What makes mature escorts more fun?

Despite the fact that a majority of clients look for escorts who are significantly younger than them, a good portion of prospective clients plan on meeting a more mature escort. The older woman/younger man phenomenon of the past couple of decades isn’t lost on the escort industry, as older escorts still garner copious amounts of attention from admirers. What could be the force behind this attraction?

  1. Nothing surprises a mature, experienced escort. Through her years in the industry, she has heard every excuse, request, accusal and plea used by clients. No sex act will surprise her, as she has seen or done it all by the time you reach her. A mature escort has worked enough as an escort to know that her clients are unpredictable. She expects to be surprised, even though she knows she shouldn’t be. Because she expects the unexpected, she is rarely phased or caught off guard by any request you might make. If you are curious about experimenting with a new (to you) fetish or sexual position, it’s likely that your escort can tell you about it. She won’t judge you or change her impression of you, because she knows that clients have many layers to them, including perverse and dark ones. It’s a relief to book an encounter with a mature escort, since you can let your fears go about how she will feel with what you have to offer or what you want to do. If you want to cross dress while you are with her, go for it; she won’t mind. Bondage? She’s probably up for it. Golden shower? She’s not grossed out by talking about it. Even if a mature escort isn’t willing to provide you with the kind of action you desire, she won’t be phased by discussing it.
  2. Older escorts are experts at what they do. They know how the industry functions and are proficient about how to book an encounter and make it work. They are extremely discreet, which is a huge benefit for you. But, in addition to knowing the ins and outs of the business, they are experts at the services they provide to you. You are paying a fee for the time they spend with you. During your encounter, they ensure that the services they provide to you are top notch. They know how to make their clients feel good, giving satisfaction on various levels as requested by you. From making you feel comfortable when you first walk through the door to praising your lovemaking skills during the middle of the encounter, an escort has perfected the experience you receive as a client. She can read you like a book in order to know when you are enjoying her actions and can intuitively know what to do if you aren’t. She is very sexually experienced and may give you sensations you haven’t ever had before, as a result of her expertise.
  3. Mature escorts may exhibit more compassion and kindness than their younger counterparts. Depending on what you’re looking for in an escort, the fact that she has developed more empathy and patience over the years may be just what you need. If you’re hesitant or insecure with women (or your bedroom abilities), she can slowly entice you to come out of your shell for a great experience. She understands how disabling it can be when you’re shy or unable to clearly communicate what you want to experience. Her compassion for her clients comes from many, many encounters with all sorts of men who suffered from various hold-backs that limited their relationships with women. Because she is understanding and kind about your baggage or issues, the encounter may end up being wonderful, once you’ve been able to get over your feelings that keep you struggling to find comfort with a woman. A more mature escort accepts you for who you are, which opens up new possibilities that didn’t exist before.
  4. Men are not the only apes who seek out MILFs: Male chimps prefer older females

    Escorts who are more mature tend to be nurturing and want to take care of you. If you want some pampering and special treatment, an older escort may be just the ticket. Men who date younger women may be accustomed to exerting all of their energies to please them, because they are much more demanding and want their attention. Often, a younger client simply wants to be made to feel special. An older escort is more likely to pamper you, making sure you are comfortable and happy every minute of the encounter. She will fluff pillows, give you back rubs and respond to your every need. She is happy to provide affection, appreciation and gratitude, unlike some younger escorts. If you’re looking for an encounter that features all of the focus be spent on you, a mature escort may be the way to go.

