How to create an effective escort profile at

An escort’s profile represents his or her opportunity for success as a professional in the adult industry. A quality profile may connect an escort with the kind of clients who will keep his or her schedule full and a bank account even fuller. An escort must pay attention to at least four separate concepts when creating a profile: well-written copy, high-quality pictures, regular updating and the overall image projected.

Well-written copy is essential to having a quality profile that will attract and engage clients. Copy must be descriptive of the escort. Height, weight, measurements, basic physical description and general information about an escort must be presented in the profile in an interesting manner. It must include proper grammar, no spelling errors and descriptive phrases. Some escorts write their own, while others hire professional writers to create information for their profiles. The description should never ramble about an escort’s hobbies, family or a resume of mundane jobs held or schools attended. The profile information should include the escort’s services, explained in an interesting, seductive way.

Escorts should ask themselves what questions a client may ask during an initial contact, or what words would they type in a search engine to find this specific profile. These basic questions should be the information provided in a description. Questions might include:

  • How tall are you?
  • What are your measurements?
  • What color is your hair?
  • What color are your eyes?
  • What kind of services do you provide?
  • What kind of services do you not provide under any circumstances?
  • Do you travel?
  • What are your rates?
  • What makes you better than the competition?

It’s alright to insinuate that you are highly educated, well-bred, elegant, sophisticated, classy, a country girl, a city girl or whatever image you wish to project. However, if you have to directly say it, you’re not presenting yourself well enough through your description or your pictures. Your entire profile should create an impression you want without naming it once. By reviewing the hobbies you are interested in, mentioning the interests you have, writing appropriately for your image and posting image-appropriate pictures, you will let readers know what your niche is.

Many escorts think their profiles must be seductive. And, while this is true, escorts should never go over the top and make them vulgar or obscene.

Pictures associated with an escort’s profile must be tasteful and professional in order to be taken seriously by clients. There are several things to consider when posting escort pictures to a profile:

  • Quality: Professional photographers use lighting, positioning and other professional effects that always make their subjects look good. Professional photos are vastly different from amateur photos and demonstrate that an escort is successful and serious about her career.
  • Face or no face: Escorts may be afraid that they will be recognized by friends, family members or other co-workers. Anyone who is in the middle of a divorce or issues with their children should refrain from posting his or her face online in an escort ad. Some escorts do choose to blur their faces or their eyes in order to give their clients more anonymity when being seen with them in public. However, otherwise, most escorts shouldn’t be concerned with posting pictures that include the face. Many clients report that they are hesitant to contact an escort who hides his or her face in profile pictures. If you show your face, in the name of everything good, don’t make a duckface.
  • Nude or partially nude: Always err on the side of caution when considering whether or not to go full nude or partially nude in photos. A photo posted online is out there forever and can be saved to and downloaded to anyone’s computer. Many escorts don’t feel self-conscious about their nude photos being available online. However, it’s important to remember that the photos should be tasteful and represent the escort as a whole person. A picture of an escort’s breasts only may not reflect the escort as the man or woman he or she is. Lingerie, tight clothing or other tasteful apparel can be as effective at showing off an escort’s physique or best physical assets.
  • Touched up photos: Photos taken in good, clear light are much less likely to be suspected of being touched up. Clients like to think that the escort is going to look like her pictures posted to her profile. Photos that are heavily air-brushed or distorted to the point of altering an escort’s appearance are not good for one’s profile. Additionally, an escort should make sure he or she looks like the same person in all photos.
  • Updated photos: All photos posted to an escort’s profile should be up to date and reflect the escort’s current appearance. An escort who has photos posted that include long hair may not be well received by clients if she shows up with a short, pixie haircut. Clients like to know what to expect, and if one’s appearance varies greatly from the profile photos due to them being outdated, the client will not be happy and is apt to leave a bad review.
  • Environment: Make sure there is no toilet bowl, garbage can, or underwear clutter behind (or in front of) you. Make sure that your shot provokes only positive emotions in viewers by removing anything that could remind them of the everyday drudgery. After all, if you are selling an extraordinary experience, try to make an extraordinary presentation.

Escorts should also pay attention to the importance of updating their profiles regularly. Stale copy (even if it was good a year ago) is boring. Clients may visit an escort’s profile several times before contacting him or her. Providing new copy or updated descriptions is imperative to keeping a profile lively and engaging. Additionally, anything in a profile description that is outdated needs to be changed or removed. For instance, if an escort’s measurements, phone number, or hair color changes, these changes should be reflected in the profile promptly.

It’s essential for escorts to realize that all elements in one’s profile work together to create an escort’s image. The image is essential to an escort’s success. Escorts should preview their profile and all of its elements in order to ensure his or her image is intact. For instance, if an escort indicates in his or her copy that sophistication and elegance is their trademark, photos shouldn’t include them posing nude on the back of a Harley-Davidson. Conversely, an escort who projects a “girl-next-door” image shouldn’t be photographed in a dominatrix outfit.

Keep all elements of your escort profile up-to-date, high quality and consistent, and your profile will work for you.