10 holiday etiquette principles that escorts can safely ignore

When you work in an industry where your success is measured based on the quality of services you provide to clients, it’s usually important to abide by standard rules of etiquette and conduct. However, during the holiday season, there are several guidelines that escorts can ignore or adapt for their own purposes.

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The escort industry is a much different service-related category from others in that escorts are hired to spend time with clients and analysis of their services can be quite subjective. Additionally, each escort is her own person, with her own policies and procedures, which means that no standard rules apply to each and every woman working within the industry. During the holiday season, escorts may feel pressured to abide by standard codes of conduct regarding gift giving, familiarity and other topics. However, some etiquette tips can simply be ignored, such as:

  1. “Valued clients deserve gifts” In the world of sales, clients often cash in on some fairly valuable items as a way for account execs to ensure future sales and demonstrate their gratitude for their business. And, while some escorts adhere to the tradition of honoring their loyal clients with presents, an escort should never feel obligated to give gifts to those who book encounters with her. Escorts make their livelihood from time spent with clients. The money they make from the encounters shouldn’t have to be funneled back into appreciation gifts for clients. Furthermore, many clients see it as a waste of money for them to pay an escort for her time, only to have her give a portion of it back to them in the form of a Christmas gift. Additionally, most escorts feel the need to reciprocate with a gift when one is given to them by a client. You should never feel pressured to give something in return. If a client chooses to buy you a gift, that is his choice. You haven’t prompted, encouraged or persuaded him to do so. Under no circumstances should you feel like you must provide a gift back to him. Finally, although you should never feel like you have to give your clients gifts, it is appropriate to take a little bit of extra time to voice your appreciation for their business and loyalty.
  2. “Re-gifting is tacky and demonstrates lack of gratitude” Trying to pawn off your aunt’s hand-knitted sweater on a client is, of course, something you should never try. Not only will he not want a gift made by your aunt, but she spent her time and effort making you the gift. It is terribly inconsiderate to get rid of the personal gift so thoughtlessly. However, wrapping up a new iPod (given to you by a client) to give to your mother for Christmas is perfectly acceptable. The secret to acceptable regifting is ensuring that the item is appropriate for the new recipient and was not a labor of love from the original giver. Many clients give escorts electronics, jewelry, clothing, purses, bottles of wine and other items. It’s fairly common for an escort to not need the gift, as she has others similar. Sometimes, the gift is a wonderful item, but it just doesn’t fit the personality or preferences of the escort. For instance, a bottle of perfume may smell great, but the escort doesn’t care for that particular scent. It’s a shame to let the bottle go to waste, and it could be insulting to give the perfume back to the client. But, regifting it to your niece or best friend is a great way to save some money, spoil them and make sure the item is used. Escorts who don’t drink wine often bring their gifted bottles with them to dinner parties. Spa products that are not preferred brands for an escort can make great gifts for friends and others on your list. However, be ready with a response when your client asks you how you are liking the gift he gave you. Letting him know you regifted his present probably won’t settle well with him.
  3. “Thank-you cards are required for all gifts received” Unless you want to draw attention to the fact that your client gave you a diamond bracelet for Christmas, you should avoid sending him a thank you card. Most clients give escorts gifts on the sly. They pull money from unwatched accounts, charge a gift to a corporate account or take other measures to ensure that their purchases for escorts are hidden from prying or suspicious eyes. When you send a thank you note for a gift, you increase the chances of him being found out, thus putting your relationship with him in jeopardy. There are many other ways you can express your sincere appreciation for a gift, other than sending a card. In fact, during an encounter, there are several creative ways you can demonstrate to a client how generous you think he’s been.
  4. “Cooking or baking is a necessity when you are a host” Your clients aren’t showing up for an encounter at your incall for social hour, tea and crumpets or dinner (most times). They are arriving to soak up the pleasure of your company… and whatever else transpires between the two of you during their booked session. Unless your encounter with a client specifically entails food (like a sploshing or food fight experience), snacks or a full-fledged meal is completely unnecessary and inappropriate. While it can be a nice gesture to provide homemade treats to a client if that’s your “thing,” escorts should never feel like they are required by social standards to provide something for a client to nosh on while he’s there. If he’s hungry, he can take care of that after your encounter is over. A client never shows up at an escort’s incall, expecting for her to provide yummy, home-baked edibles when he’s paying for her time. While societal standards may imply that the holiday season is the time to bake and serve up goodies to others, an encounter is not the time or the place to do it.