  5. Learning a trick or two is definitely possible from a more mature escort. Through her years in the industry, she has experimented with intimate activities and learned what works and what doesn’t. She knows how to please herself and, likely, how to please you in no time flat. Her knowledge of the male body and its erogenous zones is amazing. Even though you may think you have swung from the ceiling fan a time or two with a hot babe, the sex you have experienced in your short existence is nothing compared to what she can give you. In fact, if you pay attention, she is capable of teaching you about a whole new world of intimacy that involves foreplay, patience, toys and anything else your imagination may conjure up. Not only will she show you a thing or two about physical intimacy, but she may also demonstrate to you lessons about relationships, how to treat others and ways to perceive life. Not only will the lessons be fun, but they may benefit you long into your future.
  6. Older escorts are just plain sexy. Getting past a few wrinkles and breasts that aren’t as perky as they once were is fairly easy when a mature escort blows you away with her unabashed confidence, comfort with who she is and sense of humor. She carries herself in such a way that you can’t help but be entranced by her. A mature escort knows what her best assets are, and she isn’t afraid to flaunt them. Conversely, she also knows what traits aren’t her most flattering, but they don’t bother her in the least. A mature escort has developed a sense of “self” that overcomes any body issues, insecurities or baggage younger escorts may bring with them to bookings. Her laugh lines show character and enhance her smile. The crows feet may be present, but they frame her laughing eyes. Even if a mature escort isn’t perfectly preserved (and many look fabulous for their ages), her attitude and personality create an image that overcomes any physical faults she may have.
  7. Mature escorts demonstrate more worldly, tolerant attitudes. They have been around the block a time or two, and know that the differences shown by people are what makes the world go around. She embraces and accepts diversity, including being willing to experiment with other traditions and cultures. She can tell you the best places to eat in town, which stores are the best to shop in and how to get downtown in the shortest time possible. She might revel you with her stories of backpacking in Europe or tease you with a sex toy she picked up during a trip to Japan. Even if she isn’t well traveled, she has experienced much in her life that may expand your own horizons if you allow it.
  8. Older escorts are more likely to be grounded and realistic. Typically, younger escorts may be a bit more petty and easier to offend, offhandedly and unintentionally. Older escorts take what you have to say with a grain of salt, knowing that everything isn’t directed at her specifically. She is much of a lower maintenance individual who isn’t accustomed to having clients fawn over her and shower her with compliments. She goes with the flow and doesn’t have crazy expectations about her clients and what you will do for her. She tries not to allow her emotions to overcome her, staying more stable and calm about all of life’s situations. Simply put: she’s more mature. She doesn’t want to play head games with her clients; she just wants to perform the best she can during an encounter and make you happy. She’s a professional, which means you will get exactly what you request from her.
  9. Mature escorts appreciate your youth. They are amazed with your toned body and compliment you on your virility and stamina. Older escorts are rejuvenated by your young attitudes and outlook on life, just as you are awed by her seasoned perceptions. She lavishes you with affection and adores your naive freshness. Often, she may feel that she is getting old. But, when she’s with you, she gets an opportunity to feel young, again. This builds the foundation for a lot of fun for you, because she will be tempted to push her own boundaries in the quest for pleasure during an encounter. Encourage her to relive her youth through her time with you, and you will be guaranteed a great time.
  10. Mature escorts prove to be a conquest for many young clients. Many men desire a chance to date or win over an older woman, even if it’s just for a one-night stand. Even though you may miss the thrill of the hunt at a nightclub, you can still feel that same sense of accomplishment when you bed an older woman during an encounter. She can play hard to get, and it can be incredibly fun for you to convince her that you’re worthy of her attentions. A mature escort enjoys being wooed, and this is your opportunity to experience what it’s like to be with an older woman. Whether it’s something you want to mark off your bucket list or because you want a great story to share later, an encounter with an older woman gives your manhood a good jolt of testosterone and adrenaline.
  11. No pressures for something more exist when you meet up with an older escort. She is a professional and unlikely to fall in love with you, expecting more from the encounter than just business. She isn’t looking for a boyfriend, and her expectations of marriage aren’t an issue for her when she’s with you. An older escort is less likely to call you unexpectedly after an encounter or show up at your doorstep unexpectedly. She is more mature than that and accepts that your arrangement is strictly business.
  12. milf-mannequinMature escorts can laugh at themselves. After years in the escort industry, they know that encounters can be extremely humorous. They are comfortable enough with themselves and what they do to laugh about funny incidents and occurrences. Things that might embarrass younger escorts make a more mature one chuckle or giggle. Her sense of humor comes from her self-image and comfort with who she is. She is okay laughing at herself. As a result, the encounter can be extremely fun when you are able to engage your sense of humor along with your passions.
  13. An older escort takes control. You’ve already established that she’s confident; but, she’s also willing to be in charge. For an alpha male type, which many clients of mature escorts are, it’s a thrill to allow a woman who knows what she wants to take control and obtain it. She will lead you through the encounter, showing you levels of pleasure and enjoyment you weren’t expecting. She won’t ask permission or coyly demonstrate her interest. She will boldly begin touching and fondling you, enjoying your arousal. Throughout the encounter, she may instruct you to do things a certain way (for both your and her enjoyment). A more mature escort knows how to get things done, and she will ensure that you have an amazing experience, even if she has to take charge to make it happen.

Mature escorts get a bad rap for being old and past their game. Despite a few wrinkles and having to color their hair more often, an older escort can usually book circles around a younger one. She knows the ins and outs of the industry and how to please a client. She has a way about her that is unique and exciting, unlike anything that can be replicated by a younger woman. Her age makes her sensual and sexy, in a way that youthful beauty alone can’t do.

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