How to keep faceless escort photos full of personality

Many escorts promote their services with photos that do not include their faces in an effort to remain anonymous and protect their privacy. They fear photos including their faces might reveal their real identities to online lurkers or family or friends who happen to stumble upon their online profiles or marketing efforts.

Faceless escort photo

A good number of escorts never come forward to their loved ones about their escorting careers, so it’s especially important for them to retain a protected online identity that can’t impact their relationships with others.

It’s especially challenging to create graphic representations of yourself that tell stories about you without being able to include facial expressions. After all, emotions of all kinds are revealed through your eyes, the set of your jaw and your smile. Without these features in your photos, other details become particularly important. However, don’t despair. It’s fairly easy to create personality-filled photos in other ways; consider these tips:

  1. Determine the goal of your photos. Without knowing what you want to tell about yourself in your photos, you will be fumbling around for a good shot without purpose. Identify what message you want prospective clients to get from the photo. Which trait do you want to deliver through the photo? Do you want to appear quiet or bold? Dramatic or easy going? Outdoorsy or indoorsy? Active or still? Light-hearted or serious? Your photo(s) should take the tone of the character traits you want projected. With that in mind, it’s much easier to plan out a photo shoot or even just a few shots. If you don’t have a clue what you want to share about yourself, review your profile. The information you reveal about yourself should be represented through your images. If you’re still not sure, ask your friends or male admirers what they most like about you. Use their responses as concepts to build on.
  2. Use strong instances of body language to express yourself. Without the use of sound or dialogue, the silent films of the early 1900s made use of over-emphasized body language, gestures and activity in order to get their intentions across to audiences. Your goal is much the same as theirs: relay a message without an element typically used in communications. Your body language can share volumes about you. Your posture, the way you carry yourself and any natural physical expressions you habitually use can tell stories about your confidence, friendliness, adventurous spirit and enjoyment of the world around you. It can also display specific emotions such as happiness, sadness and desire. The way you hold your shoulders, neck and bosom can project a “come hither” response or it can show a laughing individual. Allow your body to speak for your personality.
  3. Incorporate a natural pose style into your images. Obviously posed photos indicate that an individual either has a very boring photographer or is very sequential and orderly, ensuring that events go exactly as she’s planned. Photos that are candid, not fully staged and provide natural indication of movement of the subject often reflect the true character more fully. Photos that were not posed tend to tell stories that provide glimpses of the real you. A portrait that you sit for may show how you look. Once you remove your face from it, clients can still get a preview of your general appearance. However, they won’t observe anything else about you. But, even faceless images that depict you doing something or show you in action will give clients better insight into who you are. Attempt to get photos that show you acting naturally, not saying “cheese.”
  4. Select locations that speak of you. A studio with great backgrounds and props may provide ideal conditions for photography. However, this location says nothing about you and who you are. If you want your personality to shine through in your photos, make sure the location is one that you have special affinity for. For instance, outdoor shots are great for low-key, low-maintenance women who are comfortable outside. These shots may be shot in the country or downtown, but they provide great opportunities to display your personality within these locations. If you choose indoor images, select an old building with great interior design, a quaint cabin or other visually interesting site with details you like. Despite being able to see it in your face, prospective clients should see that you enjoy where you are through your body language. And, the location, itself, should be visually interesting. You are relying on it to tell a story about you; don’t pick a bland location with little character.
  5. Brighten or darken your photos with lighting to demonstrate something about your personality. Photos of people taken in bright or natural light often make viewers think they are positive and happy. Dark shadows lend a much more dramatic vibe to images that might suggest sexiness, shyness or introversion. Flat light and minimal shadows, sunrise/sunset lighting and harsh, direct lights all tell different stories. Without using facial expressions at all, personality and mood can be easily represented in images that play with various forms of lighting.
