11-point test: Do you have what it takes to be an escort?

Sometimes the life of an escort may appear to be full of spa days (to keep one’s appearance up to date), exotic vacations (at the expense of a wealthy client) and nights of wild, passionate sex with a good-looking, powerful man. However, this image of an escort’s life isn’t always realistic. Before becoming an escort, there are several things that a person should consider such as whether or not he or she is a people person, one’s personal morality concerning infidelity and how experienced one is with life. Make these considerations before starting as a personal escort:

  1. Are you 18 years of age or older? If you are younger than 18 years old, do not move on with your goal of becoming an escort. It is illegal in many states to engage in sexual encounters as a minor, and a young person who is younger than 18 years old hasn’t lived enough life to become a successful escort.
  2. Are you a virgin or sexually inexperienced? While some clients get a thrill out of deflowering a virgin, many clients hire escorts for their expertise and familiarity with bedroom adventures. An escort who isn’t familiar with his or her own body, let alone not experienced with pleasing another, will not meet much success as a personal escort.
  3. Do you have an alcohol or drug addiction? If you have a drug or alcohol problem, stay away from the escort industry until you get yourself straightened out. Find some help for your problem and get clean and sober. Proceed cautiously once you’re clean. Escorts are often faced with many opportunities to partake of alcohol or drugs through the social environments they frequent with clients.
  4. Do you have emotional or psychological issues dealing with intimacy? If you do have issues, do not become an escort. The world of an escort is full of blurry lines of propriety about intimacy. If you currently have issues getting close to people or with getting too close to people as a result of past experiences, the escort business is not for you. You must have a clear grasp of who you are as a person and how intimacy affects you.
  5. Do you like sex? An escort who doesn’t like sex isn’t going to be terribly successful. Clients hire escorts for many reasons, and some dates lead to sex. If an escort dreads the “deed”, clients will eventually sense the escort’s anxiety concerning this part of their relationships. If you’re not someone who enjoys sex or other sexual activities, escorting may not be for you.
  6. Do you possess high personal energy? Being an escort requires you to give of yourself generously. Clients expect you to make them feel important, cared for, loved and significant. That requires you to put yourself out for them during each and every appointment. If giving a piece of yourself drains you too much, escorting may not be a viable career option for you.
  7. Do you have any adult industry experience? You don’t have to have been a porn star or a stripper to succeed as an escort, however working in the industry may help prepare you for what to expect from some clients. Additionally, networking with industry contacts may help you find clients.
  8. Do you have a strong moral stance against infidelity? Many clients of escorts are married or in committed relationships. If seeing married clients is a problem for you, the escort industry may not be a good choice for you. Knowing that a client has a wife is common, and an escort has to remain non-judgmental of a client in order to establish a good relationship with him.
  9. Are you racist or judgmental about a client’s appearance? While it’s alright to establish boundaries about what you won’t or will do with a client, it’s not terribly accepted to ban a race or physical type from your client list. However, if you’re a person who can find something attractive about nearly everyone you meet, escorting may work for you.
  10. Do you like people, generally? Escorts who are outgoing often succeed at higher levels than people who aren’t good with people. Asking questions and reading body language well help to ensure success as an escort. Learning the art of conversation and being able to talk to ANYONE can help to establish connections with clients.
  11. Are you open-minded? Because many escorts are well-read, up to date on current events and involved in politics, it is very common to differ in opinions with your clients. It’s never wise to debate clients over issues, because they are coming to you for comfort, relaxation and support. If it’s impossible for you to hear other opinions without adding in your own commentary or editorial comments, escorting may prove to be a challenge for you.