Top 7 myths about the escort industry

The escort industry is a mysterious realm for those who don’t know what life is like for an escort. Whether people view the industry as glamorous and glitzy or dirty and gritty, they are wrong. Many myths exist concerning the escort industry, but here are the top seven:

1. The escort industry provides a way for women to get rich quickly
False! Escorting, like anything done properly, is hard work. In addition to striving to please each and every client by giving them 100-percent of one’s abilities during each session, escorts put in many hours through marketing themselves, following up with potential clients through phone calls and email correspondences, setting up appointments, going to dates and managing their business accounts. A typical escort’s work week is way longer than 40-hour, if she or he wants to be successful.
2. All escorts have emotional problems, which is why they work in the adult industry
False! To assume that all escorts have been abused physically or mentally is absurd. The assumption that women (or men) would not work in the escort industry unless they were damaged goods is far from the truth. Escorts are individuals who are outgoing, successful, well-adjusted human beings. Just like in the rest of the world, some escorts may have emotional issues to overcome. However, many escorts enjoy exploring their sexuality and spending time with interesting and intriguing clients. They have opportunities to see the world from different perspectives than they might be able to otherwise. They enjoy the best the world has to offer.
3. Escorting is glamorized prostitution
False!Escorts are well-educated, sophisticated, cultured individuals who charge clients for spending time with them. The type of activities they participate in during their appointments with clients is immaterial to the rate being charged, while prostitutes sell sexual services. Escorts typically market themselves online, manage their marketing, follow up regularly with clients through email or telephone communication and perform office and administration duties to keep their business running smoothly. Prostitutes simply take each trick as it comes along, without regard to advertising their services or keeping track of accounting information. Additionally, escorts provide many kinds of services to clients that prostitutes do not. Prostitutes do not serve as travel companions, dates for business or social events or partners for intimate moments. Escorts indicate that sex may be a small portion of the activities they engage in with clients:

Sex will be the least time-consuming activity in your business
—former escort Amanda Brooks

4. Escorts perform all sexual acts asked of them
False! Escorts have personal boundaries just like any other person. Certain things are off limits and beyond the scope of what they are willing to participate in with a client. Several acts include sex without a condom, excrement fetish play and violent role playing. Any escort who doesn’t set personal boundaries doesn’t respect him- or herself. Quality escorts set limitations about what they are and are not willing to do with a client. Clients must be willing to accept this, especially if they want to be repeat customers of the escort.

There’s this weird myth floating around that being a sex worker means never getting to say ‘no’. It’s one of the more common images of sex workers—the picture of the helpless, desperate, endlessly compliant victim who has to do whatever you tell them because you’re giving them money. It’s like some twisted blend of a tragic figure and a hot slave-toy fantasy. And it’s a load of horse potatoes. The reality is that most sex workers can and do turn down customers
—former escort Greta Christina

5. Escorts aren’t as smart as the rest of the population
False! Escorts don’t choose to engage in the escort industry because they lack intelligence. They choose to be involved in the industry because they like the work, the people and the variety. Escorts must be savvy to people, must know how to get along well with them; they are well-versed in social cues, educated in current events and other subjects, big and small; escorts are able to run their own business. Not only are they usually smarter than average, but also highly motivated to succeed.
6. Escorts must be a “10″
False! The escort industry requires all types of escorts: tall, short, thin, thick, blonde, brunette, redhead, etc. All ethnicities and races fare well as escorts. People have various tastes and desires when it comes to escorts. If escorts were all Barbie doll look-alikes, many clients would be disappointed: what some would consider a “10″ is “1″ for others. Escort industry is a free market, where demand meets supply in their natural balance with no bureaucracy in the middle. Since there is demand for all kinds of beauty, not only Kens and Barbies, there is a respective supply. The one common thing in this industry is that all escorts take great care of themselves both physically and emotionally. They dress well, maintain their image and practice good hygiene. They mind of their hair, skin, teeth and nails.
7. All escorts work for agencies
False! The majority of escorts working today are independent escorts. Agencies provide good opportunities for escorts who do not wish to engage in the marketing and accounting duties required when one runs his or her own business. However, agencies take a significant cut of an escort’s income. As an independent provider, an escort can control the types of clients he or she takes, their rates, schedules, the type of marketing used, and every other single aspects of one’s career and life.


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