What do escorts know about clients?

After a while in the industry, an observant escort can discern a few patterns that do apply to most clients who seek out traditional escorts.

If you’re new to the industry, this list of realizations may open your eyes and guide in you helpful directions. Long-term escorts may recognize several items on the list as concepts they’ve come to embrace, too. If you’re somewhere in between novice and expert levels, this list may enlighten you further to your chosen career:

  • Clients never bother to read ads. While agonizing over your profile information may make you feel good about your marketing efforts, it won’t ensure that you’ll get more views than the escort who posted a few bullet points. While all of the tips and pointers lead you to believe how important your profile information is, you have to keep in mind that only a few of your clients will read the entire thing, especially if it’s lengthy. When you are writing your profile, you should aim to keep it short, sweet and to the point. Much like a woman’s skirt, your profile should be long enough to cover the essentials and short enough to be interesting. Include basic facts that you think your clients want to know: your measurements, your general image/theme/niche and a few other details that may give him something to talk about with you when you first meet up. With all of this being said, it is still important to ensure that your profile is free of grammar errors, uses appropriate language and makes no promises that you can’t live up to.
  • But they do examine pictures. While your ads may be witty and somewhat of a biographical masterpiece (in your opinion), your pictures are what really interests the common client. He desires to know what you look like before he calls you. A selfie in the bathroom mirror is not enough. And, even though your substance and personality may be better overall, you will be overlooked if you don’t post pictures that show off your best assets. Invest time or money in obtaining quality images that give potential clients an eyeful of what they can expect when they meet you. Keep in mind, however, your photos should always be tasteful, reflective of your personality and flattering; but, they should never cross over into pornographic territory.
  • It all feels the same in the dark. Whether you’re talking about escorts or clients, body parts all feel similar in the dark. Clients aren’t nearly as picky about your appearance when they start to touch you, especially once the lights go out. And, your elderly, wrinkled client with floppy ear lobes can turn into John Holmes when you’re judging only by touch. Many escorts find they can become quite turned on, even with their most unattractive clients, when the lights are snuffed out and they rely solely on physical sensations and their imaginations. The realization that an uncomely client can become attractive when you can no longer see him is one that usually takes several encounters to truly comprehend, according to several escorts. However, once you realize that everything is basically the same, regardless if you’re with an attractive man of your choice or a client who isn’t your type. Focusing on other aspects than physical appearance is the key to being happy with each and every one of your clients.
  • A client with a naked escort is a happy client. Many escorts meet up with clients who are unsatisfied with their lives, disgruntled about work, upset about incidents during their days or just generally grumpy. However, once you get undressed and prance around in front of them, the clients’ moods seem to instantly transform to more positive emotions. If you meet up with a particularly surly client, you can save the encounter (and, possibly, your sanity) by doing a striptease or encouraging him to allow you to advance to a more pleasing aspect of the encounter while he discusses his frustrations. Odds are that he will forget about his troubles and become more much interested in your bare breasts or derriere. It’s a way to get past the whining and complaining and get on with the encounter, without risking insulting your client in the process. It’s likely that you’re going to end up in the nude, anyways, so speeding up this part of the booking will do no harm.
  • Cleaner cut, more conservative clients are usually the most perverted ones. These kinds of clients are under extreme pressure to maintain a certain kind of image that doesn’t allow them to project their true desires or fantasies. They are required to uphold this reputation of being squeaky clean, professional and following the straight and narrow. However, after years of holding in their true wishes, they are eager to release all of it and confide in someone who will not judge them. That someone is their escort. You hear all about their dirty fantasies, fulfill their darkest lusts and engage in all of the taboo acts they’ve wanted to experiment with but were afraid to ask for, attempting to preserve their clean cut images. After awhile, escorts learn to expect deep, dark secrets to come from their most conservative executive clients. Some of them want to dabble with dom/sub experiences, asking to be tied up and turned into a love slave or worse. They want to be spanked, and they want you to order them around. Others have other fetishes they want to explore.
  • Clients are seeking escorts for a reason. Often, it becomes quickly apparent why a client is seeking an escort. For some, it truly is that they are too busy to find a long-term partner or need to fulfill desires their partners are unwilling to explore. However, some need an escort for other reasons that become obvious after getting to know them better. Many clients are conceited and pompous, needing the constant reassurance and ego stroking that an escort can provide. Others are socially awkward and can’t maintain a real relationship for any length of time. Some fear women so much they can’t approach them in the first place in order to get a first date. Once in awhile, an escort will see a client who is obnoxious and demeaning toward women; which is an obvious reason why he resorts to seeing escorts so he doesn’t feel obligated to be on his good behavior. Escorts who book a client who seems too good to be true often discover that there is a definite reason he needs attention from an escort. He’s not just lonely or busy; he can’t maintain a relationship for other reasons.
