Trendy vs timeless: Which escort apparel style will work best for you?

Escorts are always busy redefining themselves or carefully refining their images to meet the demands of clients. Trying to be the perfect woman for your clients is an ever-present challenge and impossible to accomplish 100 percent of the time. Your appearance is, obviously, the most accessible method for attracting clients and a characteristic that many of them deem as most important.

To ensure that you find success (now and in the future), it’s essential to style yourself in such a way that clients find you attractive. But, how should you dress to measure up to their standards? What should you wear?

An age-old debate exists about what type of clothing makes women appear most beautiful. While it’s up to you and your tastes, here are some considerations to make when deciding between a classic or trendy approach:

  1. Understand the difference between what constitutes classy and trendy, accordingly. Trendy attire is typically short-lived styles that could have stepped right off of pages of popular fashion magazines or the runways in Paris. They stay in the spotlight for a year or two, with new lines in their cut or patterns for their focus. They may be fun, edgy or of-the-moment, but they won’t be staple pieces of your wardrobe for years to come. Conversely, classic pieces are timeless and will be in style now and 10 years from today. They may have a modern or retro cut, but the basic lines are in style forever. Consider a pencil skirt, for instance, a classic piece. It may have of-the-moment detailing or be of currently-popular length, but its basic design is timeless and classic. You can pull it out of the closet and wear it today and again in five years, and it will be just as stylish then as it is now.
  2. Classic pieces often cost more. Because they are constructed of higher quality fabrics (cotton, silk and wool), classic garments sometimes have higher price tags associated with them. Designers realize that these pieces can be worn repeatedly over several years, so they make them to last. But, the result is a more expensive item. You’re not going to be able to fill your closet to the brim with these items, but you don’t have to. A few quality pieces, though they may cost you more, will suffice. If you’re a careful shopper, you may be able to find some bargain classic pieces, because designers do realize how easy these styles are to replicate and often do so. Basics are often available at discount and department stores. Trendy pieces, on the other hand, don’t usually cost quite as much as classic styles. Being made from lesser quality fabrics, they aren’t intended to last for decades.
  3. Most clients don’t “get” the most recent fashion trends. Many clients are much more accustomed the classic fashion styles for women. They expect to see a woman in feminine, tailored styles that flatter their figures. They may not appreciate how “cool” your new track/jogger pants are. And, they will only think of M.C. Hammer when you show up in harem pants. Additionally, many clients scoff at the idea of patterned leggings or Uggs. In order to please the majority of your clients, you should adhere to traditional cuts and designs that clients easily recognize and accept. Even though you may think your new Aztec tunic is so fun to wear, save it for going to the market or brunch with girlfriends. Stick to classics when you’re going to be meeting up with clients.
  4. Clients desire a classy, elegant look. Sophistication and femininity are often requests from clients when they make comments about how they’d like escorts to dress. (Except for occasions when they have a role-play scenario with a naughty schoolgirl or other raunchy character involved.) Keeping these style factors in mind, the classic approach is the easiest way to pull this off. With tailored cuts, basic colors and figure-flattering elements, these traditional designs are made for women and always have been. There is no question that you’re pulling off an elegant look with a well-fitting LBD and pearls. Veering too far from the “norm” may be fun to do, but to maintain a classy image with your clients it may be necessary to keep within a basic style guideline they recognize and appreciate.
  5. Adhere to classic styles when buying shoes. Even though new, trendy styles are tempting when you’re at the shoe store, stick with what works. Most clients anticipate you will wear some form of high heels when you visit with them. A basic stiletto is a standard style that will go with everything and meet your clients’ expectations. Your shoe should accentuate all of your other great assets and complement your clothing or lingerie. It shouldn’t distract from or deter from the whole package that you present when you show up for an encounter. Escorts are wise to avoid shoes that are difficult to put on or take off. And, you should stick with options that clients recognize and assign as traditional wear for classy women. Additionally, upscale escorts should look for quality shoes that will breathe and provide some level of comfort; this is usually found in high-end brands that specialize in classic styles.
  6. Keep your look modern with trendy touches. Scarves, jewelry and a great trendy handbag can really jazz up an outfit that consists of mainly classic garments. While the styles are conservative and undoubtedly classic, the little touches add a lot of flair that keep you looking up-to-date and young. As an escort, you don’t want to adopt a fully dowdy or frumpy appearance or appear too stern with thoroughly classic apparel. A flirty, patterned blouse underneath a conservative black jacket can really make a statement, just as printed tights under a sexy pencil skirt can show your young enthusiasm. Mix and match classic and trendy pieces to give your wardrobe some interesting appeal, even while you stick to a more modern foundation. It’s all about balance. And, when you ground your outfit with traditional pieces, you can have fun with the add-ons.