  6. Use color to enhance the details of your images. Photographers used to only have black and white as an option for their art. However, today, many photographers still choose to shoot in black and white, because it adds an element of glamour or drama to an image. It emphasizes details and characteristics of the subject and/or the background. Bringing out the elements in a different way, black and white tones give suggestions of classiness or old-fashionedness, too. Color, on the other hand, can project youthfulness, excitement or modern appeal. Several color effects can be used to give your photos an interesting vibe, too. Washing the color out can give a casual or low-key feel to a photo, and adding a vintage effect will create an even different story for your photo. Various tints can be applied to complement the clothing you are wearing, giving sunny, cooler or other feels to images.
  7. Allowing movement in your photos is a great way to bring your pictures to life. Even if it isn’t you moving in your photos, any kind of motion creates a snippet in time. Prospective clients get to see you in a moment of your life, which helps them visualize more about you. Motion of people behind you, something you’re doing or a tree nearby (for example) gives focus to the fact that the photo is a real event, not just something posed and created. It also shows you reacting to motion or action in an image, especially if you are interacting with it. As an escort you could be walking, dancing or simply standing sexily in a blur of people. Your involvement with all of these elements of motion (yours or external ones) gives life to your images.
  8. Focus on unique details. If you’ve got very individualistic characteristics, you may be able to utilize them to help tell your story. (Watch out, though, if they could be used to identify you.) A badass tattoo, a powerful scar, gapped front teeth, extra plump lips, great neck bones or anything else can tell a bit about you. Your hands are great demonstrators of your traits. Sometimes, your gestures or posture are so unique that they might be enough to give impressions to clients. Focusing in closely on these aspects may intrigue your prospective clients into wanting to know more about you.
  9. Implement props as a way to demonstrate who you are. Sporty girls might choose to cradle a football up next to their bosoms; outdoor girls might play in a pile of leaves. Maybe you have some special belongings that could tell something about you, like an old rocking chair or car. Maybe elements of your hobbies could be represented by props, too. Photographers have long been using props to provide insight into their subjects’ personalities. But, finding unique ones that are not clichéd is the trick. Avoid using pearls, a feather boa or other traditional “escorty” props that look trashy and overused.
  10. Hold up or include humorous signs in your photos. Looking around your world, it’s possible that there are some funny signs nearby. They may be business signage, road signs or other things that make you chuckle. Perhaps, the signs are not so funny, but coupled with the right pose, they become hilarious. This is a great way to demonstrate your sense of humor. But, you have to take these photos of yourself in a tasteful manner that does not detract from their overall purpose of promoting you as an escort. As long as you can project your positive image and sense of humor at the same time, it’s a win-win.
  11. Inserting captions with your photos can help get your point across. Even if you can’t include your facial expressions, photos can be cued with captions that tell a client what you were thinking, what you want him to do or why you included the photo. Captions can be funny, serious or deliver calls to action. They can show sweetness, sarcasm or pure attitude. They reveal how you think and, sometimes, how you speak about life or yourself. While you shouldn’t spend obscene amounts of time creating captions for photos (or photos to use with captions), they can be useful if they easily come to mind.
  12. Framing your photos with a close or enlarged focus can define you more. Emphasis on one body part (your hip or curve of your neck, for instance) can really provide allure and appreciation for your beauty, in an individualized manner. Escorts who are comfortable with it should consider images that don’t reveal full body shots. Smaller framed photos often tell more about a person, providing more details and characteristics. However, photos that include more in the frame may reveal how you feel in your environment or during that particular instant.
  13. Avoid raunchy photographs. Some escorts believe that because their faces aren’t shown in their photos, it’s perfectly acceptable to post the most risqué, obscene photos in order to appeal to prospective clients. This is completely the wrong approach if you want to be viewed as a classy, upscale escort. Trashy, nude photos with the sole purpose of exposing your genitals or other regions don’t really tell a story about you, except that you don’t have much pride in yourself. This is not the message most escorts want to share with clients. Regardless of anything, your images should tell a story of a classy, intelligent woman who respects herself and her clients.