11 reasons why escorts should refuse overnight bookings with new clients

Getting a new client can be exciting and nerve-wrecking all at the same time for an escort. Fortunately, though, when you meet a new client for the first time, the most time you have to spend with him is a couple of hours at most. While first encounters with new clients are conventionally slated for short periods, some eager beavers want to spend much more time with you.

Even if the client seems delightful over the phone, you should never book an overnight session with a new client… under any circumstances. Consider the reasons ranging from personal risk and theft to general discomfort:

  1. You have no idea what to expect from the client. Even if you’ve talked to him extensively and think you have him figured out, there is no surefire way of knowing what a client is going to be like or want when you actually meet up with him in person. The nicest, kindest gentleman on the phone can turn into the most perverted, pompous jerk in person. Even if you’ve developed a pretty good gut instinct for pinpointing clients’ personalities, you can never be sure. With a new client, you don’t even know exactly what to expect for a short encounter; a longer, overnight one leaves even more factors up to chance. When you know a client well and have booked him several times, you can usually bank on his behavior and desires being consistent with previous experiences. However, when you are seeing a new client for an overnight session, you don’t have any past encounters to base your expectations on. This leaves you completely unable to physically or mentally prepare for the booking. Most escorts agree that mentally preparing for extended encounters is essential for their success.
  2. You can’t sleep during an extended encounter with a new client. Experienced escorts always know they have to be extra cautious when they are clients they haven’t seen before. Even though no alarm bells ring, a client could be dangerous, a thief or plotting some other unsafe plans for you. You must keep your eyes on him at all times and have your valuables within reach and visible during the whole encounter. But, when you meet up with a client for an overnight booking, it’s natural to think about getting at least a couple of hours of shuteye. However, you have to weigh the risks for this. When you go to sleep, your client has free reign to do anything, ranging from raping and assaulting you, taking drugs or doing anything else that surely has negative consequences. Despite feeling exhausted, it’s unwise to fall asleep if you accept this type of an encounter. Even if you aren’t afraid of the potential threats a new client could pose, many escorts don’t feel comfortable enough with someone they don’t know to fall asleep in bed beside them. Either way, you leave the encounter without any winks and feeling completely worn out.
  3. Your new client has too many opportunities to steal from you. During an overnight encounter, it’s nearly impossible to watch and keep track of your belongings at all times. And, if you fall asleep, even if only for a few moments, you give your client ample opportunity to take your valuables, including the money he paid you for your services. Some women claim that they can put their bags near them as they fall asleep, waking if anyone were to bother their belongings. But many escorts have fallen asleep only to find their money, purses and other items gone… along with their client. When you’re an escort, you have to develop some sense of trust for your clients, but new ones should always be required to prove themselves worthy of that trust. And, if you’re not exhausted from the encounter, itself, and staying awake the entire night, you may feel drained from watching your client all night to make sure he steers clear of your belongings.
  4. Spending all night with a new client provides him with too much time to complete a plot with ulterior motives. As you prepare to go to an overnight session, you will likely inform someone else as to your whereabouts and plans. Your security partner is aware that if you do not report back in by a certain time the next morning, something is wrong. However, that allows several hours before your check-in that something could go terribly wrong for you with your new client. Even though he sounds trustworthy and nice, it’s unwise to put your life in his hands. For example, if you go to an outcall with a new client, planning to spend the night, you’ve told your sister you will be back home by 9 a.m. However, after you arrive and engage in some unthreatening small talk, your client goes to the bathroom and shoots up with LSD. He comes out in a delusional rage, attacks you and takes you to his car, where he proceeds to drive you somewhere miles away and leaves you there, injured, naked and terrified. Unfortunately, nobody begins to wonder if you’re okay until you go missing at 9 a.m. An all-night encounter is simply too much time to spend with a new client due to the risks he could pose.
  5. New clients are unaware about your guidelines and rules. During the time that you use to get to know a new client over several encounters, he learns gradually about the activities you allow and those you prohibit. As you progress, he has a clearer picture of what to expect from his encounters with you. However, a new client who is thrown into spending such a long time with you immediately may have several expectations that can’t be met due to your restrictions. He has no way of knowing all of these details, and he is forced to learn about them all at once, where they will affect the entire encounter. Too many issues could come up as a result, causing the encounter to be challenging and unpleasant for both of you. A first-time encounter should leave your client wanting more from you. However, if you allow him overnight access to you, there may not be much more to learn or get, in his opinion.
