Stranger sex: What “no strings attached” was meant to be

One of the top five fantasies experienced by both men and women is stranger sex. Meeting someone in a bar, at a social gathering or other venue and sneaking off privately to engage in intimate physical activities produces an adrenaline rush that is intoxicating.

Psychologists explain that the rush of dopamine, mixed with the hormones from sexual arousal, makes this kind of an encounter even more exciting and erotically fulfilling than others. But, this sort of an adventure isn’t always available to everyone. As an escort, you can provide the “stranger sex” encounter to your clients who might be otherwise unable to score a one-night stand with an anonymous stranger.

Escorts who provide the “stranger sex” style of encounter should comprehend why clients get such a rush from the anticipation of having anonymous sex with someone they’ve just met. For the most part, the reasons are fairly similar to why clients seek out escorts. However, a few things differ. For clarification, stranger sex is thrilling because:

  1. There are no rules involved when you have an anonymous encounter with someone you’ve just met. Much like meeting up with an escort, you can pretty much say anything you want. There are no standards of dating etiquette that you must obey, such as the three date rule to have sex or waiting three or four days to call someone you’ve just met to set up a date. You can say what you think, ask for what you want and proceed as fast in your hook-up as you and your partner want. Standard guidelines for romance are thrown out the window. Sexual attraction, lust and opportunity dominate this kind of a meeting. It’s sort of a free-for-all in that you can do whatever feels right at the time without worrying about societal expectations or morals.
  2. Stranger sex is about being impulsive. Giving into your desires and fantasies is incredibly fulfilling and amplifies the erotic mindset of the scenario. Most people aren’t able to act on their impulses completely, knowing that society’s rules don’t accept brash, direct and primal behavior. Additionally, most men have to think ahead to how a situation may play out before acting on what they want to do. Often, men and women talk themselves out of potentially fun and exciting situations by considering the “what ifs” and risks of going through with their desires. Stranger sex is the ultimate “live-in-the-moment” experience. You allow yourself to be wrapped up in the sexual attraction you experience with another person and just go with it with no worries or fears of potential threats. The consequences of your actions don’t matter. It’s the here-and-now that is important.
  3. Many people are curious about what it is like to have sex with someone they know nothing about. No knowledge of a person’s real name, age, middle name, background, alma mater or career means that you know virtually nothing about someone, except for what they’ve told you for the few minutes you’ve chatted with them during a chance meeting. It’s kind of empowering to know that the attraction is based simply on that initial sexual charge you experienced when you first met, driving you both to engage in intimate physical acts with one another. Often, you have a connection with someone you become sexually active with, but when you have sex with a stranger, that connection is purely physical and based only on a moment’s first impression. It’s common to wonder what sex would be like with a person you really have no relationship with.
  4. Judgment is a non-issue when you have sex with a stranger. Both men and women worry about perceptions of others when they become engaged in a physical relationship. Often, a concern is whether the partner thinks he or she gave “it” up too quickly or easily. Society has trained people to guard their sexuality and believe that it is a precious commodity to hold onto, instead of something to enjoy. Also, certain expectations usually exist when people enter into a sexual relationship that accompanies dating or romance. However, with stranger sex, none of that matters. No expectations exist whatsoever, except that it will be a one-time adventure. It can be a carefree experience that allows participants to be selfish, wild and responsive to their basic natures. People don’t have to be afraid of what someone will think of them later. It doesn’t matter, because they are strangers. Stranger sex is an opportunity to throw caution to the wind and be completely yourself.
  5. A hint of danger is enticing, too. When you leave a public place to find some quiet space with a stranger, you open yourself up to that person fully. Putting complete trust into that person that he or she will not physically harm you is a huge risk. You don’t know that your new friend isn’t an ax murderer or won’t rob you when you’re alone behind closed doors. The knowledge that you are taking a huge risk is an adrenaline producer, too. This extra rush of adrenaline increases the sexual charge you feel with your sexy new pal, numbing the part of your brain that tells you to avoid threats. Putting yourself into a dangerous situation and living to tell about it is, for some, an ultimate rush, which amplifies the erotic effect of any such experience.
  6. Stranger sex is only about the physical sensations. There are no emotions or drama to get tangled up in during such an adventure. Two people join up for the sheer pleasure of physical contact in an intimate way. Carnal desire leads the experience, leaving opportunities open for lust and fantasies to fill in any missing voids. It can be fun, intense and dirty. In fact, people who have stranger sex feel that it’s an indulgence that allows them to pursue their raunchiest hopes of getting their rocks off.

