10 things escorts can do to fly under the radar in a hotel

Escorts who work from a hotel run the risk of arousing the suspicions of the hotel staff, resulting in being reported to the authorities or being asked to leave. Either of these scenarios is best avoided, and they can be when you try to fly under the radar when you’re bringing in clients throughout the day or evening. Often it’s the difference between being prepared and unprepared. Escorts who think out their appointments with clients often avoid hassles with the hotel staff or security.

Hotel staff can be annoying

Hotel staff can be annoying

When you’re doing an outcall at a hotel, it’s not as easy to control your surroundings. However, if you are relying on your hotel room or suite as an incall location, you can do several things to ensure that you are being covert and secretive.

Use these top 10 tips to fly under the radar and have successful encounters with your clients at hotels:

  1. Act touristy as you’re checking in. When you approach the check-in desk, you can play your role a couple of different ways. You can attempt to play off a role where you’re interested in the area including the tourist attractions, etc. Ask about the best places to see while you’re in town. Explain that you have a few hours to spare the next day and ask what you should be sure to see while you’re visiting. Feel free to ask for a local map and pick up other tourist-related brochures near the check-in desk. Another way to avoid too many questions as you’re checking in is to allude to the fact that you’re there for business and ask about the Wi-Fi, the closest office supply stores and where to get the best coffee in the morning.
  2. Bring luggage. Even if you’re not planning on spending the night, you need to appear as though you are. A suitcase, garment bag, carry-on bag or other luggage should be some of your accessories as you check into the hotel. And, be sure to put something in them. When the bell staff offers to help you to your room, empty, light bags will be overly suspicious. If you like, your bags can include your lingerie, toys and any other items you will need during your encounter with your client. You may want to throw in a book or two, as well, to add some weight. Additionally, appearing without any bags in tow also makes you appear shady.
  3. Spend the night at the hotel or at the least pretend to. Hotel staff members are especially nosy about guests who they think didn’t actually spend the night in their rooms. Your room should appear like someone slept in the bed. (This should be no problem since you and your client will probably ruffle the covers, anyways.) The bathroom should look like it’s been used, and the towels should be wet and moved. The best way to avoid all suspicions is to simply stay the night at the hotel.
  4. Book a busy hotel that is in close proximity to others, especially if you’re visiting with new clients. When you’re directing a client to your location, you can simply give him the vicinity to begin with and provide further details over the phone. If your client happens to be a police officer, this helps to ward off any threat of a police sting being set up to catch you in the act. Additionally, if your client is considering robbing you, it makes it more difficult for him to do it when he doesn’t know the hotel you are at until he gets there for the encounter. You can protect your freedom and reputation and safety all by being a bit secretive…and it often adds to the mystery of the rendezvous, which some clients are really in to. Finally, when you book a busy hotel, the staff is accustomed to seeing guests come and go at all hours of the day and night. They won’t notice that you’ve got clients coming in to see you, because of the other traffic in and out of the hotel.
  5. Select a hotel where keycards are not required for entry and elevators. Your clients will thank you if you make it as easy as possible for them to get to you. If your hotel only provides access to the elevators with a keycard, that makes it nearly impossible for them to get to you, unless they want to take the stairs to your 12th floor suite. The same thing goes for access to alternate entrances, other than the front door. If a keycard is required to enter from the side door, and that’s the door you’ve directed your client to use, he’s going to have quite a time getting access. As you book your hotel, you may not want to blatantly ask whether or not keycards will be an issue for access, for fear of becoming too noticeable. However, if you want to, you can ask about it from a security standpoint by indicating you are concerned about how safe the hotel is and inquire about limited access. Depending on whether you are reserving directly with the hotel, the reservation service may not be able to answer your questions. If you can’t find this information out beforehand, do your own bit of reconnaissance before booking or checking into your hotel. Unless you’re using the hotel on a busy holiday weekend, you should find that your hotel will have vacancy when you need it.
  6. Choose a hotel where the elevators are not in direct sight from the check-in desk or reception area. Most high-end hotels are designed this way, but some are not. Clients are often uncomfortable going up to see their escort in the elevator when they are in plain view from the check-in desk. Even more uncomfortable for your clients is the trip back downstairs to leave through the lobby. Despite the fact that nine times out of 10 the hotel staff won’t notice the comings and goings of your clients, it’s a smart idea to find a hotel that doesn’t advertise it directly to them. If you show up at your hotel to check in and notice the hotels are directly beside the check-in area, cancel your booking and check in at a different hotel in the area, if one is available. If one isn’t available, use the hotel for the time being, but be sure to find somewhere new for future encounters.
  7. Provide specific and clear directions for your clients about how to find you. If you’ve instructed your first client of the day to enter using the main entrance, you should request your second client to use the garage entrance. Requesting that they use different paths should help to allay some suspicions that hotel staff might have if they see several men come in taking the exact same path to your door. Your instructions should be concise and easy to follow, so your clients don’t get turned around and attract additional attention from hotel staff in order to point them in the right direction. Give them specifics such “go left at the Indian statue” or “go up the stairs when you see the Pool sign”. Clients who have clear directions about how to find you will be much happier guys when they get to your room, as opposed to a client who got lost throughout the hotel due to sloppy directions.
  8. Tell your client to call you when he arrives on your floor. This is a common practice for escorts to request. Often, the escort can be scoping out her client in the hallway, as he calls her for the room number. If he looks sketchy or at all troublesome, tell him some other room number other than yours or you can directly tell him that you’ve changed your mind about the appointment. Additionally, as your client alerts you that he is on your floor and is approaching your room (after you’ve given him your number) you can avoid a scene with him knocking in front of housekeeping staff if they happen to be present. And, finally, avoiding giving your client your room number until he’s actually there helps you avoid trouble with law enforcement stings or investigations. If your client is actually a cop, it’s much more difficult for him to set up an arrest if he doesn’t know your room number until the very last.
  9. If you want to readily alert the hotel staff that you were only using their room for some hanky-panky, check out at night

    Avoid loud sessions with clients. Even high-end, luxury hotels have thin walls that allow loud noises to travel between them. Often, late at night, you may be able to hear your neighbor’s television or radio on, if he or she is playing it loudly. You can always hear housekeeping in the hallway. And, it’s a sure bet that if your client is a moaner or a screamer, others in the hotel will hear him, too. Save the loud sessions with clients for more private locations and ask that he keep himself and his exclamations under control. If your client continues to be unable to restrain himself from a noisy encounter, be sure to play the television or radio during any intimate moments that may cause him to have outbursts that could attract attention.

  10. Save check-out for the morning. Even if you’re done with the room by 11 p.m., do not check out early. If it’s easier, pay ahead and use the key drop as you leave, as long as you think the key drop has already been collected for the day. Or leave the key in the room as you leave.