Music to make love to

When it comes to creating a list of music to make love to, the selection of artists and songs are subjective at best. Not everyone is turned-on by the same instruments, moods and lyrics an even between the couple there will be disagreements of what CD to put in the player at any one time. Below is a list of ten albums that might get you and your lover on your way. Spanning styles and decades hopefully something here will grease the right wheels or elevate the mood so you and your significant other can get down to some serious sex.

1. Dark Side Of The Moon – Atmospheric, complex and weird, arguably Pink Floyd’s most famous album is rich in layers of sound effects, swirling organ, mournful guitars, baleful horns and moments of both the highest highs and the lowest lows. It might very well match up with The Wizard of Oz, but it will equally match whatever naughty activity you and your partner get into.

2. & 3. Casino Royale and What’s New Pussycat Soundtracks – Two soundtracks to two 60′s movies both written by Burt Bacharach. With the super sexy Dusty Springfield singing the super sexy hit “The Look Of love” on Casino, the orchestrations top notch and a pastiche of 1920′s musical hall hints swirled into 1960′s instrumentals (some featuring Herb Albert and The Tijuana Brass) the songs to the campy Bond film are hard to beat for sexiness. But ol’ B. B. offered lots of stuff in the 60′s (and beyond) and the songs he and his lyricist Hal David wrote for Pussycat are some true classics. With Tom Jones singing the title song, Manfred Mann’s take on “My Little Red Book” this rather short soundtrack (it’s just over an hour) will certainly get you and your lover started.

4. Introducing Joss Stone – The third studio album from husky-voiced British singer Stone features a deep mix of harmonies and vintage retro funk and soul. Recorded in Barbados and Nassau Bahamas, this album reflects an artist who really had something to say about herself at the time of these recordings and Joss envelopes the listener in her thoughts and sexy delivery, with just a hint of the islands.

5. Exodus – Reggae certainly has a different feel then rock but the island-influenced beat on the one and the three can clutch you deep in your groin in ways unmatched. For a master at the genre Bob Marley will get you “Jammin’” for sure, as that songs and many others are here on this superbly sexy slinky collection. Recovering from an assassination attempt when he recorded it, Marley’s Exodus is generally regarded as one of the best albums of all time. The repetitive nature of these tunes alone will get you up on it for as long as you can get it and keep it up.

6. Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg – Although known usually as “Je t’aime… moi non plus” from its title song that was a worldwide hit, this 1969 album features duets and solo performances by film maker, actor and musician Gainsbourg and his then lover, Jane Birkin. Known as much for marrying Brigitte Bardot as his very provocative songs about oral sex and tragic lovers, this Gainsbourg album features sexy breathy songs all sung in French. “Je t’aime… moi non plus” supposedly features Birkin’s recoded orgasm in the fade out. Very sexy stuff throughout and not for the faint of heart!

7. The Downward Spiral – The second full-length album from electronica bad boys Nine Inch Nails (mainly just leader Trent Reznor working with a producer) the full range of textures and moods, noises and oddities here are some of the most aggressively sexual stuff you’re likely to hear. Recorded in the house where Charles Mason murdered Sharon Tate, that fact alone makes this a pretty spooky mix of machine-like burps, metallic sounding guitars and Reznor’s plaintive wailing, especially on songs like “Closer” and “Hurt”. When you feel your fucking taking on a more animalistic approach or you think some kink might be on the way, pop in TDS!

8. Waiting For The Sun – Though up to this point the southern California natives were known for an edgier sound, The Doors infused their third album with strong lyrical content over decidedly mellower sounds. “Hello, I Love You” is here as is the mercurial “Not To Touch The Earth” as well as the taunting hotness of “Five To One”. On top of Jim Morrison’s always sexy low voice, on this third Door’s album keyboardist Ray Manzarek moved from his Vox Continental organ (a staple of the 60′s rock keyboard sound) to the deeper sounding Gibson G101. For tonal quality alone let this one pillow you and your lover deeply.

9. Barry White All Time Greatest Hits – Twenty songs of gravel-voiced loveliness from the master at the game, a Barry White romance is like no other. Compilations like this have the advantage of being truly great for consistent love-making loaded as they are with only the creme de la creme of an artist’s output.

10. Encore! Jose Feliciano‘s live versions of “Light My Fire”, “Susie Q”, and “Hi-Heel Sneaker” are only a few of the master guitarist’s performances that make this live album sound both so intimate and so incendiary. This is an artist at the height of his power and one tends to forget how sexy and wild Feliciano’s voice can be in the face of such amazing guitar playing. You can generally feel the man’s Latin heart pumping through every minute of this recording and this more than any other live recording will get you between the sheets in no time flat!