10 phone tips for escorts

The phone may be the tool you use to do a lot of business as an escort: booking appointments, fielding questions from prospective clients, setting up advertising and scheduling travel arrangements. Because your phone may provide insight to the type of professional you are to clients, it’s essential to conduct yourself respectfully and professionally over the telephone and to use it as a helpful tool for your business, instead of one that tarnishes your image. Use these tips to enhance the contact you make with clients over the telephone:

  1. Use a cell phone for your business. A cell phone can be carried with you anywhere, so you are available to clients at any time, regardless of where your bookings take you. A prepaid cell phone allows you a good degree of anonymity, as prepaid phones can be bought for cash and activated without revealing your personal information. The less of information you have to disclose, the better. If you must provide personal information, make up a name and an address. (For security purposes, it’s best to be difficult to track down through your phone information.)
  2. Consider whether posting your number online is helpful or harmful to your business. Many escorts post their numbers in their ads or profiles with no difficulties. However, many escorts experience a significant number of prank phone calls, telemarketing calls or offensive calls. A phone number poster online becomes cached and can be searched for or used on other websites, even when deleted from the original page. Some escorts have started to post their numbers as images. (It’s easy to create your number as a graphic by using a photo editing software or turning it into a .pdf file.) Images are not easily searchable, and your number will not show up when someone looks for your number online through a search engine. There are also benefits to not posting your number online whatsoever: some clients see it as a sign of exclusivity or distinction when an escort doesn’t post her direct contact number. It infers that only select clients get the privilege of knowing her direct phone number.
  3. Answer your phone with a simple “Hello.” You never know who may be on the other end of the line, so it’s always wise to answer simply and not provide too many details. After answering, encourage the conversation to continue by asking the caller if he or she has a question you can help with.
  4. End calls with callers who seem to have more questions than intentions. Some callers are simply curious and will never book an appointment with you. If the questions keep coming, even though you prompt the caller by suggesting an appointment, end the conversation politely and hang up.
  5. Avoid, at all costs, discussing sex or sexual activities over the telephone. Remember that while escort business is legal, as it means simply exchanging time for money, selling sex is against the law, and you do not want to invite trouble with the law by leading anyone to think you are doing anything illegal.
  6. React generically to a female caller until you find out who it is. Many an escort have been called by angry girlfriends or wives. You shouldn’t admit to anything and try to get off the phone as quickly as possible, with as little conflict as possible.
  7. Respond genuinely when talking with clients or prospective clients. But, it’s also important to remember your image and to play the role that you play as an escort.
  8. Avoid selling yourself over the telephone. Your profile and ads should make sales for you and your business. Keep in mind that if you have to sell yourself to a prospective client over the telephone, it may be a trend that you have to continue to convince him that he should hire you even when you meet in person. Someone who requires a hard sell may not be the client for you.
  9. Sound better on the telephone by slowing down your speech, standing up straight and breathing in through your nose when speaking on the phone. Smile as you talk to clients, and avoid noisy atmospheres during conversations.
  10. Return phone calls as you promise you will in your profile, ads and voicemail message—consistency is a very rate and thus attractive feature. The way in which you deal with returning phone calls and responding to voicemails indicates that you are a professional and you have respect for your clients and their time.