  7. It’s easier to mix and match classic pieces. You can make the most of your wardrobe when you buy classic pieces that go together in various ways. A pencil skirt, pair of slacks a blazer and a sweater can mix and match in a couple of different ways, while more modern pieces with trendy cuts may not match up well with each other. You can make the most of your wardrobe when you stick to basic, timeless styles that complement each other. If you have less to invest in your apparel, you can actually have more to wear by purchasing a few good pieces than several short-lived garments.
  8. Make sure that you have six necessary pieces in your wardrobe. Every escort needs these six elements to have several different options in the way they can mix and match their clothing. Firstly, a little black dress (LBD) is a requirement. It can take you to dinner, a funeral, a business meeting and party. You can dress it up or down, depending on what you pair it with. It can become sexy with heels and the right jewelry. Or, you can look like a business professional by throwing a blazer over it. The second requirement is a great pair of jeans. While you shouldn’t wear jeans to every encounter, you may need to once in awhile, depending on the activity. For instance, if you go to a ballgame or other athletic outing with a client, you’ll be most comfortable in jeans. But, they should fit you well and flatter your assets. A tailored jacket, well-fitting slacks and pencil skirt are necessary items that add flexibility to your options. And, finally, a sexy pair of black stilettos will take you everywhere you need to go as an escort.
  9. A classic wardrobe is versatile enough to work in your escort and personal life. If funds are tight, which they are frequently for everyone, investing in a classically-based style will suit you well both professionally and personally. Not only can you utilize the pieces for work with clients, but you can wear them out and about with friends and family members, too. Select long-lasting quality pieces that will go with many other items in your closet. Choose neutral color palettes so that your garments won’t clash. You can dress them up or down using a scarf or jewelry, making them night or day appropriate. Investing in one main wardrobe will save you from having to purchase two different sets of clothing for your life. Of course, some garments may get more wear in one aspect of your life than another, but you can still pair them up and magically have numerous outfits at your disposal.
  10. Establish your own flair. Even though you may choose a classic style as your foundation, it doesn’t mean that you have to be boring. A great pair of jeans doesn’t have to look overly trendy to flatter you and be fun when paired up with a great pair of boots. Avoid using mannequins in stores for your inspiration. They may sport great looks, but they don’t usually represent your personal style. Give your outfits your own personal touch by pairing unexpected items together or seeking out bright pops of color to jazz up your neutral wardrobe. However, keep in mind that your style has to meet the approval of your clients, so don’t allow your personal flair to overwhelm the image they think you reflect. For instance, if you like the boho chic style, don’t overdo it when a client wants a sexy librarian to appear at his outcall door.
  11. The fit of your clothing may be more important than the style. Regardless of whether you opt for trendy or classic cuts, make sure they fit you to a “T.” Even if you have the highest quality classic garments, they won’t look good if they fail to suit your frame. If a blouse is slightly large, get it professionally tailored to fit you better. Pants, especially, need to be altered in order to suit you best. The inseam and rise are especially important when picking out and wearing slacks. Find a great tailor and keep him on speed dial to make sure that all of your garments fit you as nicely as possible. The key to looking good is being able to show off your figure in a tasteful manner. Clothes that fit you well will be able to do that best. Otherwise, you risk looking sloppy or ill-suited.
  12. Dress for your client. Even though you may want to wear jeans and a tank top, realize that your client doesn’t want to see you like that. He wants a fantasy. If he’s seen photos of you with classy styles on, he thinks that’s your daily costume for escorting and expects that when you show up at his door. Don’t disappoint him by failing to live up to the images he sees online. Once you’ve established a style for your photos and online profiles, you have to live up to it, regardless of whether it’s rock and roll, classic preppy or country chic. Adhere to a style and wear it for your clients.
  13. Go through your wardrobe frequently to weed out clothes that don’t fit your image…or your body. As time progresses, you may find that some items, however timeless and loved, just don’t work for you anymore. Either they are showing some wear from so much use or your figure changes with time and gravity and they don’t fit as well. Discard the items that aren’t as flattering as you’d like or don’t seem to work with other items in your closet. If you find trendy items that are no longer in style, get rid of them. And, if you just don’t like a piece, don’t fool with it any longer.
  14. Classic style extends beyond clothing and accessories. Keep in mind that your hair and make-up are an extension of the way you dress. Clients expect you to look modern, but to retain an air of class and sophistication associated with a classic style, in many cases. Natural-looking make-up and touchable, tamed hair are usual requests from clients. Ensure that your clothing and the rest of your appearance complement each other so that you’re not presenting conflicting styles.

Keep in mind that not all clients want you to dress conservatively or in a classic manner, especially if you’re fulfilling a niche request for something different. However, the traditional upscale escort usually adheres to a more sophisticated dress code that lends itself to classic stylings, rather than short-lived trends.