10 steps to redefining one’s career in escorting

If you’ve been an escort for awhile, it’s common to consider redefining your career through rebranding or overhauling your marketing methods. Successful escorts know that they must continually adjust their efforts in attempts to stay current, modern and interesting in the eyes of clients. Not only does this include their marketing and advertising ways, but it also involves their appearance, personality and services.

When you are considering such an undertaking as redefining your career, it’s important to know how to go about it effectively. Use these 10 steps to redefining your escorting career for success:

  1. Identify the reason(s) for rebranding your career. Some escorts have been using the same tried-and-true methods for several years and feel that their efforts simply need some freshening up. Marketing, profile language and photos may need updating in order to be current. However, other escorts may feel that rebranding is necessary when they adjust their offerings or choose to expand into specific areas of escorting (such as domination, fetish, etc.). Of course, escorts whose names have become tainted or involved in scandal should completely rebrand themselves to overcome previous trouble. When you’re establishing why you need to redefine your career, it’s important to determine if you want to only partially rebrand yourself or perform a complete redefinition.
  2. Refine your image if all you need is a partial rebranding. Consider what will appeal most to your ideal clients and how you can conform to that model. Maybe you need to tweak your look a bit by getting a more sophisticated hairstyle, changing up your make-up application or updating your wardrobe. Perhaps, you need to incorporate some new elements into your profile in order to appeal to a certain type of client. Partial rebrands are fairly easy to accomplish, because you are not attempting to completely change your personality or image. Essentially, you are refining it with a specific goal in mind.
  3. Get as far away from your original persona as you can when you are attempting a total rebranding. Avoid retaining your name (or any part of it), your look, wardrobe and personality. The point of a complete rebrand is to create a new product out of yourself. Focus on the new aspects of your image, removing parts of your previous image that would cause you to be associated with your old self. A complete rebranding should transform you into a new escort.
  4. Review the marketing of other successful escorts who reflect an image you’d like to transition toward. As you research their websites, profiles and photo galleries, make notes of things they do well that help clients relate to them immediately. Your marketing needs to reach out and grab clients’ attention, so anything you see in other escort marketing that accomplishes this should be replicated to an extent in your new plan. Avoid copying their efforts directly; adapt them for your purposes.
  5. Consider whether your proposed new image is realistic. For your rebranding to be effective, you must be able to pull it off for the long term. Dig deep to determine if you have the skills, personality, looks and knowledge to appear to be the escort you are projecting yourself as. You won’t succeed as a southern debutant if your Brooklyn accent comes through all the time. Also, it’s pretty difficult to claim that you’re a Goth escort if you can’t stand to wear eyeliner. If you think you can live up to your new image on a regular basis without clients questioning your authenticity, proceed forward with your efforts. However, if your goal seems a bit far-fetched to you, rethink your plan.
  6. Schedule your rebranding transition for an appropriate time. Escorts should never attempt to reinvent themselves during a particularly busy time period for them. If your busy season has already hit, wait for things to slow down. However, it is sometimes wise to select a time period a month or two ahead of your busiest booking times so that you can establish your image and take advantage of the season. Make sure you’ve transitioned early enough for clients to browse your profile ahead of time. Otherwise, select a time that is slow for you, so you don’t miss out on client encounters.
  7. Remove all current advertising and profiles marketing the “old” you. When you transition to your new image, you don’t want any remnants of your old marketing to remain available for client viewing. For your new efforts to be maximized, only the new marketing should be accessible. If clients can see your past efforts to promote yourself, it may confuse them about what you are really about and which services you provide. You should make your best attempts to never send mixed messages that may make clients wonder about your image.
  8. Ensure your new branding sets you apart from others. Even if you’ve taken some pointers from other escorts’ marketing, your new image should differentiate you. Clients should be able to pinpoint things about you that make you different from viewing your profiles, pictures or other advertising. Clients will call you, because you stand out from the crowd in some way. Your attitude, looks, services or confidence should make you a singular commodity unlike any other escort. Make sure your image reflects this with your new rebranding.
  9. Ask reliable clients for input as you redefine yourself. Pick a client or two who represent the types you want to attract more of, and ask them to view your new materials. Show them your new profile language, pictures, websites, banner ads, etc. Demonstrate your new look, if appropriate. And, give them a taste of the new “you” during an encounter. Encourage them to give their input and provide any suggestions before you go live with your new marketing efforts. If you get positive comments and praise, you should feel confident moving forward. However, if your clients don’t seem convinced or have concerns about any particular part of your efforts, slow down and determine what it isn’t working.
  10. Commit completely to the new brand. Transform yourself into the new escort you are promoting. Adjust your physical appearance through your hair, wardrobe, make-up and body language. Develop your personality so it’s consistent with your marketing. Practice your new persona at home, until it’s comfortable for you. Rehearse new activities, the newly acquired attitude and personality and anything else you should prep for in order to be believable as your new image. Your redefined image is now who you are.

Rebranding shouldn’t occur overnight. It requires significant thought and planning. When you suspect that you could be more successful by adjusting your image, take time to analyze what is holding you back and what you can do to fix it. Getting in too big of a hurry to transform can permanently damage your image and career. It’s best to move forward with caution and defined purpose in order to be successful.

One final note: once you rebrand yourself, you can never fully return to the image you once had. (You may be able to revert to a previous image if you transfer to a new city, but it’s impossible if you stay in the same location.) Before you convert yourself to a new persona, be sure that you are comfortable donning this new image and providing any newly-related services.