Top 7 reasons escorts should see hobbyists

In adult world, hobbyists are the opposite of spontaneous, one-time clients. They go to great lengths to find escorts to fulfill various aspects of their fantasies and then rate the escorts’ abilities and performance levels (along with their appearance) in online forums or blogs. Providing intimate details of their encounters, hobbyists are often very kind, but they may be brutal in their reviews too.

Within the adult service provider industry, escorts have varying views about hobbyists. Some are deadset against allowing them to become clients, while others happily take them on as regulars. Here are the top seven reasons escorts should see a hobbyist:

Hobbyists are men who consider the time they spend seeing escorts similar to time other men spend playing video games, collecting baseball cards or engaging in fantasy football. Spending time with escorts is their hobby.

  1. Hobbyists help escorts build good client bases. Escorts who are favorably reviewed over and over on escort review sites build a positive reputation that extends far beyond the readers of the site. Good reviews help an escort obtain fans and potential clients. The more good reviews exist about an escort on a variety of sites, the better publicity she gets from which to build a client base.
  2. Hobbyists can be talked to. Some escort review boards provide escorts with opportunities to defend themselves against dishonest or critical reviews. Forums allow escorts to directly comment and refute a hobbyist’s review of her performance or appearance, along with attacking the reviewer directly for fraudulent claims against her. Additionally, these review sites provide escorts with methods to directly contact the site administrator and respond to any reviews that are blatantly untrue or slanderous. Most site administrators wish to keep their site accurate and are willing to remove slanderous comments against escorts.
  3. Hobbyists are easier to check. Most hobbyists are proud to claim their screen names and share with escorts who they are online. (Many boast about it!) Escorts can screen a client through contacting other escorts he’s been a client of in order to find out if he’s a good client. They can find out information about anything creepy or violent he’s done in the past, if he’s ever refused to pay an escort or if he’s ever used his reviews as leverage for increased services. Being able to research a prospective client can save an escort a lot of trouble in the long run.
  4. Hobbyists tend to be upscale clients with money to spend. One of the biggest risks escorts take when agreeing to meet a new client is that he isn’t good for the money he’s being charged. Hobbyists are often wealthy men with plenty of cash for a good time. Worries about not getting paid upon arrival are usually non-existent with hobbyists.
  5. Hobbyists are experienced clients. You don’t have to tell them how the whole escort/client thing works. They know to leave the money on the table by the door. They know how the encounter should progress. They aren’t going to back out at the last minute. As the saying goes, “They’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt.” Experienced clients are always good to have because you don’t have to explain to them what to expect, how to prepare or what to bring.
  6. Hobbyists help to keep the profession of escorting honest. Just as in any service-related industry, there are professionals who try to cheat their clients in order to get more money or to avoid providing services. The escort industry is really no different. There are many escorts who will try to steal their clients’ money, credit cards or other items of value. They try to get by without providing services. And, they give the escort industry a bad name. Hobbyists help to keep the profession honest by “outing” these bad eggs and helping to put a stop to their activities.
  7. Dating a hobbyist can be an adventure. These men are used to experiences with escorts and are usually up for mostly anything. Unique experiences may be shared with a hobbyist who is looking for an experience that is different than the everyday, usual romp in the hay. He may be interested in something a bit more adventurous and wild. An encounter with a hobbyist can open up new opportunities that don’t typically exist with regular clients.