10 manicure and makeup tips for escorts

If you’re starting out in the escort industry, you may be unsure as to how you’re going to present yourself as the beautiful, sexy self that you are over and over again, without wiping out your bank account or over-exhausting your body with facials, hair color and waxes.

Try these tips for how to stay beautiful—and confident—client after client.

  1. Unless a specific fantasy has been requested, keep it simple

    Keep three terms in mind always: feminine, clean, neutral. An escort is a blank canvas that the client should easily imagine fitting different kinds of circumstances, and chances are they’ll call on you for more than one occasion.

  2. Keep nails at a short clip

    Too long—and you risk literally scratching a client or looking like a cheap prostitute with press-ons. Too short—and you risk losing the feminine appeal of that awesome feeling when nails are gently dragged across the skin. Keep the white of your nails to about ¼”, no more.

  3. Look at your hands to choose your nail shape

    In keeping with the feminine aspect of looking your best, you want your hands to look soft and ready for holding, with lean, long fingers. Unfortunately, many of escorts aren’t blessed with glove-model worthy hands. If you have narrow nail beds (think the width of your nail and the amount of curve in relation to your fingers), you should opt for an oval-shaped nail. A square file will make your nails look stubby and your fingers look shorter, whereas an oval shape will increase their femininity and draw the eye to the end. If you have an average or narrow nail, a square file is classic and clean, and best for looking well groomed, especially if you get a French manicure. It will help draw the entire length of the nail longer, extending the fingers as well.

  4. Go for a seasonal, clean color

    While bright red might be fun during the holidays or for a tropical bash, they also scream streetwalker. Dark nails might seem appropriate in the dead of winter, but they’ll also show every scratch and chip and be harder to maintain. Pick a neutral pink or tan, one that works with your skin tone. Before getting a manicure, try a different shade of what you’re thinking of on each finger, then ask around using the terms feminine and neutral to help gauge which one is best for you.

  5. Pick your favorite facial feature and work around it

    Escorts don’t need to pile on the makeup to accentuate your cheekbones, eyes and lips. Try to do so and you may look more like a drag queen than someone a client wants to get close with. What is the feature you most get noticed for? Whichever it is, make sure it’s the one that gets the most attention, and then color the rest to subtly match. This may change depending on the client or the occasion, but you’re more likely to impress with one “wow” factor.

  6. Consider the time and location

    Don’t go overboard if meeting a client for a lunch in public; keep it simple and aim to look like a really attractive colleague of theirs. But if heading to a club at night, keep in mind that you’ll be in very dim lighting and your features may need a boost. If meeting a client in a private location, guess as much as you can as to what the lighting will look like.

  7. Groom those brows!

    At least once a month, go to a waxing or threading salon to get your brows shaped. It costs relatively little, and then you can keep things clean between appointments with some minimal plucking. Don’t go crazy on your own brows—if you’re a tad overzealous you may make a snip you regret and have to trim the other brow to match. And make sure the shape compliments your face and doesn’t just fill some trend you saw in a magazine.

  8. Pick a beauty line you love and stick with two or three basic looks you can easily repeat

    Many beauty lines that you can find in department stores offer free makeovers or makeup lessons. Use them to come up with a clean, neutral, feminine look you feel super special in for daytime meetings, and a second that’s a bit more saucy and sultry for the darker hours. Go big with the initial purchase so that you can nail the look over and over again, and then substitute certain products with pharmacy brands if necessary once you run out.

  9. Choose when quality matters and when cost should win

    Remember that escort’s makeup and skin care products may be up close and personal with their clients, too. Pay attention to the scent and texture of your products: do you really want to have cheap powder pancaked on your skin when you could spend a little more on a product that blends better? On the flip side, are you getting your money’s worth with department counter mascara when Cover Girl might do just as well? Your appearance as an escort is a huge financial consideration, and you should set funds aside to making sure your products are as top-notch as possible.

  10. Nourish your palette naturally

    Your facial beauty isn’t just what you put on your skin—though of course using quality soap and moisturizers will help. But a healthy lifestyle and skin-saving regimen will do more than any color can. Get a good night sleep, drink plenty of water, minimize alcohol (it dehydrates), don’t smoke, and be careful in the sun. Your most attractive self is your healthiest, happiest self.