10 more ways escorts can keep clients

Most escorts will tell you it’s fairly easy to attract a client for a first appointment, but keeping them as a regular client is more difficult. With escorts, clients expect to find everything they are missing in other relationships. They anticipate that an escort will know what they need and want. They hope for a connection with their escorts that they can’t find anywhere else. In order to meet your clients’ needs and to keep them coming back for more, use these 10 tips that will help you keep your clients and establish them as regular patrons of your services.

  1. Establish clear communications with your clients. Clients sometimes know exactly what they want and expect from an appointment with an escort. Others are not entirely sure what they hope will happen during the time they spend with you. Because you are not a mind reader, it’s essential that you establish clear communications with your clients so that you can help create the type of appointment they want. It’s essential for you to know their expectations, wants, needs, concerns and hopes before even starting the appointment. Without knowledge of your client’s expectations, the appointment isn’t likely to be a complete success. When communication is established, you can help to make the appointment just as your client wants it to be. When communications aren’t established early on, a client may be disappointed by his time with you. His disappointment may have been averted if you and he had established clear ideas about what the appointment should consist of.
  2. Take care of yourself. Clients want to meet with mentally and physically healthy escorts who take care of themselves. While many people think that “taking care of yourself” means getting manicures and pedicures, spa treatments and regular visits to a plastic surgeon, there is a much simpler explanation. An escort should be emotionally balanced, physically fit and overall healthy. When an escort is healthy both emotionally and physically, she looks her best and can perform to the best of her abilities. Escorts who are battling health issues often show it through their physical appearance. Additionally, an escort who is emotionally ill finds it difficult to perform her duties as an escort to the best of her abilities.
  3. Conduct yourself professionally. High-end escorts pride themselves as being professionals. Being professional includes many different things:
    • Arrive to your dates and sessions on time. Engage in all activities enthusiastically. Regardless of how tired you are of playing nurse or innocent school girl, engage in all activities, including role playing, as an active, involved participant. Clients can tell when your heart is not into an activity with a client. Because you want your client to feel special, go the extra mile to find a way to remain enthusiastic about all aspects of your appointment.
    • Deliver services as promised. If you have agreed to provide specific services to a client, follow through with the agreement you and he made. (The caveat to this is if your client makes you feel uncomfortable, disrespects you or otherwise makes you feel like you are in danger.)
    • Refrain from using drugs or alcohol during or prior to appointments. Drugs are never acceptable. Alcohol use socially is an option, as long as you maintain yourself professionally and do not overindulge.
    • Dress appropriately. Through your communications with your client, you should establish the type of appointment you and he will be engaging in. Dress for the occasion. If you’re accompanying your client to dinner at the country club, dress for the night out. A black tie event will have different requirements than a picnic in the park. Always dress for the appointment, however it’s essential to maintain an appearance of class that coincides with your image. Yoga pants, sweat suits and jeans are rarely appropriate. Additionally, it’s important to never attract too much attention. Dress well, but never in such a revealing state that someone can automatically identify you as an escort (or mistake you for a prostitute).
    • Maintain your hygiene. Always be clean and groomed when visiting clients. Don’t use too much perfume; scented lotion is better. Keep your nails trimmed and neat. If you polish your nails, make sure they are not chipped. Your hair should be clean and coifed.
    • Keep your worries to yourself. Even if you’ve got intense emotional drama going on at home, don’t indulge yourself by sharing it with your client. He is there to forget his troubles, not to solve yours.
  4. Establish boundaries between you and your clients. Some escorts call it quits when it comes to kissing clients; others won’t engage in anal play. All escorts should require condom use. Whatever your limits are, establish them clearly and let your clients know. Never be tempted to cross your boundaries, not even once. Stick to your guns about your limitations; your clients will respect you for it.
  5. Respect your clients at all times. Even when you’re on a roll of visits with less desirable clients, never be tempted to disrespect them. Individuals who see escorts are simply looking for companionship, understanding and affection. Because of some void in their lives, they are looking to find fulfillment during time spent with an escort. They are paying you to spend time with them. They are not beneath you; they do not deserve for you to judge them. Simply attempt to find positive things about them and their personalities that you can like and respect.
  6. Stay in touch with your clients. Sometimes a few weeks or months may pass between the times that you hear from a particular client. Don’t let your absence become permanent in your client’s life. Send an email or text occasionally just to say hello or to check in. This reminds him of the great time he’s spent with you and encourages him to call you to set up another appointment. Some escorts send out regular e-newsletters to clients with updates about current specials, recent activities or other things they think might be of interest to their clients. It’s an excellent way to stay in touch.
  7. Give personalized service to your clients. Listen to your clients to know what they like, the things they are involved in and what they prioritize in their lives. Personalized service could include remembering a client’s birthday with a cupcake and a candle, asking about a child’s special activity, inquiring about a hobby or discussing an issue or current event that interests a client. Of course, it takes a little extra time and intention to remember things about your clients, but providing specialized service lets them know you care and appreciate them, which will keep them coming back for more.
  8. Charge fair and consistent rates. Evaluate your rates for your market area to determine if they are in line with what other escorts are charging. Additionally, keep your rates consistent. Keep track of what you charge your clients so they know what to expect next time they want to see you. If your rates differ from the time before, make sure you explain to your client why the rate has changed. If it’s a different kind of date, the rate may be more or less. Additionally, if you raise your rates, consider keeping your current regular clients on at a discounted rate for a period of time during the transition period.
  9. Ask your clients for more time with them. Clients like to feel appreciated. Let them know you like spending time with them by asking them when you can see them, again. That’s all it takes, sometimes, to transition an occasional client into a regular one.
  10. Be positive. Clients like to view their escorts as bright spots in their lives. When they make appointments to spend time with you, they like to anticipate that the time will be full of happiness and positive energy. Meet those expectations by always being positive in their presence.