10 ways to react when a client says “I love you”

Most of the time, escorts’ clients are very capable of keeping their client-escort relationship in check. However, some clients push the limits of your relationship, by thinking they’ve fallen head over heels in love with you. Being the talented and alluring escort that you are, it’s really no surprise, but it’s imperative that you do your part to nip any problems in the bud that can be associated with the “L” word.

I love youKeeping in mind that some clients really don’t mean anything when they drop an “I love you”, you need to be able to distinguish between the client who drops the phrase as easily as he says “bless you” after a sneeze and the client who will stalk you in hopes of winning your affection. Here are some ways an escort should react when a client says “I love you”:

  1. Take it with a grain of salt. Some clients get carried away in a moment of passion and blurt out a random “I love you”. Many times, your client probably doesn’t even realize that he said it. Clients sometimes fantasize that you’re someone else when you’re getting intimate with them, so they may even be daydreaming that they’re baring their souls to someone else. As long as your client hasn’t exhibited any other creepy behaviors or uttered the phrase repeatedly any other times, it’s best to ignore his comments or to simply laugh it off later. Honestly, your client might even be embarrassed to discover you heard his utterance, especially if you address concerns over it.
  2. Allow it. For some clients, it’s all about the experience. When you provide the Girlfriend Experience, it’s expected for a client to get wrapped up in his fantasy, which may involve being able to tell a woman he loves her, especially during a moment of intimacy. If you get creeped out over it, you should learn to allow it during this type of service. Clients come to you so they are free to be themselves and are able to express themselves openly and honestly. If you make them feel that they can’t act out their fantasies, they will find someone else who will tolerate their fake emotional confessions.
  3. Reply with “I love our arrangement!” Many men experience emotional attachments to their sex partners. Some clients need a gentle reminder that your relationship is simply an arrangement where you spend time with him in exchange for his money. Your reply shouldn’t be harsh or cruel, but it should directly address his overture of love by making it clear that your relationship with him is business, not emotion.
  4. Tell him, “You love what we’re doing”. During particularly good oral sex or an arousing massage, a client may express his satisfaction or excitement through the use of the “L” word. To clarify everything, you can simply let him know that you realize he really enjoyed that part of your services. Remind your client that he loved the sensation, not you. And, it’s appropriate to enjoy the fact that he loved the service you provided to him.
  5. Yes, there are people of both genders who are either unaware of the meaning of the words they use, or outright hypocrites

    Realize that some clients say it without it having any meaning. Some men use the love confession as a shortcut into women’s pants. It may simply be a knee-jerk reaction to a woman as she begins to get naked for him. Furthermore, some people throw around the “I love you” phrase just like they do “bless you” or “thank you”.

  6. Pay attention to your client’s other behaviors for signs that he could be crossing a line. Most of the time, escorts blow it off when a client tells them that he loves them. However, don’t be too quick to do that, especially if your gut tells you differently. Take into account if your client is needy or extra clingy. (Maybe he wasn’t this way when you first met, but he’s become increasingly over the past few encounters.) Consider if your client asks lots of questions about your personal life. A client who thinks he’s falling in love with you may want to know more about your family, upbringing, where you live and other details of your life. Other clients who may cause you trouble later are boundary pushers who keep asking for extended encounters or services that you normally don’t provide to clients. Take into consideration if your client’s other behaviors could be warning signs that you may be a problem later.
  7. Ask other escorts about a suspicious client. Most of the time, you’re not the first escort a client has been with. Check around with other escorts in the area to learn if your client has a history of this sort of behavior. If you find out that he does, ask around about whether he gets dangerous or weepy when the relationship ends. Find out what other escorts’ experiences have been with him in order to know what you may be dealing with.
  8. Say “My husband loves me, too!” By reminding your client that you’re not a viable option as a “significant other”, you may be curbing any problems that could arise in the future. Bring your client back to reality by telling him that you’re married, even if you aren’t. Even though talking about your husband could be a mood killer, it’s better to avoid problems associated with too much emotion than worry about having to get your client aroused again.
  9. Ask your client, “What would your wife say if she heard you?” Many clients come to you expressing dissatisfaction at home, despite the fact that they love their wives. You never want to criticize your client’s relationship with his wife, because only he is allowed to do that. Reminding him that he already loves someone else may help him take a break from his fantasy long enough to realize what he’s said. Your gentle reminder is an excellent way to keep your client from attaching too many emotions to the activities you and he engage in during an encounter.
  10. Call it off. When you notice that a client is getting too clingy, pushing too many boundaries and seems obsessed with you, it’s time to stop seeing him. Many escorts find themselves the victims of violence, stalking, harassment and other crimes when their relationships with clients go wrong. When you feel that things are taking a negative turn with a client, don’t hesitate to cease contact with him. You can do this a couple of ways: 1) Refuse any sort of contact from your client whatsoever or 2) Gently let your client know that you will not be seeing him again. Either way, your client may act negatively, but at least you’ve done what you can to end the relationship with him. Limiting your contact with him may resolve the issue entirely. However, if the situation worsens and he becomes violent or threatening, contact the police immediately.