10 great escort date ideas for the summer

Summer lovin’ is the best kind! Summer lends itself to many romantic activities that are just right for couples… even if you aren’t “really” a couple. Most escorts offer the GFE and are happy to oblige by going on “dates” with their clients, all while the client knows that at the end of the night he’s definitely going to get his goodnight kiss.

Summer is the time that outdoor dates can be comfortably under the stars and provide opportunities for a little more skin-to-skin contact. Here are the top 10 summer dates to go on with an escort:

  1. Go out for ice cream. Your local ice cream parlor can provide some distraction, and possibly foreplay, for you as you and your escort get to know one another. Everyone loves ice cream, and it’s a great snack for summer. Besides, there’s the chance to tease each other by seductively licking your ice cream or becoming more chummy by sharing a big sundae for two. There’s something so innocent about ice cream that it brings out the child in everyone, which can result in even more fun between the two of you when you get some privacy.
  2. Attend the farmer’s market or a local art walk. View the vendor’s wares from fresh produce to pottery. Music is usually a part of both festivities and is always an enjoyable aspect to the events. Get to know one another better by joking over items, negotiating with the vendors and buying items that reveal things about your personalities. Buy some trinkets as souvenirs of the date, and make the encounter special in a way that your escort is probably unaccustomed to. During the time at the market or art walk, sneak a few innocent peeks at your escort as she talks to vendors and enjoys herself.
  3. Get wet. Any activity that involves water is great for the summer. Whether you choose a sunset cruise on your yacht or boat, plan a day on a private beach or have drinks by the pool, the opportunity to strip down to your swim gear and play in the water (or near it) is what summer is all about. The bonus part is you get to see your escort in her bikini, which should definitely get your motor running for the last part of your date with her.
  4. Take her out to the ballgame. Summer and baseball go hand in hand. Any American girl will enjoy an afternoon or evening at the ballpark with a good beer and a hotdog, along with your enjoyable company. Cheering together for the home team can really bond you, which will make your moments together later all the more intimate.
  5. Go on a picnic. Whether it’s a picnic in the park, at the beach, or in your backyard, a picnic sets a romantic mood simply by the intimacy it suggests by sitting together on a blanket. Have a gourmet meal or sandwiches, it doesn’t matter. One romantic way to make the picnic special is to involve candlelight and then stargaze afterward. Your escort will enjoy the encounter, and so will you.
  6. Take a scenic drive. With the top down or the windows simply rolled down, a scenic drive with the music blaring takes anyone back to days gone by. Turn the music down a few notches so that you and your escort can talk, and the drive gets even better. End the drive at a great, out-of-the-way restaurant and enjoy the evening… and, perhaps, get a room, too.
  7. Get your groove on with an outdoor concert or live band. Outdoor concerts are popular during the summer, as are live band performances in clubs’ beer garden areas. Great live music under the stars creates instant romance that both you and your escort will appreciate.
  8. Cook together. Get to grilling or cook up produce and groceries bought at the local farmer’s market. Chop, season, stir and test taste together prior to eating your fine meal outdoors on the patio. Cooking is sexy, and sharing the experience turns it up a notch where it’s red hot.
  9. Take your escort on a horseback ride at sunset. Ride off into the horizon with your escort to see the sunset. Be sure to ask your escort ahead of time if they like horses. Riding together creates a sense of calm and binds you to nature. Watching the sunset with your escort is inherently romantic, which may get the ball rolling for the rest of your encounter.
  10. Be “up” for the occasion with a hot air balloon ride. (Make sure your escort is not afraid of heights.) Most hot air balloon owners charter out their balloons and may provide champagne, snacks or a light meal on sunset cruises. The quiet, calm and view are breathtaking and will provide a great beginning to the evening.