When the escort session does not go as expected

Maybe Mark Twain said it best: “Climate is what we expect; weather is what we get.” When you call an escort and book an encounter, you probably have specific expectations of what will occur when you meet up in person. And your expectations for your escort are certainly high. Of course, they should be: she is a consummate professional, skilled at her craft.

However, there are times when what you expect from an encounter and what you actually receive are two entirely different things. It may be difficult to know how to react or what to do. Use these tips if you find yourself on the receiving end of an encounter that didn’t meet up to your anticipation:

  1. Don’t freak out. When something about the encounter seems clearly “off” to you, avoid getting extremely upset or aggravated. It’s natural to be agitated when things don’t go the way you wanted them to, but showing obvious frustration, anger or irritation is not the way to set things back on track. Clients who lash out during an encounter where they aren’t getting their way or are unsatisfied with an escort’s service most often find themselves being walked out on by their host. Typically, escorts will try to assist you in identifying the problems during an encounter, but if you become enraged or insulting, they won’t make an effort to make things right. Do yourself a favor and stay calm, cool and collected. Expressing yourself in a rational manner, without a patronizing tone, is the best way to transition the booking to your preference.
  2. Speak up. Complain immediately when you notice the encounter isn’t going as you’ve planned. Going with the flow and hoping for the best, only to be let down at the end of the encounter is known as passive-aggressive behavior. Instead of solving the issues, it only makes matters worse. After you’ve allowed an escort to follow through with the entire booking, your complaints at the end seem almost like you’re trying to get out of paying or hoping she’ll offer something else (free time, for instance) as a way to make you happy with her services. She will feel like you’ve attempted to take advantage of her by failing to alert her of your dissatisfaction along the way. As soon as you realize that you’re not getting what you want from an escort, immediately tell her about it. Explain that you’re not happy with how things are progressing. Stopping the encounter midway through allows her to change course and attempt to please you through other methods.
  3. Tell your escort what you want to change and how. Expressing your dissatisfaction partway through an encounter isn’t enough. Sure, it gives your escort an opportunity to make things right, but it doesn’t provide her with insight about what she’s doing wrong or what your expectations are. Help her by clearly explaining what she can do that will fix the booking. If her methods of pleasure really aren’t doing it for you, tell her what does excite. If you aren’t enjoying the small talk at the start of the encounter, flat out tell your escort what you would like to talk about or do. You can’t expect your escort to be a mind reader. If you want the encounter to be a fulfilling one, you have to take some responsibility for it by sharing details about what you need to change.
  4. Let her know what you want ahead of time – and confirm that you understood each other. Many clients are disappointed when an escort can’t deliver on their expectations, but they haven’t shared what they are anticipating. Provide specific examples of what you desire prior to engaging in any kind of contact during the encounter (or before meeting up, if appropriate). Giving your escort a head’s up is the only way to ensure that she can provide for you the kind of encounter you expect. If you give clear examples, your escort doesn’t have any excuse for why she is unable to grant you the booking you want (unless your requests are against her policies or general services). Explaining to your escort that you want something different or “kind of like this” isn’t enough when your expectations run high. And, if you aren’t sure enough to be able to provide clear instructions, you’re not fully committed to any particular type of encounter.
  5. Avoid basing your satisfaction with an encounter on physical climax. Even though an orgasm may be one of your ultimate goals for time spent with an escort, it shouldn’t be what makes the booking valuable. Even though you may expect to climax during intimate moments, it may not happen. Regardless of how hard your escort tries to pleasure you and the degree to which you enjoy the sensation, you may not be able to orgasm for one or many reasons. An escort’s efforts may be flawless and would work under other situations, but your expectation to climax may limit your body’s ability to relax. Additionally, other issues (such as medication, heart conditions or nervousness) may prevent an erection or release. Judging your escort and her abilities solely on whether or not she could bring you to orgasm is unfair and unrealistic.
  6. Realize that an encounter that fails to meet your expectations could be your fault.
    1. Not reading your escort’s profile can result in miscommunications and misunderstandings about the kind of encounter you will receive. Many escorts clearly define the kinds of services they may be willing to engage in. If your request isn’t on their allowable acts, you aren’t going to get the encounter you expect. Failing to read an escort’s profile and then getting mad because she won’t perform the way you expected is unfair. For instance, if you wanted to participate in anal intercourse and your escort’s profile clearly prohibits this from her activities, it’s unrealistic to expect that will be a part of your encounter.
    2. Other unrealistic expectations could be tainting your view. Clients put escorts up on pedestals and expect them to be the most beautiful women in the world. In fact, escorts are just ordinary women. They may be gorgeous, but they may not be supermodels. They may be experienced in the world of pleasure, but they can’t perform miracles on a client’s body. And, an orgasm is an orgasm. It may not be earth-shaking like you expect. Having a set of expectations that are too far from the norm may hinder your ability to enjoy a perfectly good booking.
