10 keys to improved escort marketing (+ bonus)

An escort’s marketing plan is the ticket to her lifestyle. Reaching out to prospective clients and enticing them to book encounters is a challenge, especially considering the competition from other beautiful, capable escorts on the Internet. And, while you may already have your marketing plan in place, it never hurts to take another look at it to see where it can be improved.

Several parts of the escort/client relationship can be considered marketing. From email communications to website profiles, escorts must work to improve their presence in front of their clients at all stages of the relationship. To improve your escort career, consider these top 10 steps an escort can take to improve her marketing:

  1. Target your ideal client. Maybe you already have a nice list of clients. But, are any of them your “perfect” client? If they are a hodge-podge of undesirables, it’s time to target your marketing so you attract the kind of client you want. You shouldn’t be marketing simply to any male over the age of 18. It’s important to narrow down the type of client you would prefer to have on a regular basis. This client is the one you want to appeal to most. Consider the demographics of your ideal client. Income, age, marriage status and career industry are good demographics to consider when trying to create niche marketing. After you’ve identified the demographics, consider the things in an escort relationship that this client will value most. Use these values and concepts to market yourself, instead of general appeals.
  2. Talk to your clients. In your profile, you shouldn’t exclusively focus on yourself. Your profile is an opportunity for you to speak directly to a client and convince him to spend some of his time and hard-earned cash on you. Telling him that you grew up on a southern plantation or partied among the rich and famous in the Big Apple isn’t going to convince him to call you up. However, if your profile seems like a personalized invitation for him, he may be enticed to pick up the phone. Address your client as you write your profile by using “you” throughout it. Instead of saying you give the experience of a lifetime, say, “I promise to give you the experience of a lifetime.” Marketing that seems personalized is much more effective.
  3. Use better pictures. Men are visual creatures. If your photos are amateurish, taken in bad light or show your messy bathroom behind you, it’s time to improve your photo gallery. Ask some of your favorite clients what type of pictures they’d like to see. Explain to them your photo limitations (no crude nudity, no facial displays and affordability). Your clients may be able to give you some great ideas about what they would like to see or some examples of great escort photos they’ve seen on the Internet. If your clients don’t have good ideas (or you’re hesitant to ask them), go online and look for amazing photos that would be easy to replicate. Additionally, consider editing your current photos, if the poses and focus are good. You may be able to create brighter images or incorporate interesting effects to make them more suitable. Use online tutorials to edit your photos if you are inexperienced.
  4. Post escort ads with a clear call to action. Many sales professionals can attest to the fact that if you don’t make a request for a customer to do something, they won’t. That’s just like your online escort profile. You may have provided a prospective client good information that makes them curious about you. But if you don’t go one step further to tell them to contact you, the effort may be lost. Clients need a directive in the marketing you target them with. Close every communication you have with a client by suggesting he make contact to schedule an encounter.
  5. Dump ineffective advertising. Keeping track of where you get your clients is essential. And, when you discover that one particular element of your marketing plan isn’t creating any leads for you, eliminate it. It’s one less outlet that you have to manage. Spending time and money on advertising methods that are not bringing you clients does not make sense. If you don’t know how effective your marketing is, find out! Use different email addresses or phone numbers for different sites. Or, simply ask clients where they found you.
  6. Communicate better. After you’ve convinced a client to call or email you, the work is not over. He may not have decided to book an encounter after his first communication with you. You must make sure that when you communicate with a client, your efforts to get him to book are just as good as the marketing used to hook him in the first place. Proofread all texts and emails before you send them. Use your sexiest “phone” voice and speak on the phone with purpose. Follow up as you’ve promised and work to seal the deal. However, avoid being pushy or sounding too interested in money, which can turn a client off. Keep focused on the plan to provide the client with something valuable…and encourage him to allow you to do it.
  7. Personalize your marketing and communication. If you’ve met with a client a couple of months ago, be sure to remember his name and something about him when he calls to set up his next appointment. Just like you enjoy being remembered in a place you do business, clients really like knowing that an escort remembers something special about them. Keep good notes about clients so you can quickly recall details to “wow” him with. Making a client feel special is a surefire way to keep him as a regular.
  8. Engage in social media. Many escorts are hesitant to take part in social media, because they have to walk a fine line about what’s appropriate to post and what’s not. Just remember that everything you post should be PG-13 rated and never, ever address a client directly using social media. Avoid using your real name or providing a phone number on your social media account profiles. Post pictures and status updates that remind clients you are around, but never solicit any activity in a social online community.
  9. Rewrite your ad templates. Focus on using keywords and SEO-rich content so that your profile can be picked up through Internet searches. Additionally, reduce your word count, because people don’t read – we scan. Cut your message. Cut again. Cut some more. Use a powerful headline. If your headline isn’t specific, change it.
  10. Focus on quality. While other escorts may try to brag about the range of things they will do to a client or the value that a client gets with them, do something more powerful. Inform clients that they will be getting quality time with you. Focus on how relaxed, fulfilled and renewed a client will feel when he leaves an encounter with you. An encounter is not about a few intimate acts or a pretty face. It’s about an experience that is not like others they can get in their daily lives.

    And, as promised, a bonus:

  11. Deliver what you promise. Between Google, TinEye, Facebook, Twitter, and ASP review sites there is only this long before you can’t continue ripping people off. We all know each other. We all know the value of each other’s word.

Your marketing is what sets you apart from others in your industry. You must work continuously to improve it and create a strategy that evolves to enhance your career. As your career grows and your goals change, your marketing must adapt, too. Always be aware that you can do a better job with your marketing, and strive to constantly improve.