  5. “You must attend your employer’s holiday party” For many people, making time to show up at the holiday party at their work or office is part of the yearly routine. Often, holiday bonuses are handed out at the party, so it’s somewhat mandatory to attend. Other times, it’s simply expected by the boss or supervisor, and you receive the third degree about your absence after the fact. But, when you’re an escort, you have no employment-related holiday party you are required to attend. There are no obligatory office pools for the gift for the boss, boring parties or other uncomfortable, awkward celebrations you must pretend to enjoy. However, due to providing such desirable companionship to your clients, you might be asked to attend a holiday function with them. It’s common for an escort to be invited to a holiday banquet or ball associated with a client’s employment; many high-level executives are expected to attend, with a date. Part of their success in their industry is measured on the fact they have a “plus one” to bring along. Even though you won’t be required to attend a party of your own, it’s possible that you might still end up trying to make small talk at one for a client.
  6. “«Happy Holidays!» is the only acceptable way to say it” Depending on your outlook, being politically correct by wishing people “happy holidays” may be too much for you. The idea originated as a way to be inclusive about all holidays that occur during the month of December, ranging from Kwanzaa to Hanukah to Christmas. But, for many people who are strong Christians or traditionalists, the idea of ejecting Christmas from the season well wishes is intolerable. Unless you have a significant number of clients who do not celebrate Christmas, you shouldn’t worry about the need to be politically correct. Escorts who know they have clients of differing faiths may choose to be more cautious when they mention the holidays, but most clients will be forgiving if wished a “Merry Christmas” instead of a “Happy Hanukah.” (Often, they will simply reciprocate with their appropriate statement.) Escorts should feel free to mention the holiday season in ways that make them comfortable. After all, your clients are hiring you for your time and companionship, not for your politically correct mumbo jumbo. Be natural and genuine with them, even if this means bucking current “happy holidays” trends.
  7. “The holiday season is a time for strengthening bonds and relationships” It is true that emotions run high and gratitude runs deep during the holiday season, which creates a great foundation to create stronger ties with friends and family members. However, escorts should never feel the pressure of the holidays to let their guards down with clients and seek friendships instead of professional relationships. Your clients are your business. They are not your new BFFs or boyfriends. You market yourself in order to attract their attention, and they pay you money to spend time with them. Nowhere in this relationship builds a strong basis for a friendship that is founded on anything else besides a supply and demand business transaction. While it’s natural to be on friendly terms with your clients, you should never feel obligated to get closer to them or loosen up around them, as if they were something more than a client. It’s essential that you do your best to keep the lines of your relationship intact. Blurring them whatsoever can not only be confusing to you, but it can lead to trouble down the line with them: unwanted attention, emotional upset and loss of clients can occur. Remain professional, even during the holidays.
  8. “Greeting cards are a must” If it’s entered your head, abandon the thought that you should create a sexy Christmas card and give or send it to all of your clients. While some people will tell you it’s great marketing, the truth is that it is terribly indiscreet. Unless you do some sort of e-newsletter currently for your clients, a card should never be sent out to your clients unsolicited. You never know how they have their email inboxes set up, who checks their mail or other details that could cause your innocent Christmas card to cause a stir in his life. Your clients rely on you to use caution when you communicate with them, often to the point where you are never supposed to call them. While many professionals do send out cards to their clients, this is one trend you should avoid. Not only can it “out” your client, but it can also fall into the wrong hands and reveal your secret life to friends or family members.
  9. “Lavish decorations are a must” While the holiday spirit may be calling your name, it’s possible to go overboard when decorating for the Christmas season, especially at your incall. Most clients don’t want to feel as though they’ve been whisked away to the holiday department at Nordstrom’s or to the North Pole when they arrive for an encounter with you. While some tasteful decorations, which might include one Christmas tree, can be festive, overkill can make you look like the crazy Christmas lady. Simple is the look you should shoot for; remember that less is more when it comes to decorating. Additionally, most clients know that your incall is not your home, so lavishly decorating it may seem a bit odd. Think of it as your office; you can create a festive holiday mood without decking out every corner.
  10. “Only traditional approach to holidays can result in fun” For many people, the holiday season means high-calorie, yummy treats, alcohol-laced cocktails and other high-inducing efforts. While it can be fun to indulge in these aspects of celebration associated with this season, it’s completely unnecessary. Escorts should always feel that they have the right to turn down treats, liquor or anything else that a client brings to share. A successful diet can be derailed by just one decadent truffle. A night of cocktails can result in two missed days of work and unspeakable damage to your reputation. Never feel that you are forced to indulge simply because the holiday season allows, forgives or encourages it. Use your own standards to determine if you want to partake of any “treats” your client brings; but, you shouldn’t do it simply because tradition states it’s the norm.

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