    3. Wanting something you didn’t ask for is a common culprit for dissatisfaction. Many clients seem to think that they shouldn’t have to ask for something they want during an encounter. Blaming an escort for not reading your mind is ridiculous. Expecting her to just “know” what you want during the heat of the moment or during small talk is exceeding anyone’s abilities.
  7. Roll with the encounter, anyways. Sometimes, a booking may not start out at all like you had planned. She might be late due to getting stuck in traffic; or you might have had a terrible day preceding arriving at her incall, causing you to be in a terrible mood. An escort may not quite look or sound like you expected when you meet her in real life. Or, when you get there, it’s much more awkward than you had thought it would be. Sometimes, it’s best to just laugh off the odd part of an encounter and attempt to make the best of it. She’s there, you’re there and you’ve paid for your time. Enjoy her company, ask for what you’d like and let her handle the rest. She’s an expert, after all, and knows what she’s doing. Trust her that she will do her best to provide you with a pleasurable booking.
  8. Ask for a refund within the first few moments when she is at fault. If the escort who arrives at your door looks completely different from the pictures in her gallery, make a comment similar to this and ask for your money back. Most escorts would never think to misrepresent themselves to clients, but there are a few bad apples in the bunch. Fibbing about their age, looks, weight/body size and niche interests/expertise can create quite a disappointing encounter. When you feel that the booking is going nowhere fast and it’s the escort’s fault, don’t feel bad refusing her services and keeping your money. Although she may be aggravated, it’s her own distortion in her profile that caused the problem.
  9. Don’t expect a full refund if the encounter isn’t going your way. When you complain about your dissatisfaction during a booking, an escort may choose to give you your money back and end your time together. If this is the case, be aware that she may choose to keep some funds to reimburse her for the time it took her to get ready and prepare for the encounter and/or money to cover travel expenses. If the problem isn’t really her fault (but, maybe an incompatibility issue), you should be generous enough to compensate her for the preparation she put into meeting up with you. Some escorts will even go ahead and charge you for the time they spent with you up until you both called it quits. If she was there for 15 minutes, she may keep money that would pay for a quarter of an hour. For instance, if her hourly rate is $500, she might reimburse you $375, keeping $125 for her time.
  10. Learn from bad encounters. Reviewing how you got to an encounter that wasn’t as you expected can help you avoid future scenarios. Communicating clearly with the escort ahead of time will provide you with a feel for if things will be as you hope when you meet. Escorts who severely limit communication efforts prior to the booking may not fully understand what your expectations are for the encounter. Additionally, look for escorts who seem interested in the same things you are. For example, asking a girl-next-door type to perform a dom role with you probably won’t be nearly as effective as seeking out someone who has experience in this fetish.
  11. Some requests just aren’t as enjoyable as you might have expected. Clients who want to engage in fetish activities may have had erotic and pleasurable fantasies about them. But, when they actually participate in them, the fetish may not be nearly as fun as was thought. As an example, a client who requests water sports may think he’s going to have the time of his life. However, when the time actually comes, he may find the situation messy and gross. Some clients dream about getting it on during a costumed role-play scenario. But, when they get in the middle of it, the whole situation just seems silly and weird. When a request isn’t as exciting as you expected it to be, you can’t fairly blame your escort. It’s common to place a lot of merit in a potential activity, only to discover that it’s not nearly as pleasurable as hoped. Don’t despair, though. Even though the outcome wasn’t what you hoped, you learned from the experience.
  12. Review your communications to verify that your request was agreed upon. Sometimes, an escort will reconsider a special service when the encounter time actually arrives. If you had expected a certain activity or type of encounter that your escort won’t deliver, it’s fully acceptable to be disappointed and irritated. You might even ask for a partial refund when you discover that she’s rescinding an activity. But, don’t judge too harshly. If your escort has a reasonable explanation for backing out on you, consider it and move on. You may still feel like your encounter isn’t living up to your expectations, but making the best of it may salvage the booking.
  13. Be nice. Regardless of your dissatisfaction or disappointment, you should never use it as an excuse to belittle, insult, degrade or disrespect an escort. She’s a person with dignity and self-esteem. Don’t feel like this is an open invitation to simply be mean to an escort, just because she didn’t live up to your hopes. Clients should always honor an escort, until she gives them reasons to feel negatively about her. Through your displeasure of the encounter, attempt to communicate civilly with her about your expectations, avoid placing blame and be kind. Even if the two of you can’t see eye to eye about the encounter, there is no reason to be mean to her. Chalk it up to an encounter that wasn’t meant to be and move on. Don’t lower yourself to standards unbecoming to your image.