  • Fewer people are suspicious of you and your client than you think. While it’s very easy to be paranoid when you’re an escort, the fact is that it’s rare for people to think that you are a professional in the escort industry. If you go out and about with a client, you both may imagine that people know your secret. As you walk through a hotel to get to a client, you wonder if the staff recognize you for what you are… and you hope that your client has been discreet about giving you access to his suite. Odds are that nobody suspects a thing. If you dress conservatively and appropriately for where you are, blending in is fairly easy. Even if your beauty gets you noticed wherever you go, people won’t automatically suspect that you’re an escort. Odds are that your client wouldn’t even be able to pick you out as an escort if he saw you before meeting you. The secret is to stop worrying so much about getting found out. (However, don’t advertise the fact or forget to use your cover story.)
  • No matter what you’ve seen as an escort, you still haven’t seen it all. Many escorts think that after they’ve been working in the industry for a few years that they have experienced all the profession can present them. That is simply untrue. You can never anticipate exactly what you will get with a booking. Clients will always surprise you with their requests, behaviors and expectations. Some will say things that will catch you unprepared, despite your seasoned years in the industry. Others will ask for a sex act or fetish you’ve never even heard of. Each client is different, and no experience will be the same. In addition to your clients being different from each other, outside circumstances have effects upon your bookings, too. You should work with the knowledge that you will always be surprised by what your clients bring to the table. And, even though most of the unexpected aspects of escorting are negative experiences, many are positive situations. Some clients are amazingly kind and generous, pleasantly surprising you when you may need it most.
  • Many clients just need the human touch. Although some clients need more than just a bit of affection, most respond positively to your non-sexual touch, even at the beginning of an encounter. Putting clients at ease is one of the most difficult tasks, especially when a client seems uncomfortable or you are uncertain how to handle a challenging situation. And, while you shouldn’t rush into invading a client’s personal space, a simple brush of your hand atop his or an innocent pat on the shoulder can do wonders for establishing a connection. Breaking the barrier of personal intimacy by gently placing your hand on your client’s knee can open up the potential for a great encounter. Until you make that first move, your client may continue to feel uneasy about being in your presence. That simple gesture can make the difference between stiff exchanges and fulfilling ones.
  • Some clients should really see a therapist, but their visits with an escort tide them over temporarily. Battling issues including intimacy fears, dealing with childhood abuse or coping with emotional trauma experienced in later life, many clients seek comfort with an escort. They usually discuss some of the things bothering them or hope to resolve some of their problems through gaining reassurance and affection. Seeking confidence boosts and acceptance, a good number of clients attempt to work through their issues, often discovering that their underlying challenges need more professional attention. Escorts can fulfill the needs of many clients through simply being a listener and offering emotional support. However, they also realize that many clients truly need some professional guidance to fully move past the problems they are struggling with.
  • Lust makes men dumb. Once a client gets a taste of the pleasure he can receive, his head swells and he fails to implement good judgment. After feeling like he’s on top of the world with an escort, many clients take their confidence boosts too far, challenging authority and status quo in various aspects of their lives. For instance, a client who thinks he’s in love with an escort after a particularly fulfilling encounter may announce to his wife of decades that he wants a divorce, not fully thinking through his statements. Other clients may boast about their escapades with an escort, failing to think through the ramifications their dalliances may have on their careers, reputations and relationships. They lack discretion, blinded by the joy they temporarily experience with an escort. Much like school boys with their first crushes, clients often do stupid things when they get turned on by an escort.
  • Certain clients have more money than sense. Even though every escort knows she’s worth every penny that a client pays her for her time, she can also see that some clients don’t know the value of their own money. Some clients lavish escorts with extravagant gifts, hoping that these items will bribe her into awarding them with special privileges. They pay for luxurious getaways, fund big purchases and throw money around like it’s Monopoly cash. They mistake their abilities to impress an escort with their personalities and attempt to use their money to improve their images. And, while most escorts love landing a wealthy, generous client, they also lose respect for one who doesn’t know the worth of his money. Additionally, some clients spend small fortunes to spend time with escorts, knowing full well they are over extending themselves. Unscrupulous escorts will continue to book encounters with these clients, until their bank accounts and credit lines run dry. Others, though, will refuse to continue to frequently schedule clients who they suspect cannot afford them…they don’t want to be the cause for financial ruin or trouble.

It is true that all clients cannot be bunched into one pidgeonhole. However, once you’ve been working as an escort for awhile, some industry truths become evident. These realizations can help you better understand your career and move it along for a successful future.