10 easy transitions out of the escort career

It’s common for escorts to experience periods of burnout and to look for an exit. Other motivations may cause an escort to seek new paths, too. Escorts who have matured, albeit gracefully, may find they no longer have the demand for encounters they once had. Health-related obstacles may make escorting impossible if a disability or severe condition makes the strenuous demands of the job difficult, including the physical requirements with clients and maintaining a full schedule. And many escorts decide to ditch the escort gig for personal reasons that may include relationships or family priorities.

Regardless of your motivations to leave the escort industry, you may still be left wondering how you can transition into a new profession. There are several ways that you can implement the skills you acquired and perfected as an escort into a new, worthy career. Here are the top 10 ways you can vary your escorting career:

  1. Provide fake girlfriend services. Despite the recent sports debacle with Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend, the need for falsified affection from a fantasy girlfriend is still a very real one for many men. While the Girlfriend Experience may work for many of them, others don’t want to have physical contact with a woman. They just want a girlfriend in name and spirit. Several online businesses provide such services, including GirlfriendHire.com, NamoroFake.com and FakeInternetGirlfriend.com. For a fee, they provide clients with a few phone calls, interaction on social media networking sites and the ability to brag to others that they have someone in their lives. Because many of these services provide limited features, you could begin marketing your services to potential clients with a much more personalized approach. If you have a talent with photo-editing software, you can produce convincing photos of the two of you together. Sending loving text messages, emails or provide the appearance of a long-distance girlfriend. Many clients are looking for such arrangements to combat several problems: nosey, well-intentioned nagging from friends and family about his dating life; the desire to make an ex-girlfriend jealous; attempts to look more successful and “normal” efforts to attract a real girlfriend; fight employer bias against single employees and the simple need for attention. As an escort, you already developed your wooing and seduction skills. Working as a virtual girlfriend with all the bells and whistles should be easy for you.
  2. Virtual escorting is beginning to catch on, and it requires similar services provided over an Internet connection instead of in person. Think: cybersex and phone sex on steroids. Virtual escorts provide intimate encounters over the Internet to clients who are unable or unwilling to meet up in person for a variety of reasons that could include disability, distance or illness. Booking the encounter occurs much like it does with traditional clients. But, through the use of video chatting interfaces, you meet up virtually at a predesignated time. The most popular interfaces are Skype and ooVoo. Accepting online payment prior to the encounter pays for your time and effort. The encounter begins as any other one would with some innocent small talk and quickly progresses into something more. You must be into exhibitionism to perform well as this type of an escort, because the bulk of your interaction with your client occurs via webcam. You must be able to vocalize your thoughts to keep the encounter interesting and moving along, understand that screenshots of the encounter could appear on the Internet and be willing to practice to learn the best angles, lighting and backgrounds for your sessions.
  3. Social escorting isn’t too much of a transition from regular escorting, except that your clients are hiring you for events and activities that occur mainly in public and don’t involve groping behind closed doors. Social escorts aren’t paid as well as other industry escorts, but their schedules are usually more consistent and planned. They provide their services to clients by accompanying them as a date to weddings, reunions, banquets and other events where people are expected to have a “+1.” Often, it’s much like performing as a fake girlfriend, and you are sometimes expected to provide general affection while you’re out and about with your “date.” Many social escorts get to go on fun excursions and rub elbows with interesting crowds, however some get stuck on boring dates to business dinners.
  4. Sex therapy could be a lucrative career path for you to take, utilizing the knowledge and intuition you picked up as an escort. You learned a lot about what makes clients tick, sexually, and gained instincts about human nature, both necessary attributes for a successful sex therapists. Usually credentialed as psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage and family therapists or clinical social workers, sex therapists rely not only on their traditional teachings in graduate school, but also on an extensive sexuality training geared toward developing therapy methods to deal with clients with intimacy issues. They utilize talk therapy, unless sexual surrogacy is required, and collaborate with doctors to address clients’ physical problems with sex. They operate under the guise that sex is beneficial to life (which is a mantra most escorts adhere to), and they help individuals separate relationship issues from sex problems. Your experience working with clients has already set you up for a clear comprehension of a sex therapist’s job. All you have left to do is enroll in a graduate program and become credentialed.
  5. An escort is primed to become an escort consultant based on her knowledge and skills. Many new escorts entering the industry are looking for mentors to help lead them through ways to start up their careers, learn marketing tips and develop other leadership skills to help ensure success. Escort consultants charge up-and-coming escorts for their time as they shape them into candidates for great fortune. Another way that escort consultants help the industry is to work with potential clients and identify suitable high-end escorts for them. Many of these wealthy clients are too busy to sift through escort profiles and reviews to find the right girl. They may come to an escort consultant for help in finding someone who fits their needs. Working through all the industry speak and learning about the escorts in your area, you act as a matchmaker, of sorts, for the escort/client relationship.
  6. Escorts need photographers who understand their business. Many escorts go to general photographers who don’t comprehend the kinds of photos they need for their profiles and websites. Often, they come away with over-sexed pictures that look like every other escort who has been professionally photographed. This isn’t helping them. If you’ve perfected your skills through taking your own photos, you may be able to capitalize on what you’ve learned. Your eye for lighting and backgrounds can help you create images that help demonstrate an escort’s personality and individuality. Helping others avoid boring, traditional photos can provide you with quite a calling card that others will use to acquire personalized photos, too. All that is required is a good camera and some photo editing software, in addition to a little skill and a good eye.
  7. Many escorts have no idea how to create their own websites or what to ask for from developers. If you’ve become accomplished at creating your own sites and updating them, along with embedding trackers and analytics software, you may find a new career as a website designer for escorts. You already know the basics that clients look for in an escort website: photos, more photos, ease of use and information about rates/schedules. Utilize this knowledge when developing websites for other escorts, in addition to figuring out a way to demonstrate an escort’s personality through her site. Use your self-taught expertise to create a functionable site that clients will appreciate.
  8. Although most of them are quite educated and intelligent, escorts aren’t usually writers. When it comes time for them to produce content for their sites, they ramble, use stilted language, revert to stealing other escort profile copy and put up content that rarely reflects their abilities or personalities. They need help from qualified wordsmiths who can help them craft prose that speaks to clients. They need profiles, bios, email templates and other content that will draw in and retain clients. Your writing and interviewing skills can help them connect with clients in expert ways that only an industry insider would know. Most freelance writers don’t do this kind of work for the adult industry, so you may find a great niche with this new career path.
  9. Several escorts have turned journalist/author. It’s very common for an escort to blog. And, some blogs have become so popular that books have resulted from their posts. Belle de Jour (Dr. Brooke Magnanti) authored three books and was the inspiration for a movie and a television series with her blog. Amanda Brooks has made a success of selling books that tell women how to become escorts. She is also quite vocal about the industry and provides a reasonable, respectable impression on mainstream society, despite her humble escort and stripper beginnings. Others have written books about their experiences, expertise on men and relationships and how-to guides for escorting. If you’re interested in writing, this could be a lucrative choice for you, because society is always interested in sex advice and sordid details of taboo worlds.
  10. Escorts have many skills and may seek to pursue other business ventures. Some are skilled at marketing and may consult or work in a marketing firm. You could be great with people, and when you couple your communication skills with your degree, you might find that a public relations career is suited for you. Many escorts go into management, especially after managing their small business for years, or fashion, using their acquired skills to produce clothing, accessory lines or helpful tips for others.