will be impacted in other ways. Most female escorts on open forums and in the media who have commented fail to see that the book will cause them to change anything about what they are doing, however some escorts admit they have had requests from clients to be their “Christian Grey”.

But it could pay off to consider some of the changes the book might have on the escort business. To be fair, it may have different effects on male escorts than it has on female escorts.

Male escorts may see the most impact on their businesses, because the book appeals most to women. Male escorts may find that they are seeing more clients who are wrapped up in the appeal that BDSM and dom/sub roles may have in a sexual relationship. In most typical, traditional sexual relationships, married women rarely get the excitement depicted in the storyline of the book. Children, jobs and other concerns wear on partners to the point that sex is often an afterthought or simply a habitual act. It fails to be forbidden, edgy and dirty, which women may secretly desire. Female clients may begin to seek out opportunities to act on their darker impulses. Enter the male escort. Women who might not otherwise seek out an escort, may consider booking an encounter so that she can experience what it’s like to be Anastasia Steele. Male escorts may need to bone up on their domination skills in order to please a new breed of client.

Additionally, traditional clients of escorts may change their way of thinking after reading the book. Many current female clients are wealthy, powerful businesswomen who make decisions all day long, every day. After reading the book, they may feel it empowering to actually make the choice to be more submissive and give control over to another person. They may feel that it is acceptable for them to do that, and some may come to the realization that submitting to their male escort doesn’t make them any less powerful when interacting with their male colleagues at work.

Some male escorts may find that their female clients actually request them to role play out scenes from the book and become their own personal versions of Christian Grey. Women who are hungry for the passion and excitement described in the book may request the same experiences they’ve read about from their escort.

Finally, more women may seek out experiences with escorts simply because they’re thinking more about sex. Some of the women who fit the targeted audience of the book have forgotten about sex. They’ve put a good romp in the hay on the back burner, behind their husband’s and their own careers, behind their children’s schooling, behind cleaning the house, behind keeping up with the laundry or other household chores. They’ve simply not thought that much about sex in recent years. After reading the book (or the entire trilogy), they may have started a fire that is smoldering and waiting to burn free. This could cause a spike in encounter bookings with male escorts.

Male escorts should definitely read this book in order to get some insight into what some of their clients may be expecting. Additionally, even if clients don’t request activities or scenes similar to those in the book, it may be a great conversation topic on different levels. By reading the book, male escorts have background information to discuss the book in any way that his clients want to.

And, while most female escorts deny that the novel will have any effect on their bookings, there may be some impact, however small. Some escorts have indicated that they’ve displayed the book(s) in their incalls, with few or no comments from their male clients. But, their male clients may be embarrassed or hesitant to mention their knowledge of the book.

Even though men are not the demographic who is thought to be reading the book, they still hear about the novel in the media and will eventually see the previews and trailers for the movie on television and online. Their curiosities may get the better of them and cause them to desire to become Christian Grey, themselves. Desired, brooding and in control… that’s a combination that any man might want to be at some point in their sex lives. It’s unsurprising at this juncture that a man might be interested in acting out a little dom/sub role playing.

So, while the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is unlikely to revolutionize or vastly change the escort industry, some small factors resulting from the book may influence it, at least temporarily. Escorts are unable to simply stick their heads in the metaphorical sand and ignore this book, even if they want to. It’s hit mainstream media and is apt to be a topic of conversation, at the very least, with a few clients. Simply having knowledge of the book will put escorts at a distinct advantage… and hey, a little knowledge never hurt anyone, even if it turns out to be unnecessary.