Keep them coming back for more

Just like in any business, it’s important to keep the clients in an escort business coming back for more. Conventional marketing techniques, tweaked to apply to the services provided through escorting, can help retain clients. Simple things like keeping in touch, showing appreciation and catering to a client’s needs/wants can ensure repeat business.

First, it’s important to look at one’s escort service as a business. The bottom line is how much money can be earned through the business and services provided. Elementary marketing theory indicates to business owners that a current customer is much easier to keep than it is to attract a new customer. The same concept can be applied to clients of an escort business. Getting that first appointment with a client is more difficult and time-consuming than booking subsequent appointments. Client retention is essential to a successful escorting enterprise.

There are several ways to retain a client. The most obvious way is to ask to see the client again. A good escort may praise or flatter a client by building him (or her) up to feel important, attractive, intelligent or powerful. After sharing appreciation for the client, it’s appropriate to ask to see him or her again. Most retail businesses ask for a customer’s email address or mailing address in order to stay in communication with him or her and to be able to invite them back to the store. Escorts can do the same thing. Ask a client if it’s alright to email him or her to get an opportunity to continue the connection and request future appointments.

Making the connection and establishing a relationship is essential, as well. During the appointment with a client, an escort should be enthusiastic the entire time. Much like store clerks should administer good customer service to enhance a customer’s shopping experience, an escort’s enthusiasm and demeanor can enhance the client’s experience, too. An escort should be engaged during conversation, respond to jokes and anecdotes and participate happily in any other services provided during the appointment. The focus should always be on the client’s enjoyment, so the escort should go the extra mile to make sure her (or his) client is fully pleased.

An escort should take his or her time with a client. A client will notice when an escort starts watching the clock. This may diminish the enjoyment of the client during the remaining time of the appointment. If he or she feels like the escort is only biding time until it’s time to leave, the fun and pleasure of the time spent together seems more like the escort is only providing a service or performing a job, instead of enjoying lavishing his or her attention on the client. An escort should be willing to spend an extra 15 or 30 minutes with a client, with hopes of retaining him as a long-term client.

Effective escorts often remember birthdays and help celebrate promotions or other special events. The celebration may be as simple as a cupcake or card for a birthday or as elaborate as buying a gift or providing a special service. Much like retail stores send a card or provide customers with a discount for their birthdays or anniversaries, escorts can do something to make their clients feel special and appreciated.

Retail stores and other businesses make a point to pay attention to customers’ needs and wants. This is one of the most significant things an escort can do to ensure client retention. Other businesses may begin stocking certain products, extend store hours and provide extra customer service as a result of meeting customer demands. Escorts may choose to pay attention to clients’ needs or special desires and provide appointments at different times, cater to extra fantasies and meet other needs/wants of their clients.

The bottom line is that an escort must appreciate and show gratitude for her or his clients. The worst thing he or she can do is to take clients for granted. Clients must feel appreciated and know that an escort wants to see him or her again. Escorts should market themselves by letting the client know they want their repeat business. Even though many clients don’t like to admit it, their appointments with escorts are simple business arrangements. And, business is business.