10 ways to deal with clients who compare you to other escorts

Unless you’re the one setting the bar, it’s never fun to be compared to someone else with your shortcomings always being the focus. A client who is more focused on comparing you to another escort can make an hour encounter seem like it takes all day. Because each client is different and the ways in which he may compare you to another vary, too, there are several ways you may choose to handle the situation. From simply asking a client to stop the critique to simply tolerating the comparison, the way in which you deal with this type of client can make the situation infinitely better or worse.

Here are several ways you can use to deal with clients who compare you with other escorts:

  1. Ask your client to stop. Depending on how critically your client is comparing you to another escort, you may want to ask (or insist!) your client to cease and desist with the rundown immediately. Your client doesn’t have the right to berate you simply because he is paying for the time he is spending with you. You can either gently request your client to stop or you can inform him that if he can’t find another subject of conversation, you will end the encounter immediately. Sometimes you can inform your client that you don’t feel comfortable with the comparison. If your client is telling you that you are not doing something as well as another escort, be willing to take constructive criticism, but be sure to explain to your client that the direct comparison is quite insulting and embarrassing. Encourage your client to give direction without comparing you to another escort.
  2. Steer the conversation in a different direction. Instead of continuing the line of conversation that allows comparisons to another escort, divert the discussion to a new topic. Ask the client how he’d like the encounter to proceed. Or, ask him about his day. Or, comment on something else that you found out you had in common prior to meeting up for the encounter. Steering the conversation in another direction gets you away from the direct comparison in a way that is both tactful and gentle. Your client may not even realize what you’ve done if you transition your conversation carefully to a new topic. As you transition the conversation, ensure that your client doesn’t feel as though you’ve just abruptly changed topics without regard to his interests. Use some topic of conversation involved in the comparison as a way to change subjects. By changing subjects, you’ve avoided the comparison altogether. If your client continues to come back to the comparison subject, you can continue trying to divert attention away from it, but your best bet is to attempt another method.
  3. Tolerate the comparison. If your client is not being directly insulting or personal with his comparison, your best bet may be to simply tolerate his conversation. Keep in mind that your client is paying you to spend his time with you how he likes, and it’s rather unlikely that you’ve spelled out in your profile that you’re unwilling to engage in conversation involving comparisons to other escorts. Tolerating the conversation also means inputting the occasional comment to let him know that you are listening to him. Some clients have no other outlets with whom to engage in such conversation. They can’t talk about seeing escorts with their family members or friends, for fear of judgment. Discussions online involving escort comparisons may not be as satisfying as vocalizing one’s thoughts out loud. Clients may simply need to express their thoughts to someone, and you’re the lucky girl! Tolerating the conversation may ensure that your client feels listened to and appreciated, which could result in your critique going up, especially in comparison to others.
  4. Remain professional, even if being criticized in comparison to others. Resist the urge to insult another escort when being compared to her. You may have heard other things about this particular escort, such as she’s not as good at certain service, she’s a slacker when it comes to communicating with escorts, her nose is big or whatever else. While you may have the intense desire to pass along insults about the other escort, it is not in your best interest to do so. Being professional when being compared to another escort is difficult, but it will only make you appear to be better in the long run. If it gets around that you insulted another escort, your reputation may be tarnished and people will think less of you. Don’t say anything that could come back to bite you in the end. Remain neutral and refrain from saying anything negative about another escort, especially if you don’t know her (or him) personally.
  5. Ask your client why he is seeing you. If your client incessantly compares you (negatively) to another escort, gently ask him why he is seeing you instead of spending time with the other escort. Attempt to ask the question in a manner that seems joking… or, at least, in a way that isn’t flat-out rude. But, by asking the question, it may sink in with the client that he’s spending an extraordinary amount of time discussing his conquest with the last escort instead of concentrating on his time with you. If you’re not comfortable with asking the question directly, ask the client what qualities in your profile attracted him and caused him to want to spend time with you. By asking this question, you get him focusing on the positive attributes he saw in you which may cause the conversation to go in a much more positive direction.
  6. Encourage your client to be more discreet. Explain that the key to successful escort/client relationships is discretion. Discuss with your client how divulging personal details that he was using to compare you to another escort is a direct violation of the privacy agreement that he makes when he books time with any escort. Help him to understand this premise by suggesting how he would feel if he knew you were discussing him and his performance with other clients, especially if he and his performance fell short by others’ standards. It is certain that he wouldn’t appreciate the comparison. Perhaps, the hypothetical scenario will help him tighten up his loose lips and limit his discussion about other escorts, especially when personal details are being shared.
  7. Don’t take his comparison personally. Even though it may be difficult to not take things personally when your client directly compares your breast size, waist circumference, appearance, personality or performance with those of another escort, you must keep in mind that his comparison is his opinion only. Placing value on yourself based on one client’s opinion is not healthy behavior. While it’s hard to not take some of what a client says to heart, especially if it seems to hit home at all, don’t do it. For one client’s negative comparison, there are a dozen who think you are wonderful. And… don’t let it go to your head if a client praises you highly in comparison to others. Remain humble and keep in mind that his opinion is simply an opinion.
  8. Distract your client from his comparison with fun stuff. Caress and stroke your client in order to distract his attention. Distract your client with a sexy line of conversation. Touch your client in such a way that you are certain he will respond to you and drop the comparison. In other words, get busy with your client. Pushing the encounter’s activities to occur may create such excitement for your client that he will be distracted from his other line of conversation and forget about it, at least for a little bit. Focus on making your client feel good, which is, perhaps, the best way to direct the conversation.
  9. Never defend yourself or argue with a client about his opinion when comparing you with another escort. Defending yourself makes you sound as if you accept the comparison in the first place, then – as if you are desperate and competitive. Arguing with your client is a no-win situation. You have no way to prove anything to him, and he’s rarely going to change his opinion based on your defensive attitude. You don’t have anything to prove to your client; he picked you for an encounter. He chose to spend his time and money with you. If he didn’t see something positive in you, he wouldn’t have shown up for the encounter. Keep this in mind when you’re tempted to rebut his comparison by offering an argument of your own. Just let it go.
  10. Refuse to book the client, again. You have the right (and the privilege) to refuse any booking with any client for any reason. If he truly offended you through his comparisons (or even simply annoyed you with his non-stop comparing comments), you don’t have to see him again. Block him, explain to him that you’re busy, whatever you have to do….just don’t see him again. Avoid the entire situation by denying an encounter with this client a second time around.