The wisdom and elegance of a mature escort

Mature escorts have a lot to offer. Their experience, their knowledge, their understanding of what men want and need, but most of all, it is their maturity that is desirable for sophisticated men, as well as nervous beginners.

by Hannah Jay

There is no basis to compare and contrast the older escort with a younger girl; they are offering essentially different experiences. But where the marketing of a 20 year old is likely to focus on the physical, a mature escort can offer a more relaxing, indeed liberating, experience.

Professional marketeers will tell you that buyers are not sold on “features”, they are sold on “benefits”. Or what they perceive as benefits. A service needs to address its customers particular issues and give them what they they need (or think they need). Escorts are in the service business.

Some clients can define their needs pretty bluntly: a blow job from a pretty girl is nothing if not direct. There are lots of those clients out there. But there is another group whose needs are not so well defined. Reaching those potential clients requires more than a cute selfie and a enticing words. In practice, it means marketing the intangibles of the escort experience and, in many cases, a mature escort is particularly well-suited to this.

Men seek an escort experience for a host of reasons: they are dissatisfied with their current sexual partner; they may not be able to obtain one or more of their sexual desires with her; or they may not have a partner at all and don’t want the complications of dating and sex. More broadly still, they might be reluctant, embarrassed, or unable to articulate (and thus, fulfill) the desires they have been lusting after. When a commercial solution is sought, an older escort may be the perfect solution. She combines experience, a non-judgmental attitude, wisdom, and a capacity to understand and recognize what the client may not really acknowledge himself. Maturity brings a measure of honesty and acceptance to an erotic encounter. And in the best instances, compassion and kindness as well.

From an advertising perspective, by de-emphasizing the pure service-provider model, and focusing instead on the virtues and desirability of an older woman, a mature escort can successfully attract a unique clientele. Here are some ways to find them:

Headline: Elegance & Experience
Copy: Take time for yourself with a beautiful, elegant, experienced woman. Let me ease the stress of your day. Lets find your greater pleasure together.

Headline: Mature, Erotic, Gracious
Copy: Pleasure begins with intrigue. A sip of wine, a flash of stocking, and the sensuality only an older woman can completely deliver.

Headline: Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson
Copy: Do you adore gorgeous women? Want to learn more? Come and be seduced by a mature beauty with a deliciously erotic imagination.

The advertising will gain you attention as a mature escort. And most importantly, you have created your own niche. Set yourself apart from the crowded, virtually identical ads that the young must rely on. But not you. By being savvy at marketing, you can attract a better class of client, and conceivably, raise your rates. This means more money for you.

The mature escort’s web site should reflect her unique blend of availability and sensuality. The key concepts of relaxation, comfort, open-mindedness, safety, and experience all play a role. And the escort’s own confidence needs to be a part of her attraction. The promise, in the advertising and on the website, is that experience and confidence allow the older escort to explore the realms of sensuality which are only available to a woman of a certain age.

A wise woman will screen her admirers. Their voice on the phone will often give away their age. Ask them what they might be interested in. Part of the screening process is that a mature escort is not at all unwilling to say “No”. She is qualifying her customer and making very clear her expectations. She can charge more because she can offer more. And, as everyone knows, you get what you pay for. Make yourself worth a lot. Offer a whole package, not merely a body.

To a degree this “inner beauty” strategy which looks to place the older escort apart from the purely physical competition. And, of course, an older woman has the great advantage that she knows how to look her best. A well kept, trim 55 year old woman can be more alluring than all but the most beautiful 20 year olds. And she brings all those years of sensual experience to bed with her.

As importantly, she brings a wealth of human experience to her appointments. There are lots of men who want, and often need, the combination of wisdom and eroticism. Key concepts like “caring” and “understanding” signal the mature escort’s ability to go a distance beyond the purely physical.

Not that there is anything wrong with the physical. Any escort knows that part of her client’s expectations will be a thoroughly grand time in bed. Here again, marketing the older escort’s experience works wonders. Simply saying that “I know men intimately, their pleasures, their desires.” gives the prospective client a clear signal he is in for a treat.

The mature escort can also play up her professionalism. Mentioning “over a decade as a gentlemans’ companion” gives a client a sense of security. Putting yourself into the hands of a skilled professional is much more attractive than meeting a 20 year old for whom this might be her second appointment. High-powered professional men like women with style and panache who are likewise, good (very good) at what they do.

Which means it is very important for the older escort to get the business details right. Be precise with the booking details, tell him where to park. Tell him what to bring – if anything.

An appointment with an older escort can be many things; but the older escort is wise to keep an even, gentle, pace. The idea of “unhurried” gets lip service in escort ads but should infuse the mature escort’s encounters. Light candles, pour champagne, run a bubble bath… create a sensual ambiance.

But make no mistake, the older escort is always, and explicitly, in charge. Not in a domina sort of a way, rather she sets the agenda. Perhaps elegant hors d’oeuvres accompany that bubbly – and a good deal of delightful – conversation. By the end of the encounter, the client should not only be sexually replete, he should also have had the sense of having been pampered. Money well spent, he will conclude. Done well, the escort will have him wanting not only more, but you. A regular and loyal client.

The older escort has a great deal more latitude as to what to wear for her appointments. Anything from a pretty dress, stockings and lovely shoes through to a Hollywood glam peignoir set and sexy bedroom mules. More importantly, the older escort takes it as her prerogative to dress for her own pleasure rather than attempting to conform to a particular view of how escorts “should” dress. Critically, the older escort does not try to pretend to be twenty no matter how fit she maybe. If her client has a thing for schoolgirls or cheerleaders she is certainly happy to arrange, and perhaps oversee, a date with a younger escort who will not look ridiculous prancing about with pom-poms. Maturity with elegance and dignity.

A woman of a certain age has the luxury of acting her age, yet with all the passion and wisdom that her years have brought her. Her clients will return again and again for an experience which, while they perhaps cannot quite define it, leaves them relaxed and deeply content.