10 tips to save an escort on a bad hair day

In an industry that bases success on appearance, an escort is usually very particular about how she looks. From the tips of her toenails to the crown of her hair, an escort primps prior to every encounter — and every client with a shred of taste with a pinch of tact appreciates these efforts. And despite the fact that some encounter connections are based on aspects other than looks, it sure doesn’t hurt anything for an escort to look her very best.

bad hair barbieOnce in a while, something happens that seriously affects your appearance. Many escorts feel that one of their best features is their beautiful hair. If a hair disaster hits, escorts may wonder what they need to do next in order to continue escorting. Never fear — arm yourself with these tips to prepare for a hair crisis of any degree of severity:

  1. Seek professional help to fix your hair problem. Cosmetologists have seen it all from their clients. Bad dye jobs cause your locks to fall out or turn an unsightly green or orange. Bad, impulsive self-administered haircuts leave you with uneven, short hair. Or, seriously whacked bangs are just too short. Regardless of what your hair issue is, a hair dresser can probably fix it or make you presentable, again. It’s especially important to ask a professional for help if you’re working with chemicals to treat your hair. Relaxers, perms, dyes and bleach can not only chemically damage your hair, but they can also burn your scalp if you use too much. It’s common for women to apply more chemicals to their hair after something goes wrong, in the hopes of fixing the error. However, this usually leads to even worse troubles. Resist the temptation to get the scissors or dye back out and head to the door, with your destination as your colorist or stylist.
  2. Wear a wig until your hair is more presentable. If your hair is truly atrocious and you’re afraid to let your clients see it, go wig shopping. Synthetic wigs have come a long ways in quality and are quite affordable. Natural hair wigs are much more expensive, but the investment may be worth it if you are looking for a long-term fix. They feel more natural and lay much better than synthetic versions. Choose a lightweight wig with shorter hair, because it will be easier to keep in place than heavier ones. Purchase a wig cap to go underneath it. A wig cap gives you something more secure to attach the wig to. First-time wig wearers should be very concerned with keeping the wig on during encounters, especially as things become more intimate. There are several ways to keep it in place and secured to your head
  • Use bobby pins to keep it from sliding off. Put your wig cap on, carefully putting all of your “real” hair up into it. Bobby pin the wig cap to your hair, to stabilize it as much as possible. As you put on your wig, attach the wig to your wig cap with bobby pins at various points in the front, back and sides. If use enough bobby pins (a dozen or so), your wig should stay put.
  • Wig tape is a great solution if you are bald underneath your wig. Apply the double-sided wig tape directly to your scalp. Pressing firmly, stick the wig cap to your head. Once you’re convinced that it’s as stable as it can be, put your wig on over the cap. You can pin the wig to the cap, just as in the previous step. If you don’t want to use a wig cap, stick the tape directly to tape tabs on your wig. (These tabs are designed to be used with the wig tape.)
  • Toupee clips are a good option. Much like hair combs, these clips, attached to the underside of a wig, attach to your natural hair or a wig cap. They provide a bit more stability, overall, but are more expensive for virtually the same effect the bobby pins provide.
  • Use hair-gripping head bands to secure it. Athletic sticky-sided hair bands are designed to stay put and keep your hair out of your eyes, even under the most vigorous activity. Put one of these on and secure the wig to it using bobby pins. The head band should provide a secure point for it to stay with.
  • Insist that your client leave your hair alone. Once you’ve got it in place and staying there, the last thing you need is for you client to continue to mess with your wig. It’s common for clients to be mesmerized by an escort’s hair; they love to play with it and allow it to run through their fingers. But, in order for your wig to stay put, you have to get him to stop touching it.
  1. Consider getting extensions. If you’ve whacked on your hair and realize that you don’t like the bobbed look you created, you can still recreate your look. Even though the ends can’t be glued back on, you can add to the length of your hair with extensions. Made from real, human hair, extensions are woven into your own hair or bonded onto your individual hair shafts, making them look like your natural tresses. Stylists can match your hair color and create long, luxurious looks for you. They don’t fall out and are easy to care for, even with your busy escorting schedule. Somewhat expensive, they may run you from $500 to $1,500 for a full application. There are clip-on versions that can help hide your scissors mishap, but they are not as secure as other versions. Escorts who get extensions can style their hair in all the ways they did previously, using the blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron on them without worrying about damage.
