10 escort marketing benefits of social media

Social media networks surround our online lives everywhere. Nearly all websites give you the option to share articles, links or photos on your favorite networks. When you look on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, very few American escorts or escort agencies have accounts for their businesses.

However, social media can provide you with free marketing opportunities and ways to connect with prospective clients in a low-key, discreet way.

Using social media in your personal life is quite simple. You may have connected with friends from elementary or high school, family members or past co-workers. And with a page or account devoted to your escorting career, you can similarly reach out to would-be clients.

Mass mediaThe most popular social media websites you may consider using are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Implement the top 10 ways to use social media to advance your escorting career:

  1. Know the rules for adult content on social media sites. Each site has a different policy regarding adult-oriented content or photos. As a result, you will need to research the guidelines and adhere closely to their rules in order to maintain an account. If you fail to meet their guidelines, they will delete your account without warning. Most sites have fairly open policies about adult-oriented businesses, as long as you are providing services or products lawfully. Here are a few specifics you should know: A) Facebook allows no pornographic or explicitly sexual content in status postings. Nudity is not allowed in photos. However, the site administrators agree that they serve a diverse community that may have interests in adult-oriented businesses. As long as you keep your posts somewhat clean, you won’t be kicked out. B) Twitter is open to adult-centered businesses, but it does not allow pornographic images or nudity in profile, background or header photos. Otherwise, you can tweet any naughty thing you want, as long as you aren’t doing anything illegal. C) LinkedIn has no specific adult content policies, so long as you don’t spam members who have no interest in what you are offering. D) YouTube will remove content they deem to be pornography or obscene, and the administrators may delete a user’s account for repeated infringement of the terms.
  2. Share your posts to social media with everyone. On most networks, you have the choice to make your posts private to only a selective group, open to your contacts’ contacts or public for everyone. The best way to get the most out of this marketing technique is to allow your posts to go public for the world to see. Allowing more views to your content may create the potential for more contacts…and ultimately, more clients. However, you must keep your status updates or tweets fairly innocuous. You can still be sexy and classy at the same time through posting updates that don’t border on the obscene.
  3. Interact with others. When your updates cause someone to comment or reply to something you said, it’s only right to take a moment to interact. Your reply can be as simple as a “LOL!” or a smiley face. But, creating this ebb and flow to an online conversation is what social media is built on. Respond to comments and questions; engage in conversations between members. But, be extremely careful not to divulge personal information. Be just as cautious online as you are in person about sharing with strangers. Of course, if some of your contacts begin to take up too much of your time online (like many clients may try to do with texts or phone calls) avoid over-commenting and encouraging the situation. Your purpose for interaction is to entice clients to call you for an encounter…not just for online chatting.
  4. Post pictures and videos regularly. Social media is based not only on the typed word, but also on the visual images provided by participants. To stoke interest and provide reasons that contacts want to follow you, it is essential for you to post tantalizing photos of yourself. Use the same standards you apply for photos you post to online profiles or your website. If you don’t allow headshots in your other profiles, don’t include any pictures that show your face in social media. Keep in mind that many sites will ban members for posting nudity, so keep your photos toned down to where they only hint of your naked body. In other words, keep them at the R-rating…or possibly a liberal PG-13.
  5. Tag others in your posts or photos. You may have contacts that are industry partners, local businesses or fellow escorts. Be sure to engage with them through social media by tagging them from time to time. For instance, if you went to dinner with a client last night at a restaurant, post something about the establishment and tag it at the same time. If you’re wearing a lingerie designer’s duds in a photo, tag her or her company. Including others in your posts and photos increases the social aspect of your marketing and demonstrates how engaged you are with others. And, it gets others excited about what you’re doing.
  6. Comment on others’ posts, photos and videos. Others may have a larger group of followers than you do, especially in the beginning of your social media effort. However, you can reach out to another user’s contacts through posting a comment to one of their photos or updates. For instance, if a contact who is a porn model or actress posts something on her wall on Facebook, commenting in a witty or thoughtful way will create exposure for you among all of her followers. You have essentially communicated with all of her contacts. This is a great way to demonstrate to others that you are worth investigating further. You may get several new followers after interacting in this manner.
  7. Add contacts when they request it. Even if a follower seems a bit odd or out of character according to his or her profile, allow their participation in your social media marketing. After all, the more people you reach out to, the better. Many people are hesitant to approve contacts they don’t know. When you’re trying to expand your marketing base, welcome anyone who is interested.
  8. Post interesting content. Once in awhile, it’s acceptable to tweet about what you had for dinner or to update your Facebook status to say you’re going to bed. But boring, mundane interactions like these will not keep your followers engaged and interested. You need to be constantly looking for or creating content that your followers want to see or read. If you come across an interesting news article that deals with the escort industry or other adult-oriented content, link to the information. Find trivia or little-known facts that may create some pleasant conversation among your followers. Post your own blog posts for friends and clients to see and read. Regardless of the variety of content you post, it must be tasteful and follow the rules of the social media network you use. Again, your posts can never encourage your clients to break the law or insinuate that you do. Always make sure that your content deals with the legal aspects of escorting, if that is the subject matter of your post.
  9. Stay true to your escort brand. You’ve worked hard to create and maintain an image for your escort career. Tweeting or YouTubing things that fail to coincide with your image will not be beneficial for your career. Stick to your girl-next-door persona or whatever your “shtick” is when you post photos, videos or updates. Don’t allow others to post unbecoming statements, photos or other items to your account that would demean your efforts to maintain your branding. Simply delete any comments that you feel are detrimental to your goals. Be sure that you include links to your website or online profiles, in addition to providing contact information for prospective clients. If you have a business logo, it is essential to prominently include it on your account.
  10. Use your social media marketing for soft selling. Social media marketing helps to get clients to your other web presences. Your online profile or website should be used to really draw in the clients and make them feel compelled to book an encounter with you. This is where you should exert the pressure-selling technique. Your efforts to market yourself in the social media world should simply attract attention to the services you provide and drop hints that a prospective client might enjoy spending time with you. It’s subtle and leaves the impression with the client that contacting you is all his idea.

While escorts seem to be hesitant to break out into the social media world, you are faced with a tremendous opportunity to define yourself as an individual. Because there aren’t large numbers of escorts using Facebook and other sites, you will stand out to users of these networks. Social media sites are overflowing with potential clients who might never think to contact an escort without your subtle encouragement. Creating a social media network presence may grow a whole new client base for you.