As an escort, providing stranger sex encounters can earn you a lot of business, especially when you understand why clients desire these types of scenarios. According to web analytics, there should be a significant number of clients interested in this type of a booking.

Hook up sites such as consistently outperform traditional dating sites such as Match or PlentyofFish

. People are looking for casual hook-ups to enhance their sex lives, and these kinds of experiences are inaccessible to some who desire them.

Many clients are too shy to pursue such an experience or back out when they consider attempting making contact. Others are too socially awkward to seal the deal. And, more aren’t good looking or smooth enough to attract the kind of partner they desire for such an adventure.

That’s where an escort can create an experience for a client that he can’t fulfill on his own. But, there are certain things to consider in order to make the encounter as real as possible:

  1. Put stranger hook up in your list of provided services. When a client looks through your information online, he will always gravitate toward your services list. (Obviously, his first point of interest is your photo gallery. The second is what you do.) By listing this as an option in your services, you plant a seed for clients who would like to fulfill this fantasy. They might not otherwise think about asking for this as a service. But, when they see you provide it, you set yourself apart from other escorts for them. Their preference for you automatically excels past their inclinations to contact others. You can attract clients who might pass you by without this service.
  2. Include your desire for such experiences in your profile information. You can encourage clients to ask about this kind of a role-play scenario by including this as a fantasy in your profile biography. It’s a way to describe an activity that you would be willing to engage in, without blatantly labeling it as a service. Escorts can obtain a lot of business through subtlety. And, by inspiring a client to fantasize about such an experience with you, he will be inclined to ask about hiring you to perform it. Also, when you mention such a fantasy in your profile, it is not a direct promise of any kind of sexual contact. It is simply a confession of something you find sexy and exciting. Clients feel as though they’ve been told a secret, which makes them even more hot and bothered to engage in such a fantasy with you.
  3. The experience can never be completely authentic. Even though you may go to great lengths to pick up your client in a bar, keep in mind the scenario is planned. In order to ensure your safety, you must follow through with your typical booking procedures, including the screening process. Your client will still be required to provide information that you need to verify his identity and background to determine if he’s a threat. (Screening also helps to weed out timewasters or law enforcement officers.) So, a true stranger encounter would be completely anonymous. But, the best you can provide will include some exchange of personal information. Your client will have to live with that if he wishes to follow through with the session with you.
  4. Limit your contact with your client to emails only. Refusing phone calls or texts keeps the mystery going between you and your client. By prohibiting other forms of contact, you help to extend the illusion that you and he really are strangers to each other. New clients will appreciate this approach, because it makes the initial meeting seem more authentic, since you have not exchanged more than professional communications dealing with scheduling and screening information. Of course, this method will not succeed with regular clients, since you already know each other.
  5. Ask for basic details about your client’s fantasy. Find out if he wants to meet at a bar, the grocery store or the local park. He may have a specific scenario in mind that will set the stage for an exciting romp that will satisfy his desires. Encourage him to provide any other details he wants you to do during your initial “meet,” such as being the aggressor, playing hard to get or anything else that might trip his trigger. He may wish for you to dress in a certain way or do your hair in a particular style. Your client might even have a career or name picked out that he’d like you to use when you play along. Including these details will make the encounter stand out even more, which is what you want to do as an escort in order to recruit this client for a regular.
  6. Require new clients to approach you when the two of you actually meet. In order to ensure that you don’t try to pick up the wrong man at a bar, tell your client he must first make contact with you. It would be completely uncool to start chatting up a guy that matched your client’s description, only to discover that your guy was actually sitting two barstools down. Inform him that he must initiate something with you using a code word or phrase that you establish ahead of time. If your client is shy, don’t require him to be the forward one. He can make contact with you in an innocent way, such as asking what time it is or commenting on something else fairly inane.
  7. Exchange money before you engage in the scenario. Escorts put themselves in the position to be taken advantage of by not getting their money up front in a stranger sex encounter. Timewasters and pranksters can cheat an escort out of her fee by playing along with the scenario for a period of time, only to back out and refuse to pay when it comes time to getting busy in private. They may bail when it’s time to retreat to a more private location, leaving an escort with a wasted evening. Even though you’re playing out the stranger roles, it’s still easy for a client to deliver to you your fee through various means. He can put the cash into the wine list and pass it to you at a bar, give it to you with his business card as you meet or stash it in a napkin as he hands it to you. It may seem a bit awkward, but it’s a necessary step in the process to ensure he is a genuine client. Even if he seems honest and trustworthy, don’t forego this part of your standard procedures when dealing with clients; they must always pay up front. And, when the stranger meet-up is part of the encounter, the money should precede all forms of engagement.