  2. Falls are common hair accessories that can diminish an escort’s hair disaster. Falls are small bunches of hair that can be added to your current hairstyle to add volume, lift or length. They work best if your hair is long enough to be pulled back into a clip at the back or your head or into a pony-tail. The fall can be placed right over the pulled back hair, adding the sense of more hair to your style. These are great if you’ve cut your hair too short, because they provide the illusion of longer locks. And, if you have a bald spot on your head from some other hair crisis, they may be placed strategically so that the spot is covered from view. The downfall to these hair pieces is that they can easily fall out with strenuous activity. (Or, if you’re laying on your back and your head continues to rub on the pillow.) They come in all colors and are available at most beauty supply stores at affordable costs ($20 to $100, depending on the quality).
  3. Promote role playing with wigs as your new main service. You could decide to incorporate some fun into your hair crisis by volunteering to engage in some wacky fun with your clients. It’s fairly common for clients to want to try out some funky role-playing games. While you may not normally wear wigs during these scenarios, this would be the time to start. Escorts can create several personalities they can offer using wigs to clients, such as Marilyn Monroe, Gypsy Rose, Pocahontas, Pippi Longstocking, school girl, nurse, futuristic robot and more. Go all out and really enjoy the process, because clients will lap it up. It’s your choice whether you choose to explain your hair dilemma or not to clients. They don’t need to know you’re wearing wigs with them due to your hair. As far as they are concerned, you have the wig on as part of the playtime you and he are engaging in. Nothing seems suspicious to him, unless you tip him off.
  4. Rock the new look. Purple pixie cut or chopped off blonde shag ‘do…it doesn’t matter if you think you can pull the new look off. Many times, it will take a MAJOR haircut to fix issues like chemical burn, bad cuts or thinning hair. Instead of the waist-long locks you used to have, you may now have a cropped style that is a tad boyish. However, some women can really pull off their transition look when they experiment with it. Finding a way to wear it is a plus and it could even become your new calling card. Even though the blonde girl-next-door look worked for you, a spiky shag cut may release your inner rock star that will knock your clients dead. Adjust your wardrobe and make-up to fit your new haircut. Incorporate edgier, trendier items and accessories. Try out new ways to style your cut and pair it up with a new leather jacket or sexy studs. However, even if you can really rock the new hair style, you will need to give some explanation on your profile and to your regular clients. Change out the old photos for new ones (if they show your style or hair) and state that you’re trying out a new look. Some of your old regulars may not like your new appearance; others may go wild about it.
  5. Explain your dilemma in your profile. Come right out with the blooper or disaster that caused your radical change in appearance. Clients understand that these things can happen. Keep your old photos up, but add new ones that show the current version of you. Retain the same image as before, but explain to your clients that you will be wearing a wig or altering your looks in other ways to compensate for the hair debacle. As an escort, you have enough white lies and cover stories to keep track of; you don’t need to try to maintain more about the reason your appearance has changed. Avoid apologies or self-depreciating remarks. Accidents happen, and it’s best to admit it and move on with getting bookings. After all, your smoking-hot body is still intact, as are your pleasure skills!
  6. Wear lots of hats. Hats are currently very trendy; from the fedora to floppy styles they can be seen everywhere. Match up the hat to your current attire. (Don’t try to pull a ball cap off with an evening gown.) As you arrive to an encounter, act like wearing a hat is the most natural thing in the world for you to be doing. Clients won’t question it. Even though there will come a time during the encounter that you will have to remove your hat, it will disguise your hair flaws temporarily. Once the encounter turns intimate, the point of rejection is long past. Your client is excited and ready to get on with the fun. He won’t care that your hair is green or spiky, if that’s the case.
  7. Embrace the debacle as an opportunity to find your real hair color. Many escorts have colored their hair the same hue for so many years, they don’t know any different. They are known for being blonde or a redhead, for example. But, they haven’t even explored what being a brunette might be like. After you’ve experienced a major hair crisis, it won’t hurt to experiment a little bit with color as your hair grows back out. Try out new shades, tones and textures. Use temporary dyes (under the supervision of a hair professional) to audition different looks. Through it all, you may discover that you really feel happiest and most confident in a different color than you started with. It could be an eye opening experience for you, instead of a disaster.
  8. Avoid allowing your hair trouble affect your confidence. It’s easy to allow something that you were once so proud of be a link to weak self-esteem. When you base your value on physical traits, such as your hair, you are bound to feel bad when it lets you down. But, when you have a hair disaster, it’s not just a bad hair day. It’s easy to make it feel like you don’t possess the same qualities you did before, lacking desirability and sexual appeal. However, it’s not your hair, alone, that made you sexy or “hot.” It’s your attitude, the way you carry yourself and other attributes that make you unique and passionate. Clients may find certain physical traits to be attractive, but they also appreciate other aspects of what you to have to offer them.

Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tinkerroll21/3144190133/

Mar 10 2014