11 high-risk scenarios that new escorts should be aware of

Unfortunately, new escorts are taken advantage of regularly by clients who prey on their vulnerability and naivety. Often, escorts announce their newbie status within their profiles, which opens up the floodgates for ill-intentioned clients to push boundaries, make unreasonable requests and attempt to play on an escort’s inexperience to gain benefits or services they wouldn’t normally receive.

As a new escort, you should expect for clients to encourage you to book encounters with them that present dangerous situations for you. By thinking ahead and weighing the risks, you can avoid risky bookings that could leave you ill affected in a number of ways. While many scenarios will be unique and individual to the questionable client asking for a special favor, other dangerous requests are quite common. Some typically requested encounters new escorts should avoid include:

  1. Car meets are requests that shouldn’t ever be entertained. Many sketchy prospective clients will try to entice a new escort into booking an encounter that occurs exclusively in their automobiles. They claim that they can’t afford a hotel room for an outcall, are unable to invite an escort into their home or feel uncomfortable about going to a strange incall. So, they attempt to persuade an escort that meeting up with them in their car is a viable option. A car meet is NEVER a reasonable encounter location. Firstly, shagging a client in his car takes away from the entire escort encounter experience. It’s cheap and sleazy. Secondly, it’s unwise. A client who drives away with you in his car can take you anywhere where he — not necessarily alone — can do anything with you for as long as he wants. Not only are car meets dangerous, but they are also indiscreet. Getting it on in the car with a client is an open invitation for being noticed by the police or others, regardless of whether you are in a parking lot or rest area. It’s just not a good idea from any perspective.
  2. Threesomes put you at risk. When you book a threesome with unknown clients, you can’t account for your safety and their reputability. Many experienced escorts, even, decline requests for bookings with threesomes with clients they haven’t seen before, especially when the threesome includes two men. One man can easily overpower a female escort, but two can do it with little effort. Booking a threesome can leave you at risk for being raped, robbed, assaulted, beaten or killed. Many of the same risks apply if you book a threesome encounter with a man and a woman. Even if the participants of your threesome mean you no physical harm, it’s difficult to keep track of both of them the entire time. (You should always know where your clients are the whole time you are with them. Don’t give them opportunities to rob, film or take advantage of you in any way by not paying attention.) If the encounter is with a man and another escort that you know (and trust), it may be reasonable to consider. However, as a new escort, it’s always best to stick with single client bookings for awhile.
  3. Encounters that are booked too quickly to do a security check are potential disasters. When a client pushes you to skip the security check, it may be a sign that he’s pulling a fast one on you. If he wants to book quickly (even though your profile specifies that he must give you at least 24 hours notice, for example), not only is he pushing your boundaries, but he is also possibly hiding something. When you book an encounter without checking the client out thoroughly, it could result in fatal consequences. No knowledge of who your client really is, if he’s telling the truth about his identity, the type of reviews he’s gotten from other escorts, his criminal background or other information may put you in harm’s way. Don’t allow a client to hurry you so much that you skip integral parts of your booking process.
  4. Booking encounters with clients who fail to pass your security checks is unwise. Sometimes they make excuses about criminal histories, bad reviews or other things you find in their backgrounds. They may ask you to give them a chance, making great promises about what a great client they will be. Don’t fall for their pandering, simply because you want to land a client. They are pulling out all the stops with you and will probably be an unworthy client, just as they have been with other escorts who have refused to see them. If a prospective client lies to you, has a violent criminal history or doesn’t check out in other ways, refuse to book him. Your hourly rate of $200 is not worth the risk you are taking. If you’re desperate for a client, steer clear of him; desperation often causes you to put your defenses down, allowing serious risks to present themselves.
  5. Avoid encounters with clients who have houseguests or roommates present. Much like declining threesome encounters, a visit with a client who has others at his home or hotel room presents the opportunity for several of them to become engaged in the booking, with or without your consent. In addition to it being a severe safety concern, some police stings start out this way, too. With several officers in the location, it’s much easier to make an arrest. Avoid situations that include too many people.
  6. Not including your security guard or partner when you go to an encounter is not a way to do business. Escorts who think that “just this once” it’s okay to book an encounter without using their security procedures is inviting trouble. Even though a security partner may not be able to stop a physical assault or rape during an encounter, somebody knows where you are and when you should return. Also, some escorts are able to avoid trouble simply by letting their clients know that they’ve got someone around to back them up in case of an emergency. Don’t go it alone, even if you think things would be just fine. Your safety is not worth that risk.
  7. Clients who are drunk or high should not receive your time. If you arrive for an encounter where your client is visibly inebriated from alcohol or affected by drugs, walk away. Turn away a client who shows up at your incall under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When a client is drunk or high, the chances of violence or boundary pushing are significantly increased. Clients may do or say things they normally wouldn’t when sober. They may be forceful, aggressive and demanding. Some are extremely strong, as a result of the substances they’ve been abusing. Because it is a volatile situation, possibly, offer the money back to the client or don’t even ask for it as you leave. Just get out quickly. (And, consider putting this client on a blocked list.)
  8. Bad neighborhoods may present even worse risks than the encounter you are traveling to. Some clients check out with clean reputations, despite living in a crime-infested area. Remember that even if you don’t have any trouble with your client, you could incur issues as you travel to or from your encounter. Muggings, robberies, car jackings or assaults are common occurrences in bad neighborhoods in the cities. Don’t even entertain the thought of going to a sketchy area for a client. If he really wants to see you, he can find a way to get to you at your incall.
  9. Clients who don’t want to use protection aren’t clients for you. When an escort is new, some clients think they can persuade her to engage in intimacies with them without using a condom. They may tell you that they’ve recently had an STD test that can back clean as a whistle. They will likely say that they have never had an infection…ever. And, they will say that they will use the withdrawal method, if you want them to. Regardless if any of this true, you should never begin any intimate acts without the intention of using a condom. Protect your own sexual health (and the health of your other clients) by following through with your requirements of using protection. Explain to your client that his request not only puts you at risk, but it could him, too, if you had an undetected STD.
  10. Swinging with a client, as a new escort, is not something you want to do. Most swingers clubs or parties expect their participants to be legitimate couples, not just dates used to get in the door. The swinging culture etiquette is quite strict about who they let in. They don’t like being duped by escort and client duos, and they expect that everyone at the party has something at stake within their relationship. It defies the very principle that the clubs and parties operate under. Additionally, you may be expected to engage in sex with more than just your client, which is likely something more than you bargained for. And, if exhibitionist sex isn’t something you’re into, engaging in activities with your client may be extremely uncomfortable in front of others.
  11. Clients with payment issues should be avoided at all costs. When a client arrives for an encounter and tells you that he’s short on cash (but, will pay you the rest of the fee next time) or has to run to the ATM later to get the rest of the money, ask him to leave. Some clients attempt to run scams on escorts by getting what they want first and avoiding paying anything or a portion of the rate. Some will offer a check, but it will bounce or have a stop payment applied to it. Others will offer to trade out “valuables” for time with you. These “valuables” often end up being fake or not worth the value they presented them as having. Don’t fall for clients who can’t produce cold, hard cash at the beginning of your encounter. Some of these clients may even attempt to rob you during their conversations about money.