  6. First encounters are hard enough, without factoring in an extended booking. The first time you meet a client is often exhausting due to the anxiety, awkwardness and stress experienced while you try to find a way to click with him. Escorts have to try to instantly find enough common ground to bond with a client, which is often hard, especially when he is shy or reserved. Creating small talk that a client will engage in is challenging. Getting past those initial nerves that all escorts and clients have is hard, too. But, you know the experience is going to end soon and that you can start over next time. However, if you’ve booked an extended session with a new client, you can’t really take a break and start over. You’re in it for the whole time period, regardless whether you and he hit it off or not. Additionally, many expectations are set by a client for that first encounter. He probably sets even more when he books an extended overnight session. Living up to those expectations with an established client is difficult enough; making a client happy during an overnight first encounter may be nearly impossible.
  7. Too much pressure is put on a first encounter to make it an overnighter. Usually, the tone and pace of an escort’s relationship with her client is set during that first encounter. It determines somewhat how the rest of the relationship will go and establishes basic expectations of future visits. Clients base their decisions whether to see the escort again or not on that first encounter. When that first one is an overnight, that’s a tremendous amount of pressure placed on it. Escorts know it must be successful for the client to call her back, but it’s very difficult to ensure that eight or more hours will be consistently wonderful. During a regular encounter, the first 90 minutes may be great, while the last 15 lack a little bit. But, it balances out so that both the escort and client are happy. When you’ve got an encounter that lasts all night, it’s unlikely that the client is going to be ecstatic the entire time, even though he expects to be.
  8. Consenting to an all-night encounter right off the bat allows a client to think this will be standard. Clients often think that what an escort does once is what she will do each and every time they see her. If you allow a client to book an overnight encounter with you the first time you meet, he may think that he can request this type of an encounter any time he likes. He won’t understand that overnights are exceptions to your general rules and that they require more preparation and planning than others. It’s likely that he won’t understand why you can’t meet up with him all night on any given Wednesday or Tuesday, simply because he’s asked for you to. If you do accept his initial overnight request, you have to make very clear to your client that you rarely do overnight encounters due to the complications they cause you.
  9. Accepting an overnight encounter request lets him think he can always push your boundaries. Most escorts respond to an overnight request by a new client with a denial. Letting him talk you into ignoring your general policies will cause him to think that he can always get past your rules in order to get what he wants. After all, the very first time you meet up with him, you are already breaking the rules for him. It’s completely plausible for him to think that he is above any rules you set, and that you will agree to nearly any terms or request he makes. By consenting to an overnight the first time, you are giving him more power than he deserves in your future transactions.
  10. The loss of other days in your work week are not worth it. Anytime that you book an overnight encounter, you will probably lose a day of work in order to rest up from your night with your client. This takes time away that you could have met up with two or three (or more) clients, increasing your income earning potential. And, depending on the encounter, you may need to rest up at least two days to fully recover. (Extra physical extended encounters may cause you to be sore and need to heal a bit before seeing other clients.) The lost work time is not worth it for a client that you don’t even know will return for more time with you, again. For all you know, this was a one-time event and your client will never show back up. It’s a big deal to lose that much work time with a regular client, but it’s even worse business sense to do it for a client you have no loyalty toward.
  11. Many time wasters ask for overnight sessions. It’s usually pretty obvious that you’re being chatted up by a timewaster, but some can be quite skillful at disguising their intentions. They may seem quite sincere in their requests to spend an entire night with you, and so you eventually break down and consent. You spend time rearranging your schedule to make it work and coordinate your recovery day(s). However, when the time actually arrives, your new (time-wasting) client backs out on you at the last minute. Or, he just doesn’t show up as expected, leaving you with an empty schedule, no clients and dashed hopes. Timewasters use overnight requests as a common scam to really get an escort going. For whatever reasons, they enjoy the planning stages and get off on knowing that an escort is trying to coordinate especially for them. However, when it comes time for the encounter, they never have any desire to follow through with their planning.